Pop sensation Zoe Myers will be headlining a benefit concert ‘PAWS for the New Year‘ on Dec. 30 @ 7 PM at the Red Clay Theater in Duluth. Proceeds from the event will go to benefit Southern HOPE Humane Society, a local pet adoption and spay/ neuter group.

Tickets for the event are $10, if bringing a pet toy or treat, $15 without. Tickets may be purchased @ redclaytheateronline.com. Other performers include Stephanie Schecter, Alyssa Puckett, Jamison Tate, Kelly Johns, Annalise Morelli, Peyton Propst & Sophia Watson.

While in the southeast, Zoe will also be performing at the Peach Drop at Underground Atlanta on New Year’s Eve. The Peach Drop is the southeast’s largest New Year’s Eve Celebration, with more than 100,000 visitors each year.

  • Anonymous

    we don’t hate danielle we just don’t to see kevin get hurt again

  • oneofakindxo

    who is she….

  • daydream

    Is it even necessary for her to have her own category OU?

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting her to come out of the woodwork to ride off of Kevins wedding drama and get press for herself

  • bkdbsvkfsvbfs

    she’s coming to atlanta. hmmm?
    i could possibly go…

    hah. yeah right.
    i’d rather not.

  • Chloe

    She needs to disappear.

  • Anonymous

    she is crap. stop posting about her. no one knows her! she is a bitch.

  • Anonymous


    oh please, OceanUp, do not post anything about her. Nobody cares!!! She’s famous just because she dated Kev.

    GTFO now b*tch!

  • Anonymous

    she has to be jealous of danielle seeing all those honeymoon pics

  • steph90peace

    lol :D

    Pop sensation

    never mind i can’t judge her i have only heard one of her songs.

  • JonasGirl007

    Hmm.. “Pop sensation”? I have only heard one song and that was on OU.

  • Anonymous

    Pop sensation BAHAHAHAHA! Made my day.

  • BabeILoveYou

    EW hahaha.

  • I’m Dumm Blonnd

    She’ll be in Atlanta. I live in Atlanta. D;

  • Raquel__

    Pop sensation


  • Anonymous

    OceanUp, stop posting this fucking famewhore everytime she whores herself out at events. We don’t give a shit. Oh and did you actually just call ZOE MYERS a pop sensation? You give me giggles. She’s a washed up asshole known for using Kevin Jonas and is now trying to make a music career from his name. End of. She’s a famewhore and is a twat, stop posting this worthless piece of trash.

  • Carrrrrie

    “pop sensation”

    LMFAO. Yeah right.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Video girl.

  • Mikki Raee

    How the hell is she a pop sensation?
    No one knows who she is!

  • JonasGirl007

    btw “Pop Sensation” says that she is good…. (fail.)

  • Anonymous

    I love Zoe Myers!

    YAY! I will be at the benefit concert AND i am going to try to go to the peach drop thing too!

    Zoe is a beautiful and sweet girl. She has been plannnig these concerts since waaay before kevin decided to do his secret marriage so just lay off of her.

    get over yourselves cause she isn’t going anywhere.


  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is she ? is she like famous or sumthing ? ive never seen her or heard about her any where in what so ever ! i bet OU had no news to post about so they just posted shit to shut us hell up

  • Anonymous

    how do you know she is a famewhore, twat, etc. You’ve never met her. Your’re just saying that because she dated Kevin. You people really need to get over that it was a long time ago. And she does have a voice.

    I bet you hate Danielle too since shes married to Kevin, right? You really need to get over yourself. These girls should be able to date/marry someone without having to fend off rumors and derragatory comments from teenage girls who think they know everything.

    Get a life.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pop sensation??! You’ve gotta be kidding. The only reason anyone has any idea who she is due to the Jonas connection.

  • Anonymous

    Pop sensation …MY ASS ! isnt that mileys thig like they say ” please welcome the Pop sensation MILEY CYRUS ” and then every body start flipping out lol IDK ive always though its mileys nickname :)

  • Anonymous

    Zoe great comment!

    Haha, sarcasm xD

  • Anonymous

    glad to see i wasn’t the only one who had no idea who she was :/

  • JustMe

    GET OVER IT people.

    Zoe is a very nice person and I think that it is fantastic that she is doing this benefit. Why do yhou have to put down people who are trying to do good things?

    Im with you Zoe. Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Erm, who was she before she dated Kevin?
    Oh yes, a nobody…now she wants all this fame.

    And actually, I adore Danielle, why?
    Because she’s a sweet girl who isn’t whoring all over Kevin to make a name for herself. She’s not trying to get a career from him.

    Kevin wouldn’t have married her if she wasn’t a good person, he dumped Zoe and wrote VIDEO GIRL about her. “They’re all the same they all want the money, they’re all insane they live for fame honey” Yep, Zoe Myers all over.

    I would hate to know someone who likes this little shit bag. Seriously.

  • Anonymous

    How did she do bad things?
    Erm, she used Kevin for fame and money…yep, she’s a real ray of sunshine..NOT.

  • Anonymous

    How did she do bad things? Kevin broke up with her because “he couldn’t do this anymore.”

  • Anonymous

    she dated Kevin soshe could become famouse (listen to video girl it’s about her)

  • Anonymous

    look she did some bad things and never apologized for them she’s a golddigger don’t believe ask every jonas fan

  • Cici


  • half&half

    haha, i just love reading all this hate mail. people just don’t seem to learn to forget about the passed. Her and kevin deal was so long ago, let it go. kevin is happy & zoe is happy now, who cares. people need to grow up. haha anyways.

    i love her music, its just stupid why people hate her from something in the past. :)

  • YouBelongWithMe

    I don’t get this. Taylor Swift gets screwed over for this stupid girl who no one knows!

  • Anonymous

    Danielle is way more gorgeous then her

  • Anonymous

    hermes and chloe lv handag

  • Anonymous


  • haleybrooke7

    kevin’s ex…

    a.k.a the ‘video girl’.


  • Anonymous


  • haleybrooke7

    if i remember correctly, she also played one of the pink haired girls in the year 3000 video.

  • one hour payday loans

    i have no idea who she is…but now i have an idea after all the comments. thanks for this post and all the comments. lol they keep me entertained. :P

  • Anonymous

    she sucks and fucked kevin over horible girl!

  • Laura.

    Is she the Kevin Jonas ex girlfriend ?

  • Laura.

    If she is, and even if she’s not, she seems so fake :/ can’t believe that Kevin fell for that…

  • Hilary

    Pop sensation

    ahahah. come on now.

  • Anonymous
  • Hate The Haters

    Zoe is headlinging a benefit for a dog and cat shelter which is a really nice thing to do. She didnt bring up anyone shes dated. YOU idiots did.

    Zoe is a talented and sweet person with a good heart and I am sick of you haters out there. Go away if you dont like her. SOME of us LOVE ZOE!

    I dont care who she dated three or four years ago. Get over it.

    I would really like to know how Zoe has used his wedding???? no one knew when it was going to happen and this concert has been planned for months. Maybe HE put his wedding date to hurt her? not that I think that because I don’t think that they care about hurting each other anymore. they have both moved on and you haters need to move on too.

  • Anonymous

    ASS HOLES. why the hell would you pick such a picture of her?? she’s so beautiful and you had to find the worst possible just to degrade her. wow ocean up, indeed, you are very, very lame two faced hypocrites.
    TEAM ZOE!!

  • xafranbix

    oh come on

    (Actually i would love it)

  • Anonymous

    Yep, that’s why the song is video girl.

  • teenvogue

    opps never heard of her…and i know tons and tons of people.

  • Anonymous

    WWWWWWOW oceanup. you post on “pop sensation Zoe Meyers” and you dont post K Stew anymore? and no debby ryan posts.


  • mariponce

    OU she is not a pop sensation! i mean the only reason why i know who she is, is because she dated Kevin Jonas.

  • Kara

    I love her song All Out of Love :)

  • R4ch3l

    Zoe Myerz. ;)

  • Jonas Jonas Jonas 4 life

    Who is she????

  • bkdbsvkfsvbfs

    around when they made the year 3000 music video.
    she was in some of it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the timeline…

    When did Kevin date her?

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  • Kalina

    OU, why the hell do you keep posting about her?
    No one cares.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, you JB teenies are bitches! A lot of you are being nasty because “she’s a nobody”, but if you really hated nobodies, you wouldn’t be on this site, because half the time OU is posting about fucking BooBoo Stewart and other assorted randoms. You have to let go of your hate for this chick, I have a feeling you care a whole lot more than Kevin does. Boy is a recently deflowered newlywed, I guarantee Zoe is the last thing on his mind, so relax!

  • Anonymous

    You are the bitch Melissa.

    Zoe is one of the most caring and kind girls that I know. She always answers her messages and lots of girls and guys love her.

    if you dont like her then just stop looking at her articles.

  • Melissa.


  • DooDaaPerson

    Pop Sensation?..i only know who she is because she dated kev, i didnt even knew that she was a singer O.o

  • Anonymous

    Isnt this the video girl or something???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    pop sensation????
    i havent heard one of her songs.
    no one even knows her.. except jonas brothers fans know her as the video girl.

  • Lindsay

    Yeah OU stop posting things about her. I’ve heard her voice and she’s nothing closee to this ‘pop sensation’. She needs to stick to zombie movies. Haha. :P

  • Anonymous

    You guys dont know who she is? Then don’t call yourself a Jonas fan. She’s Kevin’s ex.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Zoe MUST be jealous of Danielle if I was Dani i’d call her & be like “Hey Video Girl it’s Danielle. I’m rich b*tch & i’m married to the most wonderful man in the world. In your face” *hang up*

  • TSLove

    Give her a chance.She could be a a really amazing.Have anyone of you since interviews of her? heard her songs? Hear about what other people she knows think about her?

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is she?

  • Anonymous

    “Pop sensation” wtf?!
    never heard of her before….

    btw, is OU or is Zoe Myers herself posting these “news”?! Noone knows her!

  • Anonymous

    FIRST! OK second..

  • teenvogue

    u fucking fucked up bitch. u can luck my twat and eat crap afterwards………I HAVE A SISTER NAMED MELISSA( wait you are probubly not talking bout my sis)

  • R4ch3l

    Pop sensation

    Erm, no one really knows who she is. But she is pretty and I love her dress and I hear her songs are beautiful. :)