• Cesi.

    Cute. Funny how rivals in movies are almost always BFF’s in real life. && stop with all that Vanessa hate, it’s getting old.

  • xLOLAx

    Vanessa is freakin’ gorgeous!!!!
    Ashley is…ehh..

  • 123

    Seeing them being all ~cutesyBFFs makes me kinda wish Selena and Demi were still close. Kinda.
    I thought they were close?

  • Anonymous

    i want to bang them both in a three way

  • shiringomez

    i love ashley ! ew vanessa…go away !

  • Anonymous

    ashley’s hat is sexy. i want it. but anyway these two are like the cutest best friends.

  • Anonymous

    eeww vanessa she is a hoe she get money from da corner ii bet

  • Anonymous

    Get all of Vanessa’s clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=48

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa and ashley will never be anything more then high school music kids.

  • Anonymous


  • me

    gald there still friends!!!!! LOVE VANESSA’S OUTFIT!

  • Anonymous

    i have exactly everything ashley is wearing right there! haha, weird.

  • oneofakindxo

    haha i absolutely adore ashley’s hat.

    vanessa & ashley are such cute bffs, awh<3

  • MrzChrisBreezy

    Ashley is Beautiful ;) <33 and i wantt her Hat

  • Anonymous

    No shes not.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    13 comments, how epic lol.

  • Crystal

    I want Vanessa’s outfit :)

  • Anonymous

    Dude ashley is hideous look at her nose eww what the fuck!

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa is always stunnin & beautiful!
    ashley, ehh not so much..
    I Love Vanessas outfit!
    shes so lovely <3

  • aaliyahnoelle


    i especially love ashley’s hat. i have a full fur one from h&m. keeps my head warm in quebec ya kno.

  • Anonymous

    They are cute together (:

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha who is she anyways? wtf? oceanup stop posting about hasbeens and nobodies, no one gives a fuck.

  • Anonymoussss

    and this is coming from some hatin bitch whos sitting from a computer screen!
    WOW! if your gonna hate, do it right!

  • Anonymous

    I love Vanessa! Her outfit is so cute!
    Ashley needs to learn what a job is and get one.

  • Coco

    I love vanessa hudgen outfit
    she soooo adorable with Zac efron :)

  • w

    Seeing them being all ~cutesyBFFs makes me kinda wish Selena and Demi were still close. Kinda.

  • hpaddictedx

    They are so cute.

  • nickjjismyhusband

    nick jonas is my man

  • Rachel:]

    i hope you’re not being serious about “who is she?” vanessa hudgens? she starred in high school musical 1 2 and 3. (:

  • emilaylaylay

    how cutee(:
    they are so cute&make awesome BFFs(;

  • ally

    nick jonas is such a hottie

  • Emilicious

    Ok. Ashley goes to get coffee too much.

  • Anonymous

    i miss dani/kevin pics
    miley and justin too.. :(