Tom Felton SHIRTLESS ON MIAMI BEACH With Girlfriend JADE Olivia


Harry Potter star Tom Felton [Draco Malfoy] shirtless and frolicking on Miami Beach, Florida with his girlfriend Jade Olivia throughout this week. Photos: INF, Fame.

  • Anonymous

    ew. hes so ugly, and scrawny

  • Anonymous

    Awww I love him!!!
    He’s my favorite in Harry Potter!!

  • NeedYouLikeAHeartbeat

    <3 HP and <3 Tom....his girlfriend is beautiful. I want her shorts outfit.


  • Twilightsucks

    first!! i dont know who they are but first!!!

    You don’t know who he is? o.O
    He’s Tom Felton, of course! Y’know the guy who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.

  • Chanell

    Aw! I love him! He’s such a cutie.

    I can’t really hate Malfoy no matter how mean he is, cuz he’s just sooooo gorgeous!

    This Jade girl stole him from me :P

  • Anonymous

    The guy in the blue shirt with the strip and number two isn’t

  • mrs Joe Jonas

    hes hawt!

  • RememberDecemeber

    Oh.God. He is really cute & she looks so pretty!

    I <3 Harry Potter. Can’t wait till the next movie!

    & I just noticed I spelled my username wrong!

  • Serenity.

    He’s SO cute.
    Love how OU capitalized “shirtless”.

  • Anonymous

    omfg. nooooooooooooo fair! dang it!
    my sister was in miami for new year’s! thats not faiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr!

  • JonasGirl007


  • Kayla

    OMG it looks like someone is getting tan ;) that cant be good!

  • Anonymous

    tom felton <3 soooo hot…….jade…such a slut her pix on a vid i saw at youtube is disgusting

  • Anonymous

    Holy shot she’s skinny

  • RoxMySox

    love him

  • Yum.

    Tom Felton is gorgeous.
    Gah, his acting is brilliant &he seems so sweet.
    I love him. (:

  • Hannahh

    first!! i dont know who they are but first!!!

    You don’t know who he is? o.O

  • MrsHarryPotter

    Yay an HP post :) I looove Tom so much! He is so awesome and he is the best young HP actor. he has a great personality and he looks good too. Hp is my life! <3

  • Anonymous


  • Hannahh

    first!! i dont know who they are but first!!!

    You don’t know who he is? o.O
    He’s Tom Felton, of course! Y’know the guy who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.

    Of course I know! :P
    I was just asking that first commenter, that shocked me a little that she didn’t know who he is. I love Tom Felton. And Harry Potter.

  • Anonymous

    he’s FUGLYYY.. why is this even news ? oh’s not! oceanUP is getting lamer by the day!

  • Elena :)

    I want his sunglasses (:

  • HeyWoahHey

    Loooove him. He’s so talented, and seriously gorgeous.

  • dsvgrwgs

    I love Tom, he rocks, and fan moment over…
    I love him since movie 1, and I wish I were there

  • hithere

    yeah, she is beautiful.

  • emma13

    tom felton looks so hot here. i loved him in harry potter and the half blood prince.

  • Gin

    Not that ugly, but my favorite always will be Rupert :D! aaaand how old is she…? she looks WAY older than him.. sorry!

  • Catiebug1129

    correction: THE biggest movie franchise in the world! its beat out James Bond and Star Wars!

  • Lemonade

    *Swoons* He’s so handsome, I love his silvery blonde hair, reminds me so much of a boy I knew growing up.

    Damn, how could you not known when he plays the rival in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time?!

  • Damere

    awhh draco all grown up



  • Anonymous

    XD 6 comments…points for originality, OU, but no one gives a shit

  • Anonymous

    he is from harry potter

  • xostephxo176

    first!! i dont know who they are but first!!!

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  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    haha, my friends are in love wiff him.

  • Anonymous413124

    shes so skinnnnyyy

  • DooDaaPerson

    Love him :) but he looks a little wierd in one of this pictures.

  • Gabby

    omg tom is so grown up
    i remember watching him in early harry potter, hes soo good in the movies

  • Anonymous

    Omg… Hes soooo cute but shes ok. How old is he?

  • Anonymous

    please… more posts about Tom…