Very Happy 20th Birthday Ryan Sheckler!


Ryan Sheckler turned 20 on Dec. 30, 2009. Happy New Year’s Eve :]

  • karika13

    I LOVE YOU <33
    Happy Birthday !!

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat

    We share the same birthday! :]

  • Anonymousdsd

    Yes, because you live with me,and you know everything about me.

    Your an idiot :)

  • nathalie aka new moon girl and twilight saga

    omg you are so hott and i use to watch the show on mtv and i love you and i will like to wish you a happy birthday and a vary happy newyears to you and your family

  • loveeaguileraaaxox

    i love how ppl pretend to know celebrites like ryan shecklar,
    and taylor momsen.
    could you think of a better lie before you posttt

  • Anonymous

    um im not lying.
    i live in san clemente, CA
    by his house.

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday Ryan!

  • JONAS<3

    Happy Birthday Ryan!!!:) <3 He is so hot!!!!!

  • Demiley STAR 4evr

    I use to love this kid like 2 years ago ^-^ HBD Ryan !

  • Anonymous

    happy birthaday Ryan Sheckler :)?
    love you ?

  • Anonymous

    i live in san clemente he is my neighbor.
    everybody hates him

  • Anonymous

    haaaaaa he’s such a douche bagger.

  • Love23

    Him and I use to *talk*
    he’s a JERK.

  • Anonymous

    That is a whole lot of ugly and douche for just one picture.

  • blingbling


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  • Anonymous

    hey thats my birthday!

  • Anonymous

    I met him last May, he’s was lovely and sighed my arm (as well as a poster and t-shirt) =]

  • Anonymous

    he’s cute

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah everyone hates him in SC including me.FAGGOT ASS PUSSY

  • Karennn

    YAY! :D Ryan! Woop! (:
    Happy birthday! :D

  • alexasoccer10_xo

    Happy Birthday Ryan!
    Sorry it’s super late.
    Love you forever & always!

  • Anonymous

    looovee himmm(L)
    hhaappy birthdaay ryaan!

  • doubleyouteeff

    when i was passing the page i thought it said he was turning 30 hahaha

    Happy Birthday!

  • blingbling

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Anonymous

    who gives a shit

  • Anonymous

    first bitchesss

  • jbbestlover

    ryan ur awesome i miss you

  • Anonymous

    not first

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!!! :)

  • xoxokatie8

    i used to be like in love with him and his brother;] rotfl
    but he always seemed kinda jerky.but what eva
    happy birthday:)

  • elmooo

    happy birthday :)