Ashley Tisdale, ‘No More Extensions!’


Do YOU like Ashley’s hair LONGER or SHORTER?

  • maki


  • ashleywhoa

    ashley looks gorgeous. i love her with short hair?
    now only if miley would do the same.
    you know her hair is really shoulder length?
    stupid extensions…

  • Richard

    Who cares, I like Ashley either way.

  • Anonymous

    shorter looks so cute on her!
    i love it when celebs have no
    extensions in their hair!
    it looks so natural and pretty :)

  • ashleywhoa

    HAY. no question mark!
    i put a heart where i said i love her with short hair!

  • maki


  • juliecouture

    Awwwwwwww she looks so prettyty

  • Anonymous

    she’s a cum dumpster

  • Anonymous

    shorterr :)

  • juliecouture

    Her Chanel necklace is Tre chic

  • hotmess

    bboth hairstyles are cute on her :)

  • read

    it looks better. . . i dont like extensions ATT ALL. they make your hair look ratty 0_o

  • lizy


  • Anonymous


  • hpaddictedx

    Omg she looks so so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    I likes real hair better obviously but I don’t like the colour and the cut its looks too common like what every girl out there has!

  • alissachavez13

    short it makes her look more beautiful—which i didnt think was possible!

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter, she’s still fugly.

  • No Bitchassness

    too much blusher

  • Nileyluvv

    She’s so fucking GORGEOOUSSS <3

  • Anonymous

    she’s not gorgeous…don’t exaggerate. It takes natural beauty for some to be gorgeous. and this girl definitely lacks natural beauty.

  • Cherry

    Who’s that on your icon?

  • Anonymous

    Shorter is much better!!
    She looks awesome here. :)))))))

  • joejonas

    shorter cuz it fits her more matured look

  • maki

    It is cool. I dont like her color though :/ its like WHITE! I love het though :D

  • Anonymous

    she looks gorgeous =)

  • Belle

    she looks beautiful either way! :D but I love that she’s going for the more natural look.

  • Anonymous

    It looks awesome

  • Anonymissy

    Wow, i didn’t know length was so important!

    She looks so much better wtih it short. It looks layered and pretty. :o)

  • Anonymous

    short. She looks beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    I honestly couldn’t careless.

  • Sakari

    Yeah for Ashley

  • jackier

    UHM, she IS GORGEOUS.<3
    seriously, if you’ve seen her without makeup, she’s prob. the one who looks the best.
    her & selena. (:
    she looks rlly pretty!

  • idkMyBFFjill


  • Anonymous

    I preffer longer!

  • renee

    i like it long.

  • Hale

    It looks really really beautiful! <3

  • MelJBHSfan

    shorter (:
    how it is in the picture <3

  • Anonymous

    who is a disney star with natural beauty?!?

  • coffeecoffeecoffee

    I don’t see why so many people get extensions.

    I rather like my long hair to be my own hair.

  • gii

    soo beautiful

  • Anonymous

    she has gained my respect :D

  • Anonymous09

    She look soo pretty both ways. But now she looks her age. Not a Disney Girl. :) She is soo pretty!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Finally she got rid of them. Her hair looks so much better. Now if only she dyed it back to brown.

  • Anonymous

    shorter, it looks really cute:)

  • alexasoccer10_xo

    hah, i like that she’s going natural with this. it sounds kinda stupid to have fake hair in your hair. my hair is really long to but i grew it instead of putting fake hair in.

  • Anonymous

    yeah and its fried.. leave them out ash.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    i love her either way (: <3

  • crystal

    she’s hideous either way.
    am i the only one who thinks she looks like the duck from chicken little….?

  • emma13

    i think she looks beautiful with either hairstyle. but i definitly like the shorter hair better.

  • Anonymous

    watch it rate it comment it subscribe it :)

  • Anonymous

    is it me or does she only look 17/18/19 ?

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  • Anonymous

    i like her hair without extensions :)

  • Anonymous

    soo gorgeous!!

  • wish

    I love it, she looks really nice here.

  • Anonymous

    It looks so much better because its not fake :)

  • MGB

    i like her hair long and brown. thats my favorite of her.
    though blond looks cute on her too.. i dont know if i like it short though..

  • Anonymous

    what is her point in making a big deal out of removing her extensions? she’s done this before and the next week they’re back in. can’t she come up with a better way of getting attention then tweeting about going to the gym, the hairdresser and a whole lot of nothing? she should have stuck with the “suite life” so she’s have something to do besides tweet.

  • mili xxx

    i like her blond hair with no exctencions

  • Anonymous

    SHORT HAIR! she shuld get the hair short lyk the 1 in hsm3 the part i want it all song! no kidding

  • Anonymous

    its way better having it natural who knows celebrities might actually start acting like they have a brain this year.

  • Anonymous

    Jan 1, 2010 @ 03:10 pm
    Anonymous said:

    i think it went down the twitter hole. :)

  • Anonymous

    i like her hair long but she looks AMAZING here!!!!!!!!!! NATURAL IS THE BEST THESE DAYS

  • Anonymous

    love her !

  • Brenda giiiiirrrrllll

    It looks gorgeous. I wish miley would get rid of her extensions too. She has a more round and long face, the long hair isn’t flattering at all. Believe me, I have a similalar face shape and used to have he length hair.. however mine was natural so I cut of 12 inches for locks of love :)

  • Anonymous

    I like her hair like this.

    The long seems a little.. idk… i just dont like it :/

    i love this natural look

  • shiringomez

    omg. i love it ! fabulous x

  • JonasGirl007

    doesnt look that much different

  • Anonymous

    i’m more interested in that chanel pearl necklace she is wearing.

  • OceanUp Fail

    Shes gorgeous.
    Extensions seem to ruin people’s hair if you wear them all the time, imo. :\
    Her hair looks a little ratty at the end.
    Still nice : )


    i like it shorter much better :)

  • Jonasluvr_2

    LOVE it anyway!!

  • DinoGirl


    I don’t care what color her hair is.
    But the extensions were fewgly.
    Glad it’s natural length now. :]


    why do people give a shit.


    damn my picture..

  • Anonymous

    SHORTER !!!!

  • xharmony

    i like it! she’s cute.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    HAPPY 2010!!!!!!!

    And I like it longer&shorter…

  • lalalafgdhdfghfgh

    i loveee her hair. its soo much better shorter

  • Anonymous

    she looks so pretty with her hair like that! i love herrr!

  • Jess

    Makes her look so much younger & fresh :D

  • Anonymous

    Its not that short
    selenas is shorter
    its a nice length :) LUV YA ASH xx

  • Anonymousdfkjdf

    who cares?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Looking fabulous as always Ashley! Love the new look!
    Have a great 2010!

  • Anonymous


  • _Tiger_

    hm i like it.

  • Emme-Lue

    Ohh, she’s so pretty!