Tori Collins TURN RIGHT Jonas Cover

  • Anonymous

    ugh nobody can remake jonas songs, only jonas can remake songs

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely loveeeed it.

  • Anonymous

    to all u rude people out there u cant see that she has a beautiful voice least u had the guts to do this! i bet u fag tards wouldnt!


  • Kate

    Oh hush everyone, she was really good and you can’t deny it! I’m hearin’ a little Kelly Clarkson..

  • Selena Gomez

    I’m here Nick!

  • Anonymous

    sounds good, I like that she made it her own, not just a cover

  • Calaiaa

    This is WONDERFUL! :)
    All you naysayers should HUSH.

  • Anonymous

    She fudged up the chorus. So whiny. What a ratard

  • Pixita

    2nd and WTF?

  • Anonymous

    you are great!! keep it up!! great voice and great guitar skills : )

  • Anonymous

    actually i liked it!

    there’s nothing wrong if she change it, it’s her cover anyway…

  • Nick Jonas

    Selena where are you baby?

  • Anonymous

    who is she bytheway?

  • Anonymous