Thomas Fiss DOWN Jay Sean Cover

  • Anonymous

    i have no idea who he is but i just fell in love

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    WOW really good I like it :)))He’s pretty cute too.

  • ilovenicholas

    Wowwww. I think I just fell in love with this kid!(:

  • Anonymous

    okayy, hes really hot, sometimes not that great at hitting some notes, but hes really sexy while he plays and sings….i love the vibe


    He’s pretty good, i like him sining the song better actually

  • Mariela

    Thomas Fiss is awesome and he deserves nothing but the best!!! What he doesn’t deserve is people that say that he used Varsity Fanclub to be famous and saying he sucks!! Thomas is a very talented guy!! So if any of you say mean stuff about him but you still listen to his music well you are not a fan at all!! Thank you to the people that said nice things about him though!! :)

  • cynthiaaaa*

    You guys are all losers for saying that he sucks at singing, and that he just used VFC for popularity. Thomas has GREAT talent;& he left for personal reasons. He wanted to design clothing, and he wanted to have his own solo career. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure that Thomas is still friends with Varsity Fanclub, but he left because he didn’t feel happy. He had his own solo career too, before he joined Varsity. So maybe he just wanted to go back. If you guys are just going to complain about him, then don’t watch it. He’s trying his best to sing.. I mean, everyone makes mistakes, and not everyone can sing really good without using any machines. That’s him singing himself, with no help of techonlogy. And he is a god at playing the guitar. Thomas fans can all agree that he is an awesome singer, and that he is totallyy hot(; If you can’t agree, then don’t bother to hurt his feelings. If you listen to his music everyday, you know– get used to it, then you WILL regret saying those mean stuff about him. You guys just really have to chill out.

  • Anonymous

    ITS MY BESTIE THOMAS=)yay its about time ocean up!you killed it!

  • Anonymous

    yeh thomas is awesome! really good at playing the guitar and he’s hot too :) good singer also. was a fan of thomas wen he was in vfc and still a fan now. keep on keepin on, tom!

  • Anonymous

    i miss Thomas.. :( after he left there was a lot of tension between him and vfc and it’s just not the same without him

  • Anonymous

    I love his voice!

  • Michelle

    Aww! I luv this! Thomas is soo amazing! His voice is sooo amazing! T + guitar = a very happy me ;-)

  • Sarah

    Wow!! I totally went to watch this vid thinking I’d hate it…but he is great! Kudos!! Def checking out more from Thomas Fiss! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Thomas Fiss shouldn’t have left Varsity Fanclub :(. The new replacement TC Carter is cute but he doesn’t really fit in, being 16 and all.

  • Anonymous

    he is cute but he sucks and he was the only cute one in varsity fanclub who are the worst and look like transvestites

  • Anonymous

    You are really good!!!! You rock :)

  • Anonymous

    this was amazing i am so obsessed hahaha
    now the original down is horrible to me.

  • annnnn

    he’s hot and all but im kinda mad he left the band he just used them to get publicity for himself not cool lol
    but i dont think hes gonna make it far as a solo act just my opinion

  • anonymous

    Sheesh people, cool it with the hate. Why do you all care about appearances so much? Varsity Fanclub are TALENTED. But if I do say so myself, they are goodlooking..haha Maybe not in your eyes, but in mine, they are. :)
    And Thomas is talented as well. He did a great job on this cover and that’s what people should appreciate. :)
    Down sounds awesome acoustic! <3

  • cort

    ooohh thomasss!!! i ate at cracker barell with him and the rest of vfc and metro stationn!! they’re so nice. :)

  • Alejandra

    He is one of the most sweetest person ive met. He deserves it all <3 good job tommy :) miss u

  • Lynne

    WOW HE IS A CUTIE !!!!

    great job thomas, this is my 2nd fave song of the year :) im glad he’s behidn a guitar and not dancing haha though his moves are pretty wicked ;)


    I don’t agree with many of those comments above.
    He has got the BEST vocals I have ever heard!!!
    GOSH ¬_¬
    Well yeah hes amazing, I LOVE THOMAS FISS <3.

  • Anonymous

    really good natural voice
    HOT alos

  • Pia Marie

    everyone should get it (:

  • Emillyyy

    He deff should not. Honor Society covered it at Hershey, and I’m pretty sure nothing can top thatttt, just sayin’. :)

  • Run Jonas Run

    He is nice. Nick should sing “Down” at his next NJ&TA concert :]

  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo

    hes pretty cute. but not all that good

  • Anonymous


  • FIRST.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez was at Nick’s concert.
    Demi Lovato wasn’t.
    Chelsea was obviously there cause shes best friends with them.
    Selena was there because her and Nick are reconnecting!
    Miley wasn’t there as she’s in Australia with Liam. No more Niley you obsessive freaks.
    My friend was there and Chelsea and Selena went out when people were queing to take pictures and sign autographs, Selena sat with Joe and Chelsea for a bit but then when the show started she moved back with her cousin.

  • Vanessa

    love thomas.
    hes way too cool.

  • E.

    it sounds good, but who is he?
    he has an EP coming up?

  • Anonymous

    HE’S FROM VARSITY FANCLUB… he was the only hot one in the band

  • ariancool

    no he’s not in VFC anymore

  • lalaland4ever

    I completely agree. lol :)