Jonnie & Brookie REPLAY Lyaz Cover

  • Anonymous

    are those two twins??

  • Anonymous

    yay they are amazing!

  • annie

    I love that Guitar! Anyone know where I can get one just like that?!

  • Anonymous

    its pretty good but i like the rap version better

  • d1sneystars

    its iyaz, not lyaz.
    as in Iyaz…not Lyaz.
    oceanup is so fucking stupid.

  • Anonymous

    when will they realize that they are horrible and just stop embarrassing themselves.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really like it.

  • awesomecover

    I love your new CD, love the cover

  • Anonymous

    not too bad : )

  • Leeenuhhh

    Amazinggg cover(:

  • biel

    I like AJ Rafael, JR Aquino and Andrew Garcia’s cover better.

  • Glenna

    Jonnie and brookie are so talented! Wow! Way to go girls!

  • Anonymous

    This was pretty good(:
    just, it’s Iyaz not Lyaz(:

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    i thought the singer was called Iyaz.
    with an I not with an L..

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re great :)

  • Anonymous8231

    they’re good

  • Anonymous

    Daisy Rock guitars

  • Anonymous

    This is really weird but, look at the girl with darker hair while they’re singing… right where her bangs meet her hat, something weird is happening.

    It’s looks like she’s bald and trying to cover it up or something! You can see so much scalp, or maybe it’s just the light?

  • N

    That’s actually pretty good:)

  • KayKay

    aaaah I love the guitar :)
    xoxo Anna

  • Anonymous

    do you guys ever spell check ???

  • seriously.

    OceanUP is boring today. D:

  • Anonymous

    not bad…

  • steph90peace

    :p i thought that Oceanup was going to post TRL’s cover :(

  • Anonymous

    come to chicagoo!