Vanessa Hudgens VANITY FAIR VAMP


Vanessa Hudgens featured in the new issue of Vanity Fair! Nessa on her new fantasy thriller Sucker Punch: ‘I got thrown into this craziness of fight training with the guys who trained everybody for 300. I get paid to be in great shape, so I’m having a blast.’

On changing: ‘I started off as a super-shy girl, extremely hesitant. Now I’m really growing into my own person. I can actually take care of myself, which my mom thought would never happen.’

On paparazzi: ‘The first time the paparazzi wanted my picture, it was like, Oh, my God! No way! So cool. The second day it happens, it’s like, Never mind. Maybe it’s not as cool as I thought it’s going to be.’

  • Robert Pattinson

    i like her style

  • Anonymous

    Yes… Like everytime I open a magazine and Vanessa is there, she looks the same as the others magazines I bought 2 month ago…. And I kind of get bored with the same pretty Vanessa’s face.

  • HopeAndFaith

    Vanessa is really pretty :)

  • HopeAndFaith

    I just want to point out though, that I already saw this post on a different site a couple of days ago…

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Hey LL!

    And she looks pretty! But isn’t this like, the same dress Selena wore for the Vanity Fair photo shoot too? But Selena’s is white….

  • xostephxo176

    so pretty!!

  • Hatte

    whos cares Vanessa anymore?? she is bad singer and actress and ugly! she is only famous cause she is with Zac,thats it

  • Anonymous

    I think every single girl on Disney Channel with foreign roots and long, dark hair and sweet nature has been very popular. Haha, and practically the same photoshoot. Nice. Why is Vanity Fair making their Disney/post Disney subjects look uglier than they are . . . but I guess it fits with the magazine . . . if I were VAnessa I wouldn’t be happy lol but maybe she likes how she looks in it. Bah humbug

  • Anonymous

    Let me introduce you to High School Musical and a thing we like to call nude pics (everything else is extra icing). You seem to think you can get places in this world for nothing. You need to have talent in order to get noticed. Obviously the girl has talent . . . and obviously thousands of people love her voice and her acting. She is one of the most famous actors in the world . . .

  • Anonymous

    shes so annoying.
    n now she milks the vamp craze

  • elleT

    well, but like you sais she is famous.. unlike you! so we care about vanessa and we dont care bout you or your opinion! uups, too bad

  • Anonymous

    GORGEOUS. i don’t really like her that much but this photo shoot is sooooo pretty!

  • Anonymous


  • ARG-ima Piratian

    I was this. and the selena vanity fair on E! last night. boo OU.

    but i delete that boo cause for once.. OCEANUP SAID SOMETHING BEFORE E! DID!

  • Anonymous

    i dont see why loads of people like hate her?
    Oh wow, she had a naked picture. People that was ages ago get over it.
    She’s gorgeous anyways.

  • Cesi.

    Anonymous said:

    vanessa slutdgens.

    English dictionary.
    Word Slut.
    Meaning: an immoral or dissolute woman; prostitute.

    As far as I know she’s been with one guy for four years or maybe longer. Fail.

  • LoveHate


  • Anonymous


  • SelMileyDemFan :)

    OH CRAP! She’s BEAUTIFUL, TOO! Who else is in this issue?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    jealous much?

  • Anonymous


  • SelMileyDemFan :)

    She’s been with the SAME guy for how many years, now? ..Yeah, You’re a fail. just know that.

    It’s pointless to hate on someone who has done NOTHING to you & the FACT that you DON’T even know her. what a waste.

  • xLOLAx

    She is so freakin’ beautiful. And to whoever said she isn’t in shape, you must be blind because Vanessa has a flat stomach and a little waist, who wouldn’t want her body?! Oh, and there IS someone who wants to fuck her and his name happens to be Zac Efron!

  • emma13

    wow she looks soooo pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Vanessa sux… and she thinks she’s in good shape??? HAHAHAHA!!!!!! go fuck yourself BITCH, ‘cuz no one else wants!

  • aaliyahnoelle

    this is probably where she met selena gomez…eh iuno.

    n e wayz very pretty. natural beauty

  • Anonymous

    Cute. I can’t wait for the magazine.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    vanessa slutdgens.

  • hithere

    she doesnt look good.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Just Jared Jr always has the news first!! And the best quality in pictures. But I still love OceanUp!!

    And Vanessa looks beautiful! But it seems like in every picture for random magazines she looks the same, I mean, the same make up, the same pose… But still look pretty.
    But she should make more changes in every photoshoot, or her make up people should make her look different for the shoots….

  • renee

    awsome she looks kinda like selena her face does

  • farrah

    sooo preeeettttyyy. .very sexy angelic vamp. .

  • Anonymous

    She is soooo beautiful and the folks that call her ugly are JEALOUS!!!! JUST SHUT THE HECK UP>
    SHE IS lovely and talented, and you can’t call her a slut because she made a msitake. She is a sweet person

  • BrandiStokes26

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  • Katie13

    Vanity Fair Tramp.
    At least she can get into Vanity Fair….unlike you

    She looks Beautiful =]

  • seriously.

    That’s a pretty dress. :D
    Also, woohoo first!
    ^ ^ ^ wow I am so lame. xD

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  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I think Vanessa suits more for comedy roles.

  • Anonymous


  • cherryrad23

    Vannessa is absoulutely Beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    ugly much? shes a man

  • Naomi

    by fat the most beautiful disney star ever!
    so proud of V for making the VF spread. she deserves it though.

  • Naomi

    and of course i make a spelling erroe
    by FAR
    by FAR the most beautiful!!!

  • lalalalea

    she’s gorgeous :]

  • Anonymous

    fap fap fap

  • Anonymous

    Vanity Fair Tramp.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful nessa! but this has been posted on justjared since last night

  • Anonamas

    She looks Heavenly.

    Also – “First!!” is for morons UNLESS.. you acknowledge how truly stupid it is. Like today’s example. Then it’s funny as hell :)
    Congratulations, finally someone did it right.