Juanita Solis, ‘I’m Mexican?!’ Clip

Preview of Madison Delagarza on the new episode of Desperate Housewives!

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  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for DH to come back on!

  • Bchey

    haha I love her! she’s absolutely my favorite character on the show, she’s hilarious!

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  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3


  • Anonymous

    hahhaha. she’s adorable.

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    wow she gets fatter and fatter and fatter …

  • Anonymous

    aww, she’s so cute! ?

  • Anonymous

    omg they left her lunch XD

  • woohooitsapartyy

    pahaahaha, i love desperate housewives
    she is pretty funnny that lil kid :)
    made me chuckleee

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  • Rachel2623

    Just say it

    I Don’t even know what that means!

    Adios Seneur

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha… im not amercian????

  • Anonymous

    and you get bitchier and bitchier and bitchier. get a life… cuz insulting an adorable talented actress of 8 years isnt one.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha Best part: “Im Mexican, since when I thought we were American” & “So we’re like those people who sell oranges on the side of the road?” haha
    My brother is almost the same age as she is and he also says those kind of things haha they’re are too innocent.

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  • julie

    This kid has raw talent !!

  • Anonymous

    She’s a talented girl!
    just like her big sis!

  • mizzjonas1234866

    Because This Is Herr
    Firstt Time Actinqq…And
    Frankie Has Been Guest Starinqq..

  • xostephxo176

    OMG this is my favorite show!! i am obsessed!!!!! best. show. ever.

  • xochanelxo

    yea same here, doesnt really bother me here because eva longoria is mexican and madison is has some hispanic background, but when ohter people say it and especially in a ignorant way it really bothers me!

  • Andreiita

    lol, I love this girl!

  • Andreiita

    Gaby: Just say it !
    Juanita: I don’t even know what that means!
    “Adios Señor”

    Haha I love it !

  • :)

    Nice to see, this is a nice post filled with nice comments, even the ones that were not COOL :l so thanks to the one above 2 places, from this comment for sticking up for her…:)

    Keep it UP OU. :D

    Peace Ya’ll.

  • Anonymous

    maddie is SO cute!
    “I’m Mexican?” HAHA

  • Anonymous

    hahaha this is really funny

  • RoseL

    She is so cute!!!!

  • kim

    hahais so cute! demi must be so proud haha.

  • Anonymous

    I loooooooooooove her.

  • Anonymous

    I hate how they show the mexicans like that.

  • Kris

    She is great… i really dont understand why frankie Jonas won a teen choice award and madison wasnt nominated. She does a really good job.

  • Anonymous

    lol!! adios seniior P: haha,,i laughh soo hard! P: haha! i love desperate housewives (l)

  • C…

    aww poor thing shes not pretty at all!! she could be much more cuter if she weighed less like seriously no offense but shes is really ugly :(

  • Sonny

    Hahahahahaha, so cute! xD It’s a show, it’s the writers fault if you’re offended, not hers!

  • Anonymous

    she offends me

  • paulina!!

    i love madison but wasnt hat script kind of offensive towards mexxicans? i mean i’m american but you cant say that mexicans move on burros, were sombreros and sell oranges!! i thought it was mean!


    she is ugly have to agree on that i can’t lie.
    Madison Madison Madison……..im glad shes not mexican that will be a shame : /
    Mexicans are actually wayyyy smarter than Americans = /

  • Anonymous

    I Dont like it very much!Im mexican!!& Wee dont like..THat the people Take this like a Jocke!!I Am mexican and i proud of me!!i dont care if you call me beaner..VIVA MEXICO SEñORESS SOMOS LOS MEJORESS AHAA!!;D
    tan alegres~

  • Anonymous

    how idiot thar girl is! mexicans are the best. she is sooooooooooo fat

  • MichaelCarlson

    I have to agree that our shows are a bit offensive to mexicans sometimes… and I have to say that I hate that, sice I have a 100% mexican girlfriend.

    ARRIBA mexicanos!

    and about the girl, she may be overweighted but I mean she’s on the show bizz,

    she’ll soon realize how much she’s being criticized and she’ll get in shape.. and I am not saying that in an offensive way, I just say that maybe it will be the best thing for her health.

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  • Anonymous

    I find this offensive, it’s obviously not the girl, but the script. It saddens me how often shows or movies in America seem to be this way toward us… is very stereotypical. I mean, not all of us mexicans sell oranges on the roads, and what if we actually did? it’s an honest job and people who do it shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

    About the girl, she really should lose some weight, but she’s cute anyways haha.


    stereotypical,(selling oranges on the street comment) but this is comedy i understand//
    shes funny

  • Anonymous

    she wish to be mexican

  • Anonymous

    My little sister looked like that at her age, and she’s grown into a very beautiful young woman. You guys ought to stop picking on the child’s weight. I’m sure she hears it every day from her parents, classmates, workmates, siblings, and total strangers. Heck, the child got her job on DH BECAUSE of her weight problem. I’m sure the casting call asked for “Overweight latino-american girls between the ages of 4 and 10″ or something like that.

    Meanwhile, I was worried that people of Mexican descent wouldn’t see the humor in the exchange. It’s not meant to be a jab at latino men and women in this country. It was meant to be a light hearted “kids say the darndest things” sort of thing. And let’s face it: A. This is Juanita Solis, she’s always been portreyed as the out-spoken and bold type. B. She’s Gaby’s daughter, she’s going to have a mouth–even if she doesn’t know how to use it yet.

    I, personally, loved this scene.

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    hahaha awesome..!

  • JoBroLuvr8

    EPIC WIN! Madison, you are my new best friend! LOL :)

  • Anonymous

    lmfao (: just like her sister..amazing actress :D I never heard her talk before so yeah :) but that was funny xD

  • Anonymous

    …….She isn’t that cute,

  • Anonymous

    SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!!! aw :) <33 so cute! good for her! she did so well!

  • Jenna

    i kno i agree. its sad to see children with that kind of wait :(

  • Anonymous

    she’s really cute but she really needs to loose weight. thats very unhealthy to be that big at such a young age.I’m not trying to be mean ot anything though, i’m just worried for the little girl.

  • whoELLE?

    she’s really cute but she really needs to loose weight. thats very unhealthy to be that big at such a young age.I’m not trying to be mean ot anything though, i’m just worried for the little girl.

    I have to agree. She’s adorable! I get that. But being this heavy this young cannot be any good. It can definitely shorten your life span and is dangerous.

  • emma13

    lol madison was so funny.

  • Anonymous

    Madison is Mexican :) and Demi Lovato is half mexican :)`

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  • DemiMileyx3

    Shes so cute (:

  • Pame! :)

    haha i love maddy she is so cute!1 and im mexican! haha

  • ET

    I love desperate
    I love Madison:)

  • Sa5m

    haha I love this show

  • eri09ka

    haha! she did well!

  • LoveHate

    I love Desperate Housewives!

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    I love Desperate Housewives! Can’t wait to see the full episoide

  • helllooooo

    haha i was like that when i was little too. i thought i was just american, and i couldn’t speak spanish.

  • OceanUp Fail

    Lol xD

  • Anonymous

    u ppl r ignorant. once she grows she will get rid of her baby fat. its called puberty. duh.

  • TSLove