Justin Bieber ‘Friends’ W/ Demi & Selena

Justin Bieber will perform a special concert at Long Beach Middle School in Lido Beach in February. The Long Island, NY school beat out 149 other New York metropolitan area schools food drive by collecting more than 27,000 pounds of food. The Long Beach campus will be shut down for the school-only event.

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    It’s on CBS at 9/8c

  • Anonymous

    Um, he didn’t say he was friend with Demi. He said he met her a couple of times, but that he was good friends with Selena.

  • nicaaaa. :)

    “Me and Selena are-are good friends.”
    xD stuttering. lol

    the girl’s like “I like dinner.” and Justin just has a smile on his face like “Okay.. -.-”
    :) i love him so much.

  • Sweettofy

    I’m On Twitter Http:/www.Twitter.com/Sweettofy

  • Anonymous

    no he is not friends with either of them he is only famewhoreing with them thats all

  • Anonymous

    why do i find what he is saying very hard to believe?

  • Anonymous

    awee this little cutie has some attitude.

    i’ve noticed that demi lovato has MANY close friends.. while selena doesn’t hmmmm.

    what does that tell you about either person..
    demi is the better friend??

    calm down tweens..
    don’t start freaking out.

  • Stanonymous

    yes friends in quotes yeah that makes me believe it
    can you say name dropping, fame manwhore, attention seeker

  • Anonymous

    too many justin posts D:

  • jbkg

    no more justin posts :( like dude we couldn’t care less. post some demi stuff? like where is she?

  • Anonymous

    if yall dont like him then dont watch this and dont comment cuz i love him and i think he’s amazing and really awesome so yall haterz shut up

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3beqLAmyAS8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    enuf already! is it only me who finds him annoyin! i honestly dont think hes all that!

  • Anonymous

    next !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Selena Gomez’s new single debuts as the #39 hot 100 songs in the US! http://www.billboard.com/#/charts/hot-100?begin=31&order=position

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  • maki

    that’s Cute :)

  • Anonymous

    So he’s good friends with Selena and cares a little about Demi?


  • Gianni

    Demi has friends…but most of them are plain weird and don’t seem to be a good influence on her. Selena has many good friends because she chooses her friends wisely, she chooses someone who she can trust.

  • Anonymous

    An average little boy you mean. He is just a kid who will claim to be friends with anyone if it gets more people interested in him. I can hear his manager, “Who else should we claim you like or know so their fans will think you are more than a little kid.”

    Please someone cut his hair or comb it.

  • flywithmexo

    You’re all complaining that his boring or you’ve had enough of Justin Bieber right? So if you’ve had enough and are tired of seeing and reading his posts don’t click on them? It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out. Unless of course, if you’re retarded.

  • musiciseverything

    She’s probably getting ready for the PCAS tonight. She’s going. I hope i get some Memi =]

  • maki

    hey someone here with twitter?

  • uhhhhhhhh

    he’s so fucking cocky and attention whore-y. he won’t last long if he keeps acting like this.

  • Anonymous

    what time and channel is the peoples choice awards

  • Anonymous

    Justin didn’t really say that he’s friends with Demi, he only said that he’s friends with Selena.

  • xostephxo176

    haha hes so cute
    and i live in long island, like 40 minutes away from long beach! my mom grew up around there lol. thats soo unfair he should come to my school! he can stop there on the way back!!! yaaay!!!!

  • maki

    Jan 6, 2010 @ 12:30 pm
    flywithmexo said:

    You’re all complaining that his boring or you’ve had enough of Justin Bieber right? So if you’ve had enough and are tired of seeing and reading his posts don’t click on them? It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out. Unless of course, if you’re retarded

    They ARE retarded. Cause if they tired of them then they don’t have to even come around his posts. You know, why even bother just leave him alone :) And I really don’t know of WHAT are they tired, exactly? I mean There is nothing tiring of him.

  • nia


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    Um, he didn’t say he was friend with Demi. He said he met her a couple of times, but that he was good friends with Selena.


    Yes thank you!!! He is good friends with SELENA and had met Demi a couple of times…there is a difference.

    just b/c demi wanted it to seem like they were friends on twitter doesnt mean that they are

    ps: i like justin bieber…if you dont like him>go to another post

  • Anonamissy

    I’m can’t complain about all the Bieber posts; but I just don’t find this kid that interesting. He’s just like every other teenage kid I know.

    I don’t have a problem with him at all, he’s just like… “meh”. Soo I don’t really know why I’m commenting. Haha

  • heey

    ummm OceanUp Justin never said that he’s friends with demi. he said that he’s good friends with SELENA and he’s seen demi a couple times. so you need to change the caption of this post right away.

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  • ilovemusic

    That’s great.
    Now enough with the Bieber posts.

  • Anonymous

    exactly hahaha
    Doesn’t Demi date that Fletcher guy now??
    if you want demi posts,

    FIND infomation on Demi and Fletcher OU!!
    Because Demi is no longer single fo’ sho.
    making out with him at your party? it must be fletcher or another guy, because they didn’t let paps in at her 17th. somebody needs to find some juicy proof gossip of them two love birds. yeah OU? maybe some REAL news =P kthanks.

  • Anonymous

    not to say this isn’t real news, justin is awesome. haha
    just this was a really random post,
    and if people want more demi posts.

  • Anonymous

    ok i love justin but seriously oceanup , get some better news! i mean so what if he’s friends with them?!

  • bieberfan


  • StarLight24

    Awww, he started stuttering :). Enough with the Justin hate people. Hating him isn’t going to fix anything. The kid is talented and he seems really sweet. I am a fan of the Jonas Brothers too, so you can’t call me a Jonas hater for being a fan of Justin. It is possible to be both. Thank you, I’m done ranting. Oh, and I agree with heey, change the caption. Kthanks.

  • iFail2Much

    It’s okay Bieber, you can keep Selena.
    Get away from Demi though. lol

  • Anonymous

    1st comment. holla!

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Why the ” around ‘friends’?
    You think he’s using them??

  • Anonymous

    i don’t really like justin bieber too much.
    i feel like he should have worked harder for all the praise and honor he’s getting.
    out of no where he just appeared!
    idk.. there’s just something about him that id like.
    he reminds me of a young chris brown :/

  • musiciseverything

    It’s great to know that he’s friends with Demi and Selena. =/ Get real news Oceanup.

  • Anonymous

    this kid needs to shut the fuck seriously sooo annoying

  • Laura.

    Follow Twitter.com/Shadowwx3

    Thanks if you do (:

  • Anonymous

    lol when he said “i would take them to dinner” the reporter said ” i like going to dinner” P: haha,,that sounded a bit like shee was interest in him P: hahaha

  • xIbaX

    I love how the interviewer goes
    “Where’s the best date place?”
    & he says, “probably out to dinner”
    & then she’s all like “Oh cool, I like going out to dinner!”

    He seems just like an average teenage boy which in all honesty isn’t that interesting.
    Is there really nothing more interesting happening today?

  • Anonymous

    i don’t get why people are hatin on selena. OR justin bieber as a matter of fact. he’s adorable and talented (:

  • SmileyMiley22

    who waNTS to be friends with selena.. i meaan demi is awsome but not soo much of selena..

  • emma13

    well if you guys don’t like him then gtfo off the post.

  • Anonymous

    He thinks he’s all that.

  • Anonymous

    Why r ppl hating?
    he has an amazing voice.