Taylor Swift Karaoke Gunpowder & Lead

Taylor Swift singing karaoke at a Christmas party.

  • Astoria-malfoy

    I love “Love lives on” now that is a good song.
    As a Miranda Lambert fan, who loves “Gun powder and Lead” I can honestly say Taylor has NOTHING on Miranda.
    Not only can Miranda sing, but that song is REAL country.

  • Lilly

    i’m sorry taylor but i am a huge miranda lambert fan so just no.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao she seemed drunk at the begining to me.
    Man shes so annoyinggg!!

  • wish

    love taylorrr! :)

  • Anonymous

    haha that was fun
    i love karaoke but that other girl has a strong voice

  • Anonymous

    woohoo!! Mallary Hope is awesome and so was Taylot Swift.

  • StarLight24

    I love Taylor!!! She seemed so mad when she was singing this lmao. She always has the coolest dresses, too :).

  • Anonymous

    who was the other chick?? Hope??

  • Katie13

    i thought the other girl was Liz….Oh well it looked like her from bits..

  • Anonymous

    Since when are people hating on Taylor Swift? wdf like. People should be looking up to her. She’s one of very few celebs who actually deserves fame unlike some who just got it handed to them because their mom or dad was already in the industry. Cut her some slack.

  • Kourtney

    ahh, I love Miranda Lambert! ….and Taylor :)

  • Anonymous

    ugh. when is her 15 minutes going to be up?

  • TSlove

    Its not like she was doing a concert she was with friends and family.She was just having a good time.I bet Taylor didn’t know someone out of her friends and family would upload it on youtube so she didn’t care how she sounded :D

  • Anonymous

    Ermmm if you mean miley cyrus then you should go to hell, I am no miley fan but she didn’t get her fame because of her father, she got it out of publicity stunts and hannah pft montana, her father isn’t that much of a superstar, we’re all just hating taylor cause she’s not that much of a good singer, she wins all these awards for no reason while someone with more talent should win LIKE LADY GAGA!! I mean, she can write good songs (trashing her ex and losers who dumped her but when she dumps a guy “oh no she’s an angel!”), anyways her fame is going down if she doesn’t change up a bit and do something better! She should just stick to modeling!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    the other girl that sang is mallory hope. she’s really good. i like her song wildflowers.

  • Anonymous

    she have strong and beautiful voice yeah Taylor

  • renee

    go taylor awsome kareoky and i love taylor.

  • Anonymous

    gosh the other girl was so much better than her XD ahahha

  • Anonymous

    ya’ll are jealous haters.

  • dont jugde


  • lo

    Why everyone is saying “oh my gosh she is so annoying”
    whats wrong with havin fun with friends?

  • Anonymous

    leave her alone peeps! shes hilarious and amaze singer this is not karaoke its too good haha!

  • cheshire

    miranda lambert sings that song… sadly it should’ve stayed that way

  • Anonymous

    exactly so true!

  • Anonymous

    Wow.. she has more haters now.

  • sdgdfhfd

    I love it!!!
    The girl that started singing after is very good too!!!
    she’s got an lovely strong voice!!!

  • Anonymous

    The other girl was Mallary Hope. She’s a new country singer, her first single was Love Lives On and her second single will be coming out in February. She’s from a small town in Georgia, and she’s awesome!!

  • HopeAndFaith

    Haters, back off. I liked it :)

  • TSLove

    This was at Taylor’s birthday party.Watch it on youtube and read the D-box.

  • Anonymous

    what song are they singing? and who is she singing with?

  • jessicapizzulo

    OH NO TAYLOR, did you get the rights to that song, before you decided to sing it? |:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i hate her soooo much.

  • Anonymous

    me 2

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes very annoying

  • Anonymous

    taylor swift is annoying!!

  • ET

    Leave her aloone, GO TAYTAY

  • Anonymous

    where is everybody?

  • Rsie

    what y’ll hating for? :/
    i thought it was good.
    and it’s nice that she spent her xmas with family and friends. jeeez.

    and miranda lambert is amazinnnnnn.

  • lulu

    i love the song

  • Anonymous

    That was at the record label’s christmas party.

  • Anonymous

    so this was her Birthday so the other taylor was probably there too cute shes so fun i can see why taylor liked her so much

  • veeroh

    haha i love this song..it reminds me how alike we are even though shes a big superstar

  • VirginiaB

    Whooo! Mallary Hope! So awesome! Amazing voice and talent! And an amazing person! She’s going places!Goodbye Swift hello Hope! Love it!