Emma & Alex Watson BURBERRY BRITS


Emma‘s Burberry Spring/ Summer 2010 ad Ccmpaign. Em’s message under!

  • sarah

    the other guy in the photos is called George Craig and he is from a British band called One Night Only, they’re awesome & he’s hot haha : ).
    please give him some credit too haa

  • Anonymous

    She is always gorgeous. But why must her brother insist on posing so damn feminine? Gay-ish. He’s good looking and all, but posing so damn gay just ruined it, lol.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    I just realized that im same age as Alex Watson.
    Yay me! :D

  • Andrea

    i love this collection and i love that she and her brother are doing the ads together. it was rumored that she was going to do the s/s 2010 ads and that alex was going to do some sort of modeling for burberry, but the fact that they are doing this together just takes the cake.

  • Anonamas

    Blech… SNOBS. Horrible.
    Total betrayal of how cute she really is.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Alex is freaking hot <3
    & i want a burberry bag so bad!

  • lolliepoppy

    emma is cute n her brother is hot !


    her bro looks like kristen stewart in the first pic lol

  • Anonymous

    check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5pP384AsJI

  • Anonymous

    Love her

  • discoheavenn.

    Emma and her brother are pretty, intelligent, and awesome actors. I’m jealous. And Emma is so down to earth… is there a reason to NOT like her? Didn’t think so. Emma foreverrrr. ;)

  • Anonymous

    the leg in the first pic is currently a controversy

  • Laura.

    HEY! Make #DeepAsNick TT !!
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  • Chloeeeeeeeeee

    She is seriously STUNNING. I want one of those trench coats so bad.

  • pau

    George Craig looking hot :D

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  • Anonymous

    yeah emma waston is really pretty……

  • rhiiiiiii

    She’s Gorgeous.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Numero dos

  • Anonymous

    Her leg looks weird in the first pic.

  • Kelly

    She looks really pretty, but i don’t like the ads :/

  • Laura.

    Please be nice RT (on twitter) : @justinBieber can you follow @Shadowwx3 ?

    you’ll be the nicest <333
    please please please :)


    I love Emma Watson! <333