Fan Girl, ‘I Would DIE FOR NICK Jonas!’

FF to 2:00 for the fangirl interviews.

  • MarineAude

    She’s crazy xD I love him but i want stay in life :P

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I love Nick, SO much. I can’t put it into words, but I’m not sure if I would die for someone I don’t know :/

  • Laura.

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  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    I love Nick. I love him with all my heart. But I’m not sure if I would die for him. I mean, as selfish as it sounds, I’m not even sure I’d die for my own parents….

  • sueli brasil

    qta bobagem ,nickinho luta tanto pela vida que ficaria atordoado com frase tao idiota ,eu quero e mais viver pelo meu anjo nick ,quero levar seu nome aos 4 ventos se puder ,e quem sabe um dia ve-lo pessoalmente ,,,viva la vida

  • Eneyiistoolazytologin

    That’s extremely creepy.

  • Anonymous

    Is yout picture of Joe Jonas, and Miley Cyrus?
    If it is it looks really real. lol

  • _herecomestrouble.

    i wouldn’t
    sorry nick?

  • Anonymous


  • flywithmexo

    OceanUP please say this is a joke? Of course she wouldn’t. She’s just saying that because shes a fan and probably wanted to stand out. I’m sure she’d rather have her life than give it up for someone who doesn’t actually know she’s alive. He may of had a picture with her but had probably forgotten about her and every other friggin fan he takes pictures with. He does it everyday.

  • jonas croatia

    omj i would too

  • ale

    I would die for him

  • Anonymoussss

    hes a master debater lol probably is

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    wow. thats the most pathetic thing ive ever heard
    girl needs to get a life
    why would u die for him when he doesnt even know ur alive?!

  • seriously.

    That’s scary.

  • Marina

    I love him SO MUCH, but I know I wouldn’t do this for a person who don’teven know about me.

  • Anonymous

    hes gay girls
    so die all u want

  • Nicksgurl4life1

    As muh as i just abosolutly LOVE Nick, I wouldn’t “die” for him.

  • Nicksgurl4life1


  • Brangelina

    ok then

  • Laura.

    as much as I love him, I wouldn’t die for him without reason.

    Demo cover of “Who I am”. Not that good, but please say me what you think about (:
    and follow

    please check out the video!

  • woohooitsapartyy


  • Anonymous

    hes not even all that
    or maybe i just think that coz im not a tween

  • ArgentinaLOVESdemi

    Haha as much as i love Nick i wouldnt die for him :P But id do it for Demi, Miley, Selena or even T-Swift :)
    Wow i sound crazy! But yeahh i would…

  • Kourtney


  • Anissa…?

    I love him yeah…im crazy for him.
    But, i will not die for someone that doesnt even know me….As much as i love him, i wouldnt do that.

  • validatemypride

    psh , i`d be the first to kill him .

  • Anonymous

    I can never understand fans like that..

    He’s a person just like everybody else..

  • validatemypride

    pshhh , i`d be the first to smack him down .

  • smileyface

    I think he said “That’s enough”. The girl already took one pic and he held her arm because she was taking another pic with him. IDK. I wacthed it thrice. :)

  • Anonymous

    and i i hope you do die

  • Anonymous

    It is honestly sad that some of you jonas fans would DIE for someone who doesnt even know you personally. I am a huge Jonas fan and to hear that you would die for nick scares hte hell out of me. Maybe i’m slowly losing interest in JB, but i love my Joe hehe

  • Anonymous

    i would die for selena gomez BUT only if i was married to her and she was carrying my child.

    But seeing im not and she isnt i wouldn’t die for any celeb or person.

  • niKki

    I noticed that.
    I think he was trying to keep the camra still so he grabbed her arm to make her stop shaking.
    thats what i think

  • Anonymous

    No one cheered for Kevin…. :o[

  • Vicky_dee1994

    That bloody pissed me off ):
    Everyone screamed when Joe was coming the next night.
    But when Kevin was mentioned it was all quiet. Not a single scream.
    Just because he’s married doesn’t mean you can’t be a fan.

  • cali

    I agree. I wonder if these “tweens” are using their own brain or are being brainwashed in some way. They would die for a famous singer? Seriously?? He doesn’t even know you….what is happening to our generation
    i wonder if this girl is embarrassed for saying that now since its on Oceanup

  • nickjjismyhusband

    PSHH. i dont care what people think about this but i would DIE and KILL for Nick Jonas ?

  • Emmaxx

    I wouldn’t die for him.

  • Anonymous ;)

    I thought i was the only one that saw that!! =) lool

  • Enlightenedmusiclover

    Well, as much as I love Nicholas, I wouldn’t die for him. That’s just delirious.
    If he was my true love, well that’s a different story. haha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    sooo why does nick say that lovebug the song is about selena gomez in this interview?

  • Anonymous

    i think i would die for him.. well, i’ll have to see and talk to him first, i want him to know that i exist. xdd later i’d die for him <3

  • Cindy

    Awww, I love how that fan was taking a picture but was so excited/nervous, she couldn’t hold the camera still so Nick held her wrist to keep it still.

    And uhm, dying for Nick Jonas? Kind of crossing the line bud.

  • Anonymous
  • HeyWoahHey

    Moronic fangirls like that are the reason that I doubt that Nick will get the respect and recognition for his solo album that he deserves. I can’t freaking stand fangirls. I love the Jonases sososososo much, but I would never say anything that desperate, creepy, and stupid. Does she honestly think that he’s gonna hear that and think “Oh my gosh! That’s her! That’s the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with!”? If so, she’s batshit insane.

  • Anonymous

    i wouldnt die for anyone!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura.

    I would die only for my true love.

  • TheLovelyL


  • kelouz



    loook at 0:42 the gilr taking a pic with nick her arm was shaking so much he like grabed her arm made it stop shaking


  • terryfers

    did some1 notice that at the beginning when he’s taking a picture with a girl he is like get off and holds her arm? Any1 knows what was he saying or doing there??

  • Anonymous
  • emma13

    ok who the fuck would die for nick jonas?

  • validatemypride

    i wouldn`t die for that douche . i`d be the first to kill him . obsessive pieces of teenie crap .

  • validatemypride

    ok who the fuck would die for nick jonas?


    that`s what i wanna know .

  • HyperMe

    thats lik selling your soul to the devil

  • HyperMe


    I wouldn’t

  • SarahNellis

    When I’m reading these comments about “tweens not using their brains” you don’t realize fans whom say this, say it because they saved our lives, they inspire us and we’d be no where without them, when we say we owe them our lives, we’re not joking and it’s not senseless

  • Gaby

    That`s scary :/
    but I love Joseph Adam J. but I think I wouldn´t do that because honestly I just a Fan!
    ” I’m no one special, just another wide-eyed girl
    Who’s desperately in love with you” :)

    superstar-Taylor Swift :)

  • Anonymous


  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Demo cover of “Who I am”. Not that good, but please say me what you think about (:
    and follow

    please check out the video!
    please please


    Is that you singing?

  • Laura.


  • Anonymous

    I would die for him like ¡I WOULD DIE FOR YOU NICK JONAS! COME HERE AND GIVE ME A SON!!!!!!!!!
    But i wouldn’t truly die for him…for anyone, my mom maybe… xD

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    You already posted this on the other post, OU..

  • Anonymous

    btw at the end, when that reporter was like kevin jonas will be here tonight, the crowd was not cheering THEN when she says joe will be there tomorrow night, they all freaking cheered! ugh, seriously.
    oceanup, you fail sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    I would give EVERYTHING, absolutely everything for him, WHATEVER.

  • Anonymous

    I’d take a bullet for JOE JONAS!

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    Wow you guys are really that selfish. I would die for someone especially a celebrity whom lots of people care about. I wouldnt want a bad death, but honestly I’m not afraid to die. I want to see if there is a heaven because if so I’m sure it’s a lot better than here on Earth. And no it’s not like selling your soul to the devil. Umm actually if anything sacrificing YOUR LIFE would be the biggest thing you could ever give someone. It’d be like repentance for your sins. In the book A Tale of Two Cities a character Carton sacrificed his life because he felt like it would free him from the chains of wrong things he’d done that he wore throughout his life and he died for the man who married the girl he loved(Darnay). He felt that no one would miss him if he died. but Darnays family and friends would mourn for him so Carton did what was right even if that meant the hardest thing. I’d even die for my cat because I really don’t know if I coukd live without him. I most likely wouldn’t die for a physco killer and I don’t even like Nick Jonas, but if he died almost all the teenage girls would cry and be sad. I feel tou should put the feelings of others before yourself. I’m not lying and I’m also not saying I want to die now, but really wth one person saying they wouldn’t die for their mom when she was thew one who gave you life. Seriously wow I have no respect for you. I’m sure your mom would love to hear that btw.

  • mandi jonas

    Nicholas Jerry Jonas is my everything I would die for him and give him everthing I love him with my entire being and soul I will love him forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick+Mandi=FOREVER AND ALWAYS

  • Laura

    really? die for him?

    i would LIVE for him.
    that’s much better.

  • stephklovesnickj

    bullshit. she wasnt even like emotional about it. i wouldve been crying my eyes out. i actually WOULD die for him. he means everything to me and there isnt a single doubt in my mind that i would give my life for him in a heartbeat. i love him so much. i cant even describe it. and i have for 3 years. and instead of growing out of it, it gets stronger every single day. still. i love him <3

  • alyssa524

    woaah, watch from 42 seconds to 44 seconds. he like grabs her arm and says like ” okay that’s enough”

  • musiciseverything

    As much as i love Nick, I would never die for him.

  • demiselenajb

    I would die for him. I mean people would care if I died, but not nearly as many people as if Nick died!! He’s such an inspiration to so many people I couldn’t live with myself knowing he’d died and I hadn’t. I guess that would be one way for him to remember me haha!

  • Mandi


  • Anonymous

    Nick fans are stupid ass retards.

  • Kayla :) x

    I don’t think I would die for anyone really.. but I do owe a lot to the Jonas Brothers for being so inspirational.

    I think that girl was just exaggerating though :)

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    I wouldn’t die for someone who doesn’t even know who i am.

  • Anonymous

    well, i know if i had to choose him or me to die, i’d say me, cause he’d be missed, and he’s amazing

  • Anonymous

    um she said “i would, like die for him i’m such a huge fan.” if you dind’t notice, she was practically crying. she didn’t mean it :’)

  • Anonymous

    when he grabbed that girls wrist when she took the picture he said “hold on, one more time” lucky she got another picture! :/

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t say i’d die for nick jonas. thats just making the jonas fans look bad. :/

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    As much as I love him, I wouldn’t die for him. :)

  • Anonymous

    What else is new? o_O

  • Anonymous


  • steph90peace

    mm o.0 what?

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t lol :/

  • Anonymous

    but then you wouldn’t get to meet/have a life with him.

  • Anonymous

    do they understand how many girls say that on a daily basis ?

  • mandi

    I would die for him he’s my everything!

  • HelloBeautiful-x

    that is pretty weird, i love nick and all but i wouldn’t die for him