• PaaperPlanes

    That was cute. That girl is adorable and actually really talented.

  • Anonymous

    lol at the “junk”

  • teenvogue

    well i luv madison pettis she has grown soooo much since the other day when i was watching the gmae plan….i have to admit it dosnt look like her. the junk part made me smile….i dont love the idea of her having a utube page but me and my friends make videos too….but we dont put them on the internet if u have a mac book u sorta understand how we do it in photo both.

  • seriously.

    Lmao. xD

  • selena and taylor? JONAS BROTHERS???? and demi?????!!

    Lol, no one listens to fags (Jonas Brothers)..but I guess they could’ve pulled a Demi cd

  • flywithmexo

    love how they got selena and taylor but no miley and demi :)

  • Anonymous

    lol thats so cute

  • wish

    aww bless, ‘got plenty of bears’ haha. Taylor, Selena and Kelly’s album awesomeness!

  • MJ

    my eyes are so burned out from this she so bad so y does she try WHY!!!!!

  • Gabyy.


  • Maddy

    To the people making fun of little girls, get a life.
    They’re just having fun. I thought it was cute.

  • Asha

    Hahahah! Hilarious. Oh & for all of you making fun of this 11 year old girl being normal & having fun with her friend…grow the fuck up. The song is catchy & she can do what she wants. If you have a problem with it, don’t watch the video. No one wants to read your ignorant comments cuz guess what? No one cares. :)

  • Anonymous

    … 8-/

  • Anonymous

    selena and taylor? JONAS BROTHERS???? and demi?????!!

  • xoangelaa

    wow you bitches need to calm down.. its a fricken normal 11 year old little girl who happens to be on TV. why are you guys so harsh? let her live and have fun without you dissing on the poor kid.

    anyways, this is really cute!

  • Aurélie

    … 8-|

  • RMS

    This is funny =D

  • Anonymous

    lmaooo @ the part of ” boys trying to touch my junk”
    i wonder if they know what she really means by ” junnk” lol

  • Cesi.

    No, it’s kinda cute. How old is she, anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Aw I thought that was really cute!! I loved when they inserted “plenty of bears!” Aww I liked it I thought it was great!

  • abssss.

    hahahahah that was cute :)
    although i dont think she quite picked the best picture to use for the line ”the dudes are lining up..” LMAO, they were like homeless boys?

  • musiciseverything

    Grow up. Point blank.

  • Anonymous
  • Icelandic JB fanatic

    That. Is. So. Weeeird! Today I heard this song on the radio and I was like “if I was famous I’d make a video to this song with my friends” and I never think like that! just today! …. Ok this is FREAKY!

  • Laura.

    Demo cover of “Who I am”. Not that good, but please say me what you think about (:
    and follow <3

  • Icelandic JB fanatic


  • Anonymous

    wow, there little kids and you’re making fun of them? how pathetic are your lives…

  • Anonymous

    why does this post get more comments than taylors ??? taylor broke a WORLD RECORD

  • musiciseverything

    Lmao. She’s so cute.

  • yeayeawatever

    hahaha that was actually funnayy..the junk part! an dudes lining up aha lmao!!!!

  • Katie13

    haha at the junk part i cant stop laughing!
    Bless her little 11 year old mind =]

  • darkrainbow

    i love it. genius.

  • mapi


  • Anonymous

    omg, wow, this is precious!
    haaha, i used to do the same thing when i was 12.

    plenty of bears! hahaha

  • Anonamas

    HyperMe said:

    ummmmm why is she doin this?

    To confuse people like you, obviously.

    GO GIRL.

  • kay_alyssa

    haha omg i love the part with the
    “boys blowing up my phones.. phones”

    and they have taylor and robert!!!
    ahahaha it just made me laugh

  • Anonymous

    Robert pattinson calling :)

  • Anonamissy

    She’s adorable. And that was funny. Yep.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO at how they have edward and jacob on their iphones..

  • YAHkay

    I love how they replace “plenty of beer” with “plenty of bears” yet the left in “brush my teeth, with a bottle of jack”

  • loop

    this is why people under a certain age should NOT be allowed to post on youtube

  • biebergirl

    Aw there so cute

  • Anonymous

    shes like 12, give her a break.
    this is what 12 year olds do.

  • So Lets Crawl <3

    slow day oceanup?

  • Jxx

    My friend did a vid like this, you should check it out. It is for a contest.

  • asdn

    At the beginning, I was like, WTF.
    But it was a really cute video. Really creative!

  • Anonymous


  • hotmess

    I thought it was cute, Oceanup :)

  • _Camiii_

    aww..she look so cute, she and her friend make a very fun video! :D

  • katieee

    aww! haha!
    she’s like, what, 12 now?
    she’s so cute :)
    “but got plenty of bears”

  • Mackenaaaa

    haha i luv how oceanup put a question mark.

  • HayRay

    WTF? lol this is funny

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    aww this is cute! why are you losers bashing this poor little girl =/

  • _herecomestrouble.

    lol at the ‘?‘ OU.

  • HyperMe

    ummmmm why is she doin this?

  • Anonymous

    lol “dudes lining up.” they look like emaciated children from some 3rd world country.

  • Anonymous

    love how they got selena and taylor but no miley and demi :)
    grow up..

  • Anonymous

    she looks so cut

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    that was awkward..

  • flywithmexo

    what does she do now? does she sing yet? -.-

  • britneyspersfan

    its very catchy

  • seriously.

    This song is really overrated. Lmfao. But I still think this is adorable. :D

  • GoldenGal9311

    LOL oceanup!

    But in all seriousness. Why do tweens love this Ke$ha girl so much? Do they actually think she’s cool or something?

  • Anonymous

    the part with the bears and junk was cute!!

  • Lindsay

    she is eleven she is one or two years older than me

  • Anonymous

    This song is really overrated. Lmfao. But I still think this is adorable. :D
    I think actually that K$sha is overrated not only one of her songs..

  • Anonymous

    this is sooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    so adorable
    and for the haters out there leave them alone dnt be jealous cuz u wish u were on oceanup.

  • Kendra

    How old is she now???? kinda a weird vid though….

  • Anonymous

    some of the comments are rude. this is adorable. i used to make dance routines to songs at that age. i love the bears part :)

  • TSlove

    Abit weird.
    Now its waffle time for me.later.

  • mili

    it kinda sucks coz they really can’t dance

  • Orla

    LMAO at the junk part haha so innocent

  • Sonny

    CUTE! :D

  • kelouz

    this adorable
    shows she a normal kid having funnn

  • Stella

    aw soo cute! i wonder how old she is?!

  • Anonymous

    miley and demi are both sluts sooo… (:

  • LeticiaLuna

    lol i love it!

  • ohmimiley

    adorable! :D


    OMG LMFAO. i literally couldnt breath, the picutre of boys lining up LMFAO. so random. so cute. i love her :)