Nick Jonas DOES REGIS & KELLY 1/8/10

5 MORE parts under!

  • abssss.

    i laughed so much when he was talking about coffee and he that little ‘wide awake’ thing with his eyes! i repeated it about ten times LMAO!

  • Anonymous

    Awww, he is so cute and mature for his age. Not to many 17 year olds could do as good a job. He looked a little nervous, I think that will go as he gets older.

  • Anonymous

    tonyalovesjonass said:

    I love how he giggled about the word “abdominal”. So immature Nick, ;)
    He’s be the guy in the back of the classroom laughing if the teacher said something was long.

    where did he giggle?

  • frankieluvr123

    Where did you get the icon?

  • Anonymous

    awwwwwww so cute :)
    i think i smiled the whole way through :D

  • Anonymous


  • Mikki Raee

    “uh, we call it the jonas pout.”

  • renee

    can someone tell me what he sais in the interviews because i dont feel like watching all the videos

  • renee

    nick looks really hot

  • Anonymous

    god i am so sick of nick right now.

    Oceanup is fucking obsessed with him and demi lovato.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of daytime talk shows but this was good. I might watch more often if Nick were on.

    He did a great job with this co-hosting stint.

  • jerseygirl

    Such a cutie, in his jacket and tie.

    I love that they’re doing separate things like this. It was getting a little weird always seeing the three of them joined at the hip for everything. They’re young guys with different interests and personalities; it’s nice to see them shine individually.

  • Anonymous

    so fuuny the girl with nick cutout
    follow me at twitter @nick_jonas_fan6

  • ssssara

    he is SO. CUTE.

    but that food part was just awkward.
    it was like the girl was throwing up her words she was talking so fast.

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Haha hes too cute :) But seriously oceanup stop with the overload of Nick posts today !!

  • Laura.

    Demo cover of “Who I am”. Not that good, but please say me what you think about (:
    and follow

    please check out the video!
    I want your opinion

  • mootle.

    i love this kid. <3

  • Anonymous

    he is so talented. i love him with all my heart. he is going to take over the world. i’m just saying. but it is true. he’s my hero! VOTE NICK FOR PRESIDENT!



  • FlyWithMe_x

    Aww, he did great! I laughed the whole time ;)
    I Love Nick!! <3

  • tonyalovesjonass

    I love how he giggled about the word “abdominal”. So immature Nick, ;)
    He’s be the guy in the back of the classroom laughing if the teacher said something was long.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymoussss

    how much do you think he jerks off? especially since he could have any girl he wanted

  • Anonymous

    he DID both of them?

  • Claudia23

    It was pretty funny LOL loved it =)

  • Anonymous

    omj i wont them all together:)) thay will be all togethr soon after the two weeks of nicks tour

  • Anonymous

    HaHa I love his facial expressions to the nasty looking food then finally he got to the butter bread and wants to taste it. Yeah that was the only thing that looked good lol.

  • NickJLuver8

    the snow rituals are:
    pajamas inside out and backwards
    spoon in the freezer for an hour, then under your pillow
    take a cold shower
    chant snow for a minute straight

    it works every time. you get a snow day. east coast thing :)

  • validatemypride

    hmmmm . . . wonder when the last time i saw a JONAS BROTHERS post was . . .

  • rhiiiiiii

    Nick let’s get married?

  • hotmess

    Sorry gurrll, Nick and I are already married. ;)

  • validatemypride

    & by jonas brothers post , i mean ALL THREE . not two out of three

  • Anonymous

    I watched it it was so cute haha he was so awesome

  • island.B


  • Anonymous

    A little late OceanUp!

  • Come back!

    I miss the Jonas Brothers together!

  • LadyK

    validatemypride who’s legs are those on your icon