Cody Linley THE HOLLYWOOD CLIMB & All of the music played in this video is by DAVID CORREY. The first song is Like a Radio & the 2nd is called Space Ship.

  • Anonymous

    Cody likes heaps like Tom Cruise in this vid.. And check out his split jump at the end haha

  • Anonymous

    David’s music has a lots of fan and I am one of them. I won’t say myself the biggest fan of him but comparatively he is my best musician ever and state him if someone asks me for the my best musician.
    808 drum

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  • Anonymous

    lily colins from the blind sides(she plays colins) !!!put some stories about her on here ocean up!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! They are so adorable. Always been a Cody fan. David’s got such a great voice.

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    FOLLOW if your a JONAs fan!

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    anyways FOLLOW if your a JONAs fan!

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  • msjonas13

    thats coooool

  • yeahson

    that david correy guy looks incredibly high hahah

  • jana

    Cody is seriously adorable. I love him.
    And David Correy is amazing. Does anyone know where I can get his music from?

  • Alexis

    ahh!! I love this!
    If they keep on going with this music they’re gonna get pretty darn far with it.. idk why but some of it just reminded me of Michael Jacksons music. Its just soo uplifiting and fun!

    I love alllll of themm.. just wait, its gonna be big:)

  • Brittany B.

    DC is AMAZING.
    i’ve been a fan of his for soo long now. <3