Nick Jonas & The Admin Album PREVIEW

Thx Maddie!

  • cam

    same here but i like stronger too

  • HeyYouOkayNot

    Can’t wait :O

  • Anonamas



  • anonymous…

    “your hair was longer”
    last time around

  • anonymous…

    “your hair was longer”
    last time around


    I can already tell I’m gonna love this album My favorite songs so far are
    Rose Garden
    Who I am
    Conspiracy theory
    State of emergency
    and Last time around
    and OF COURSE the new version of Tonight!!
    amazing new sound Nick. Great job

  • Anonymous

    I love this preview. Can’t wait to get the CD!

  • emzzz

    OMG. i luv THIS. cannot WAIT for it to come out!!!! luv ya nick :)

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    PerezHilton have a secret confession! I actually, really like MILEY CYRUS. A lot!
    7 minutes ago from UberTwitter


  • Anonfsdysdfafasdmous

    i honestly wasnt too excite d when i first eard about the albu… but now im SOOO FREAKIN EXCITED FOR IT!!!
    i really wanna hear …
    olive and an arrow ( sexy xD)
    conspiracy theory

    aww hell i cant wait for them all !! lol

    it sound soo mature and great
    the boy’s got such amazing talent

  • iFail2Much

    PerezHilton have a secret confession! I actually, really like MILEY CYRUS. A lot!
    7 minutes ago from UberTwitter



  • Anonymous

    PerezHilton have a secret confession! I actually, really like MILEY CYRUS. A lot!
    7 minutes ago from UberTwitter


    Duh. He’s like in love with her, but then he gets mad cause she get the hot dudes.

  • ET

    Love love love it sfm

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    I think he’s joking.
    If he like’s her “A lot”, then he wouldn’t post shit about her on his website..

  • Anonymous



    AHAHAHAHA JK. dont hate, im trying to be like those other people thats starting shit :P LOL

  • Anonymous

    i lovvee him!!

  • _Tiger_

    Cool. :)

  • randomstar


  • AnthonyP

    Good stuff. Gonna get it from Target with the DVD or whatever. Hopefully it does well

  • J-Bug

    I like vesper goodnight,olive and in arrow,in the end,rose garden of course and state of emergency getting this album fo’sho.

  • A david henrie fan

    lovin the icon so sexy i love joe&david

  • MZ

    Oh my god, this album is AMAZING<3 I will buy it the day that it’s out. He deserves some serious recognition for this.

  • Anonymous

    the new version of tonight is amazing!!!

  • OceanUp Fail

    ..omg…*DIES* <3
    only 15 days left till it’s out in the UK <3

  • heheeehhehll

    last time around sounds like it’s for selena!

  • cam

    love all the songs
    favorite: conspiracy theory
    less favorite: in the end perhaps because i don’t know the lyrics to me they are really important

  • Anon.

    these are all so catchy!!! every time i hear last time around it reminds me of when he first came out at the concert. he had the most adorable smile on his face :) haha but seriously i cannot wait for this!!! it’s like the ultimate reward for after exams.

  • Lisa

    i lovee this boyy <3
    he is so amazing,
    i like his version on tonight,
    & olive&arrow, rose garden, who i am, vespers goodbye,
    well basically all of them :)

  • CanadianGal

    Just 16 more days! Just 16 more days!

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  • Anonymous

    Nick is dating a fan

  • luciee justin bieber lover & jonas brothers loverr.

    NICHOLAS!! <3

  • Anonymous

    sdlgmasoidngkldgnkdlnv omg ahhh im dying

  • Mundii

    So proud of this boy!
    I hope the album does well, cause he is one heck of an artist! He deserves it! =]
    Can’t wait for the album! xD

  • sdgdfhfd

    I’m so sick of Nick Jonas posts…
    its freaking boring me out!!!
    where’s all the important people? -_-

  • Shadowwx3

    I’m so in love with *O*

  • Anonymous


  • Rachel:]

    ahhh! i cant wait!

    btw, i love all these nick posts. him and kevin and joe are the only reason i come on here. i wish kevin was mentioned more though:]

  • iFail2Much


  • Jennna

    Half of these are Slow songs … =/ kinda dissapointed

  • NicksSweetCaroline

    I adooooooooooree last time around!!!!


    Is it weird that these songs make me want to get stoned? xD.

    There soooooooooooooo slow. Ahhhhhhh! Especially tonight ahhh ITS LIKE WHERE IS KEVIN AND JOSEPH?!!!

  • Anonymous

    love it! <3

  • Anonymous

    Amazing song!

  • NickJayyfan

    Rose Garden is 100% about Selena!!
    I love all of the songs and can’t wait for the album to come out BTW I am going to see Nick Jonas And The Administration tonight and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabyy.

    i think rose garden will be my favorite song on that album. <3

  • Anonymous

    that has got to be the most boring badly sang album i have ever heard in my life