Varsity Fanclub TIK TOK Ke$ha Cover

Do YOU like VFC’s version of Noah Lindsey Cyrus’ BETTER?

  • xxLivexxLovexx4Ever

    Def love this one better! Noah’s was retarded! VFC ROCKS BABY! i love all the changes in the words. =)

  • Anonymous

    i wanna wake up feeling up joe jonas.

  • pft.

    lol. i thought they were done. whatever. i still love drew and yea, the beginning made me smile. not sure what its like to feel like joe jonas though.

  • ggggffff

    “Wake up in the morning feeling like Joe Jonas” was genius…
    Actually, they sound too alike for me to choose which is better but that one line did it.

  • iheartmileyx3

    don’t like it. :/

  • Mobaby

    “WAKE UP IN THE MORNING FEELIN’ LIKE JOE JONAS!!!!” hmmmm…what the heck does THAT feel like??! O_O

  • iheartmileyx3

    the midnight beasts version is much better! :D

  • Natasha

    this is ovz much better than noah sheeeesh.


  • Anonymous

    this is ok i likeit better than noahs cause she didnt do shit any way but def. not better than kesha

  • Nikki

    lol waking up felling like joe jonas.
    i really like this cover.

  • crystal

    love it love vfc

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don’t like it.
    It’s like the 8 year old version.

  • Laura

    love it.
    i like this version better.

  • Anonymous

    I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make me feel tingly!

  • Jasmine


  • wish

    I loveeeee vfc! Amazing version! <3

  • Anonymous

    ummmmm this is horrid.

  • diiiamond

    me too :) haha

  • Anonymous

    “Wake up in the morning feeling like Joe Jonas, got my brothers, we out the door, we got the night upon us.”

    He is feeling like Joe Jonas, because he’s got his brothers which (figuratively) are the other guys in Varsity Fanclub.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not strange or weird at all. It’s really good and they seem quite on beat to me and a bunch of other people.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA amazing!!! i love it!
    i met the boys last year and they are sooo nice!

  • iCookiies

    Varsity is awesome (: Period.

  • Roxy_Carter

    I Freaking Love This One(:!!!

  • vfc311

    varsity fanclub can do no wrong!
    && how can you nott know what it’s like to wake up in the morning feeling like Joe Jonas? :]

  • Girliegirl

    “Wake up in the morning feelin like Joe Jonas” Hahaha that’s great! Probably feeling awesome:)

  • Girliegirl

    I only like their song zero

  • kenzie

    i hate this verison. its so strange and weird, like the lyrics dont match up to the beat at all

  • Deanna

    I LOVEEE it sooo much!
    It’s way better than Ke$ha’s :)

  • Shadowwx3

    LMAO how does Joe Jonas feel in the morning?

  • Elvira

    He feels Sexy hahaah jk idk


    “Wake up in the morning feeling like Joe Jonas, got my brothers, we out the door, we got the night upon us.”

    He is feeling like Joe Jonas, because he’s got his brothers which (figuratively) are the other guys in Varsity Fanclub.

  • Anonymous

    my ears were literally bleeding over listening this.. >.<

  • rae

    anything would sound better than noah’s
    she cant sing and miley can barely sing either
    the remake of the VF is ok but not that terrible

  • L.O.

    Wow,i’m GLAD VFC did this.

    This song is totally EPIC.GO VFC!

    I love how i can hear each of them,its SOO good.

    Tell all your friends about there cover.

  • Lindsey :P

    slightly gay…but i love it.

  • Anonymous

    miley is a bad influence 4 nosh and VFC’s vid is awsum!!!

  • Anonamas


  • Elvira

    Varsity did AMAZING !!! Perez is a loser for saying it sucked i think its good:)

  • Anonamas


  • Chloeeeeeeeeee

    “Wake up in the morning feeling like Joe Jonas”. Lmao. Ngl I LOVED Varsity Fanclub.

  • laura

    woohoo!! VFC FTW!! keep posting about VARSITY FANCLUB I LOVE THEM!!

  • tessa.

    Awesome cover!
    They mixed it up well and its awesome!
    Wayyyyyyy better than Noah’s. She can’t compare.

  • SUMY

    wow , haha i think i enjoyed it too much. <3 it’s soooo freshhh and hot !!

    BOBBY <3 !!! yayyyy he finally got a solo :)))))))))))))))))
    p.s love the “we wont kick you to the curb unless you look like mick jagger” bahahaha nice twist andddd “baby are you down down down” nice touch :)

  • ruhnayy


  • Anonymous

    Apparently not “GAY” enough, haha. Perez Hilton said something about it being horrible, or something. What does he know? PSH!

  • Anonymous

    the midnight beasts version is much better! :D

    love it, already saw it.

  • Anonymous

    You should check out some other Varsity Fanclub stuff then. Not all of their songs are like this cover. They are really great!

  • Anonymous

    God that’s terrible.

  • MelY

    It’s really amazing! i love that guys!!

  • Celine:)

    VFC’s by farrr :)

  • Anonymous

    totally love it!!!!!!!!!! i love vfc and all their music. i was so happy when bobby got a solo. vfc rocks my socks

  • Anonymous

    yeh i totally noticed the “baby are you down down down.” awesome. vfc rocks

  • Anonymous

    mmm, im not feelin it.
    wayyy too auto-tuned.

  • brianna

    dude…noah didnt even sing it…she just danced around….she didnt even try to make it original or anything…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think there’s anything that could make this song good.

  • Anonymous

    lol this sucks

  • Anonymous

    i like this version wayy much

  • YourBestFriend

    This is just amazing! VFC is awesomeeeeee. :) Screw the hatersssssss!

  • Anonymous

    yeah. screw perez hilton. I bet she likes it. after he said that i bet he watched the video again and again. just scared to admit it :D

  • lilly

    i dont like tc’s part .

  • Anonymous

    haha i like how they put joe jonas instead of p diddy but i dont know why they changed it.. it a pretty good remake

  • yeap

    I hate it!

  • tfret

    I HATE U

  • musiciseverything

    I like this version better. It’s epic.

  • Anonymous

    VFC’s alllllll theee waaaaayyy!!!!!

  • iLOVEvfc

    noah cyrus’s version is NO COMPARISON!!
    VARSITY FANCLUB FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? ? ? ?


  • alejandra

    this is such an amazing cover :P …..

  • Anonymous


  • JennyEdner

    i love this version<3

    Varsity Fanclub, i love you
    guys more than anything.

    Amazinng sonngg.

  • Teenvogue

    1. Madison pettis
    2. Varisity fanclub
    3. Retard Noah fucking Cyrus

  • Anonymous

    varsity! definitely

  • Anonymous

    I thought it is awesome. It sounds amazing.

  • AngelxVFCx4LIFE

    Noah’s sucks. Midnight Beast was awesome. VFC WAS PIMP. [:

  • Anonymous

    VFC’s version rocks!!

    noahs was stupidd

    vfc rule!

    aint gotta care in the world but got plenty of root beer!

  • cheskasg


  • Anonymous

    First comment

  • Demi

    I’d like this version better than the orginal.

  • :/

    love it.

  • LizzieHawkins

    feeling like a ladiesman and very very rich and lucky…that how being Joe Jonas may feel

  • jackie Frank


  • Anonymous

    “we won’t kick you to the curb unless you look like mick jagger” hahahahaha did anyone else catch that?

  • Shadowwx3

    Wake up in the morning feeling like Joe Jonas