Zac Efron Adam Lambert CRITICS’ Choice

Zac Efron & Adam Lambert attended the 15th annual Critics’ Choice Awards at the Hollywood Palladium on Jan. 15. Zac is rumored to be taking over the role of Spiderman in the upcoming sequel, as Tobey McGuire has dropped out. Check Adam Lambert’s new music video ‘What Do You Want From Me‘ under!

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or Zac has these really short hands???

  • TikTokOnTheClock

    Zac is like the hottest guy ever!

  • Ann

    Eww….. To both…… Yuck……….

  • Chelseaa

    I love Adam! <3

  • Jana

    are you fucking kidding me?! zac efron as spiderman CANNOT happen!

  • Anonymous

    adam should date taylor lautner!

  • jared
  • Anonymous

    Zac looks really sweet with his short hair. You can see his handsome face and blue eyes. Please don’t do Spiderman Zac. No, no, no, no. That would be almost as bad as doing the stupid Hairspray sequel.

  • BUBLE.

    both amazing.
    adams video.<3

  • Anonymous

    He looks hot! Damn you Vanessa Hudgens! LoL

  • ZodiacRebel

    Another amazing video from Adam. He’s the biggest star hitting the scene in a long time….beautiful, refreshing, current, out of this world talented…he’s what we all need! Love you, Adam! Best of luck, baby!

  • Anonymous

    ADAM LOOKS HOT !! <3

  • Anonymous

    ADAM LOOKS HOT !! <3

  • Mercedes

    what? i can’t see Zac as spiderman.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wow zac looks great in that picture…NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he looks like he’s drunk, has only one tooth and hasn’t washed his hair in a week

  • Sasha

    Love Adam!!!
    but zac as spiderman, not so much

  • Anonymous

    I love Adam!! He looked absolutely gorgeous!!! He is soo talented and his voice is just..WOW!! I really liked how they dud the music video for whataya want from me!!

  • HeyWoahHey

    Zac’s gorgeous, but the Spiderman movie franchise is dead to me, especially after the 3rd movie. Please, Zac, don’t do it!

    Adam, you’re fabulous. And I loooove the video for What Do You Want From Me is amazing. So interesting.

  • Anonymous

    I will not go see Spiderman if Zac does in fact take the part. Lame.

  • Anonymous

    On the first picture, Zac reminds me of the guy who plays Chuck’s uncle in Gossip Girl!!
    Does anyone else see it?

  • ShatteredOnTheInside

    damn Adam is fucken HOTTT!!!!?
    and his music video is AMAZING!!!!! and by the way OceanUp, it’s Whataya Want From Me. The person that uploaded that video has it wrong.

  • Girliegirl

    I doubt Zac is going to take the role as spidey even if they ask him….it’s too much of a risk. he was just saying that just to be nice.

  • Anonymous

    Adam is really, really gorgeous :)

  • Kris27

    what the hell are u talking about???!
    ZAC looks so ugly!
    and Adam is a fucking indecent FAGGOT!

  • demiselenajb

    I think I’ve just realised.. I only fancy Zac because of his hair. Damnnn. Without the side-swept, straightened, sexy hair he’s no better looking than any other actor!

  • Anonymous

    Adam, you rock! <33

  • musiciseverything

    Adam is like the prettiest gay boy I have ever seen in my life. =]

  • shiringomez

    I LOVE ZAC !

  • Anonymous

    love zac! such a great guy!

  • Sasha

    Oceanup, you should give Adam his own category.

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    Love you Adam :DD and nooooo Zac can’t play Spiderman I love Tobey as him. Geez they haven’t even filmed it yet. ughhhh I can’t wait much longer :/ and yeah the video is amazing and shows that he just wants us to accept him for who he is

  • Casey L.


  • msjonas13

    zacs hot
    i love him

  • Grace

    I love Zac and Adam :)

  • hpaddictedx

    Zac looks good and omg I know I’m late but Joe looked sooo good. All those kiddies calling him a pedo don’t know what they are talking about.

  • Anonymous

    how come there’s not so much Zac love in oceanup? :(

  • Anonymous

    adam, i adore you