Justin Bieber MY WORLD UK Westfield


Justin Bieber signing his ‘My World’ album at HMV Westfield in London. WENN.

New funny T4 Justin interview under!

  • ilovejb

    he’s cute <33

  • Anonymous

    He’s such a tool.

  • erinh404

    he’s cute and talented and all but honestly, he is SUCH a wangster.

  • TSlove

    He looks cute.

  • NeedYouLikeAHeartbeat

    Not a big fan of that outfit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What is or who is Shawty?

    Please tell me!

  • iLoveChrisBrown

    Hes going to blow up this year watch/

  • G

    I was one of “the angry girls outside” i guess we didnt make such a great impression?

  • DemiandMileyPones

    He think he is so cute.
    I cant stop laughing at this video…


  • MitchelMluv

    what…the fracking frack? How was I spamming? let me try that comment again…

    Man, people just want to ha.te this dude!
    I mean, he is hella…CO.CK.Y!! thats what got me flagged! anyways…
    I know he’s hella c.oc.ky, but 95% of male teen stars are…
    And making fun pf hom because je hadnt hit puberty yet? kind of childish.
    Although…I wouldn’t care if Johnny-freaking-Depp said it, “shawty” annoys me.

    not a hater, not a fan.

  • Anonymous

    Hate him now!
    And will allways hate him!


    I like how shiny his hair is. It’s nice.

  • GoldenGal9311

    Why is he standing like that?

    Only you shawty!

  • Your Love is my Drug

    ummm that outifit is NOT cute.

  • disneyfan

    He looks cuter now…

  • MulticolouredNinja

    He is so fit <3

  • HyperMe

    Did he cut his hair? And what’s with the jacket? :/

  • Anonymous0009

    So cute as always!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    how tall is he??

  • just.let.go.

    lmao justin i love that purple watch(:
    doesn’t he look…tired or like idk what the word is, but he not smilin’ but its a good thing like okay but idk what the word….

  • Anonymous

    Oy, people.

    He’s not being cocky, that’s his SENSE OF HUMOR.

    He has fun with what he does, he is being himself. Personally, he makes me smile. You have to admire his energy.

  • selena

    does anyone else think he looks like a younger, paler, less attractive version of taylor lautner?
    because i do.

  • selena

    i meant just in this picture he looks like him.
    in real life he doesnt.

  • Anonymous

    HOTTIE !!! ILY!!!! <3


  • Anonymouspip

    awww my love !!!
    hes amazing!!

  • emma13

    hes kinda cute. and please guys he just started his career, just give him a chance. im sure he will be much better in a couple of months.

  • Danielle<3JustinBieberxx

    OMG i went he is so cute in person!!
    Got my cd signed but the secruity were well overated owell least i got a pic of him <3 x

  • Leoniita

    ohhh Hess soo cute hess the mostt beautiful guyy thann I everr see be4 Love Himmm <3<3<3<3

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that is just up the road from me and i missed it :(
    no one told me!!! :@
    instead i was in school :(
    <3 you justin

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that is just up the road from me and i missed it :(
    no one told me!!! :@
    instead i was in school :(
    <3 you justin

  • Gabriela Bieber

    he is brilliant s2

  • Anonymous

    iuk :S Gay!

  • AnnieRawrs.x

    i love justin but…. LMAO @ HIS WATCH. ahaha

  • Trey



  • AnnieRawrs.x

    he’s 5 ft 3 , which can also be converted as 161cm. i know that because im the same height !

  • Anonymous

    justin is really cute, but i don’t like the weird comb over he does with his hair

  • justinexx21love

    swweeey pie

  • island.B

    His hair cut is nice
    &hes such a cutie

  • Anonymous452524542352

    The first picture makes him look REALLY short, maybe it was the angle? lol I’ve seen pictures where the Jonas Brothers look short too! :)

  • xxloverxx

    lol just 38 comments xD nobody cares about this little boy..

  • emma13

    lol just 38 comments xD nobody cares about this little boy..
    um thats because this site only cares about jonas brothers and all the disney stars. ok thats why taylor and justin and all the other people who arent disney dont get alot of comments.

  • Anonymous

    i was one of the girls outside too, we ran ducked under the body guards to gt through iloveyou JUSTIN xxx

  • Anonymous

    currently no1 on itunes in the UK chart yaaay,defo cracked the UK unlike miley,jonas and demi no offence

  • Anonymous
  • teenvogue

    I feel like his head has gotten realy big…he is like a diva- guyversion

  • Cash Advances

    I never heard of him. He seems like a cute kid. You guys seem to like him. I will remember his name now.

  • Anonymous


    I really want to know!

  • demiselenajb

    Ahahaha his watch!! Sorry, had to laugh.

  • justinexx21love

  • TEXT%
  • yay!

  • Anonymous


  • Timber518

    I am so sick of clicking on his posts only to find at least 90% of the comments are just people with no lives coming on here to hate on him. You guys are idiots! You don’t like him then don’t comment on him! You freak out when people do that to your precious Selena or Taylor or the Jonas Brothers, don’t get me wrong, I love all of them, but why is it okay for you to do that but you don’t like it when other people do it? It’s just getting ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    oh god, shut the fuck up. You say people who comment on how they hate him are “losers with no lives” yet you come into every post and defend this fetus. talk about no life.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, he’s adorable. But he needs to realize just because he’s talented and cute and all, doesn’t mean he’s hot shit.

  • xoxokatie8

    i guess

  • Anonymous

    Who/What is Shawty?!
    Who/What is Shawty?!
    Who/What is Shawty?!
    Who/What is Shawty?!

    Please, please tell me. I heard that sooo many times and I don’t know who/what it is…

    Love Bieber!

  • xoxokatie8


  • Anonymous

    1st? babyyy babyy babyyy

  • haleybrooke7


  • _herecomestrouble.

    he’s awesome & so cute (:

  • xoxokatie8

    not a fan thou

  • ifoundnickj

    after all the nelena nonsense

    i think im starting to like you justin.

    but JB still belongs to Jonas. k?

  • ImOnlyMeWhenImWithYou

    I really wanted to go to that signing but i couldn’t get down to London. This kid has defenlty craked UK. His album is currently #1 on the itunes Chart!

  • Anonymous


  • disneyfan

    He looks cuter now…