Taylor Swift Today Was A Fairytale FULL

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  • xoxokatie8


  • suhvanuhh

    any song taylor sings is amazing ;D

  • Anonymous

    Not crazy about this song.

  • Danielle(:


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  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m a HUGE Taylor fan, but she needs to cut this sappy bullshit out. It’s getting uncomfortable to listen to.

  • Anonymous

    it sounds like someone just mixed it to make it sound like the full version

  • GotDynamitexxx

    I love it! Evethough its just the preview all pasted together. Well, I love all Taylor Swift songs :) they are happy, romantic, and sweet.

  • Katie13

    this isnt the full version….if you READ the description box it said “This was created by somebody and i thought it was really good”

    -_- Fail oceanup…

  • IGottaFeeling

    This is NOT the full version, it repeats.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think this is the full version. it sounds choppy. i think someone just made it.

  • Kourtney

    yeah, that definitely was not the whole song. But still I loved it, I can’t wait for Tuesday!

  • ilovejb

    cute song

  • SHANNON12343553

    oceanup is a failureee this is not the full song its the preview all edited together…in the preview at the end she says somthing about a smile…she dosent say any thing like that in this because it is all edited togetherrr…STUPID OCEANUP…get it righttttt!!!!…you honestly think taylor would release this crap…the real song comes out tomarrow on itunes

  • Syds.

    Nice try..

  • Jenni

    This song sucks. I like Taylor sometimes, but this song is really bad. She sounds lime she’s talking. Which she is.

  • Anonymous

    THIS IS NOT THE FULL SONG. Someone has edited all the clips together. The full song is out tomorrow. And Taylor is AMAZZZEE <3

  • Anonymous

    this isn’t the full version. they just repeat it.

  • TikTokOnTheClock

    The Song is cute but i’m not crazy about the song, too.

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  • ImOnlyMeWhenImWithYou

    Um this isn’t the whole song :s it’s a 30 second clip mixed and repeated to fill 3 mins

  • Micayla

    ahhh BEST.SONG.EVER!!!! lol ok not really but best Taylor Swift song ever!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    do you really think we’re stupid? this isnt the FULL version, its the clip played like 5 times.

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  • Emilicious

    Meh. All of her songs are good. But they are all exactly the sameeee.

  • Nelenaburninup on twitter

    OMG she sings awesome!

  • Hannah

    Somebody definitely made this. Taylor most likely wouldn’t repeat lyrics so blatantly… Haha.

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  • Anonymous

    not the full song.

  • Anonymous

    this aint the whole version shes just repeating the lyrics lol and if this is shes gonna sing this at the grammys on reapeat lol

  • MOE

    wtf y does everyone always have to be so negative…i dont see u sellin 10 fucken million albums being the best selling artist of 2008 and 2009 so i suggest u keep ur mouth shut! i love u taylor any girl that likes a guy or is in a relationship loves u cause we can relate! the rest are probably fat dikes! love u taylor CONGRATS ON ALL UR SUCESS I AM REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU.

  • Anonymous

    THIS Isnt The Full Version … I Just Heard It On Youtube … Its Amazing :O

  • Anna

    its not the actual version. its repeating everything. the second verse actually starts with “Today was a fairytale youve got a smile”

  • andie

    i LOVE her low notes

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  • Nelenaburninup on twitter

    first ?

  • Nelenaburninup on twitter

    first ?

  • Nelenaburninup on twitter

    second ? haha