Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz, just days after his impressive runway model strut on the DSquared2 runway, was spotted tending to his fans outside of his hotel in Milan, Italy. Do YOU like Bill’s short haircut? Photos: INF.

  • fuckmeTOM

    he is so damn hot
    no like the loser and “virgins” of the jonas monkey face brothers..>=)
    bill love U baby
    the most Jonas fans are kids like 5 or 10 years old …””
    tokio hotel hotel fans are millions around the world…^^
    bye stupid bitches
    love tom

  • Anonymous

    Is he smoking a joint?

  • Anonymous

    is a pencil…¬¬
    bill look amaizing…^^


  • leyla

    with that pic U dare to say that really…???
    Ur are the most fugly and disgunting pig I ever seen in my life that picture is so stupid U asshole
    get a life for a change
    ur nothing in this world BILL shoes are better than U loser…¬¬

  • Syl

    Ok this is seriously EWWWY!!!

  • ET


  • aaliyahnoelle

    dude STILL looks to pretty. him and adam lambert are making “actual” girls look uglier and uglier everyday…and that my friends is a bad thing.

    by the way. i have never heard this guy talk/sing/perform…

    ps. he looks like rihanna, so does adam lambert

    pps. adam, bill and rihanna all look like prince LOL. seriously. Prince is the ONLY guy who can look pretty and its acceptable why? BECAUSE HE’S PRINCE!!!

    random comment but u know im right

  • Anonymous

    «Fshion man»!!!!?????

    really Oceanup???!!!

    it’s more fashion woman

  • lalalalea

    um, still not good

  • leyla



  • MrsJoeJonas29

    is he gay?? he sure looks like it

  • Katie13

    NOW, he looks like a guy……i never used to be able to tell he had a sort of girlish face to him….the long hair didnt help.
    Why are you posting about randomers OU?

  • Anonymous


  • MitchelMluv

    I also wish OU would stop posting about h9m. why?

    Because i am sick and tired of reading these stupid comments. Because he wants to break from the status quo and be different, you call him gay and gross looking. He is sweet and silly and lovable and funny, but you wouldn’t know that because you won’t give him a freaking chance and see him for who he is, not how he looks.


    I give up.



  • ThanksHeavenForKevin

    No offense but ew.

  • island.B

    i like it
    it looks good
    you can see hes a boy kinda
    but that coat needs to be burned.

  • Anonymous

    Homagawd! Gay alert. Damn it ou! My eyes are officially gona after writing this comment

  • Heartless


  • Anonymous


  • Laura

    could he get any gayer!?

  • Anonymous

    O-M-F-G :| So gay :S

  • Anonymous

    he is 120% female

  • Anonymous

    UGh People u need to shut the fuck up for motherfucking once okay?
    The is GORGEOUS,let him fucking be! God >.<

  • seriously.

    o__o I still do not see what is so attractive about him.

  • tokio_girl

    so cool love him so much…^^
    please his is famous around the world no like the stupid selena gomez o the loser of nick jonas…¬¬
    he looks sexy
    jonas, selena y zac “gay” efron sucks…òó

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Why do girls fancy him?
    i thought he was a girl at first.

  • Jaacquee

    He even looks like a gay.But I like tokio hotel.

  • KimberKaulitz

    Oh yes. Bill was soo fierce yesterday on the runway! Now he looks so sweet giving autographs to his adoring fans <33 And haters to left plz. I don’t go hating on your favorite celebs on this site. I’m glad that they are finally getting attention in America. Score one for Tokio Hotel

  • justsayin’

    I like his hair, but it looks better when it’s spiked up. You can’t really tell that it is a mohawk when it’s down like that. He still looked really good on the runway and off.

  • Guess who..?!

    damn, he’s so ugly. When I see him I am really ashamed for my country. He should emigrate from Germany and never come back. He is a huge shame! god -.-”

  • Guess who..?!

    damn, he’s so ugly. When I see him I am really ashamed for my country. He should emigrate from Germany and never come back. He is a huge shame! god -.-”

  • SharonK

    ehm .. sorry haters stop commentig please you’re wasting your time :D thanks !

    anyway .. OF COURSE I LIKE HIS HAIRCUT ! he’s hot *-*

  • diana.huynh

    stop posting him.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    ps. just because one doesnt like tokio hotel, doesnt mean we’re teenies or stupid kids who are stuck inside a disney bubble. im 19. hardly a teenie and definetly not all disney oriented. just sayin…


  • pearlshine

    Gorgeous guy. Haters to the left.

  • Skye


  • Anonymous

    i lovee him; hes hott.!?(:

  • LebLiebeRock

    He is SUCH the embodiment of perfection! To all the haters, have a freaking open mind! Just because the conformity of mainstream hell has taken over your mind doesn’t mean you have to be so cruel! He looks so amazing! Guess what guys? It’s called FASHION. Yes, that’s F-A-S-H-I-O-N. Something you haters obviously don’t have. Thanks OceanUp!

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t you show his brother Tom? He is the hot one. Bill seems nice but he’s not attractive to me.

  • Anonymous

    He looks GREAT! Love Tokio Hotel, can’t wait for their upcoming tour, it’s gonna be amazing!

  • Cat

    I’m a big fan of TH, and I’m actually pretty disgusted by some of the comments here, both by anti-fans and FANS. Seriously. You can’t go around saying ‘don’t be mean about my favourite band/don’t call him gay’, then turn around and call JB gay, or their favourite band rubbish. It’s hypocritical and just makes you look stupid.

    I, personally, think everyone needs to grow up, and deal with it. Didn’t your mothers ever tell you if you had nothing nice to say, don’t say it all? Because it’s basically the same principal here; if you don’t like them, why are you commenting?

    Not everybody has the same tastes in music or fashion, but we can all get along if we don’t fight and bicker over the smallest things like two year olds.

    But hey, I doubt anyone is gonna listen to me anyway.

  • Vnlasteamer

    Bill looked glorious in Milan. He truly rocked the runway. Hoping to see lots more of him collaborating with designers in the future.

  • Anonymous


  • AlpacaMom

    It’s a shame most of the posters go just by what they see and don’t actually know anything about Bill, his group Tokio Hotel, or their music. Those of us who appreciate Tokio Hotel also appreciate the look of Bill Kaulitz. This is an incredibly amazing young man.

  • I used to like the guy. But OH. DEAR. GOD. I get it if you’re gay, but please don’t start dressing like Perez Hilton, or some of us will be forced to use eye bleach.

  • Anonymous

    He may be pretty but Bill is one interesting guy. I just can’t figure him out. Is he gay or straight? A transvestite? Does he want to be a woman? Is he more goth and just looks feminine? Is he asexual? Gay? Bi-sexual? Straight? Is he anorexic? Why does he wear so much make-up? You need to be a shrink to even try to figure this guy out.

  • leilaaa

    bill kaulitz is so sexyy!i love tokio hotel, those fans are lucky.

  • Kathryn

    He is so gorgeous. He radiated confidence when walking up that catwalk in Milan, yet he still seems like a little excitable boy. I love him so much.

  • Cesi.

    Well, I’m out of words. Bye.

  • Anonymous

    Bill!!!omg!i avnt seen him on here 4 ages..!i was gonna give up on ocean up!yay im happy now =]

  • Anonymous

    I know bill is more beautifuller than all of you! you’re just jealous that a boy can me nicer and lovelier than you, duh.

    and about fashion, did you never seen manly models? do you live under a stone? wtf he has more looks than a lot of people and is different. he just got balls and has valour.

    bye bitchessss.


  • Leslie Skellingotn

    gotta love him =]]
    i like his hair
    tokio hotel<3

  • Leslie Skellington

    gotta love him =]]
    i like his hair
    tokio hotel<3

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha, you guys here in ‘the USA’ really don’t know anything about fashion! It’s freaking Milan, they know what fashion is! And i know he look a little bit like a girl, but he’s NOT gay! I’ve seen him peform here in Europe, and he ROCKS! so shut the f*ck up o.O you guys don’t even know where you’re talking about…

    lots of love from holland ^^

  • Mercedes

    really OU?

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  • Anonymous

    eurgh. stop posting him oceanup.

  • Mercedes

    If your covering them, then give me a Rihanna post. :P

  • xxloverxx

    eWWW gay!!

  • Anonymous

    ew…. not comment.

  • Ella

    I agree with you ! I’m not a big fan of Tokio Hotel (not because I don’t know them, trust me, I’ve known them for a long time), I love the JB, and I don’t like people always insulting them ! I know how you feel ! I would never diss Bill, he seems like a good guy, and it’s not really fair to diss people just because you don’t like them !

  • Nextmissusa

    You just have to ignore if you don’t like it. Why are you wasting your time writing some bad stuff down nobody cares about at all? I, for example, don’t like the Jonas Brothers, but I don’t write any shit. I don’t write anything at all. That is called MATURE and RESPECT. Anywhere heard?

  • musiciseverything

    Tell me why he looks better than half the girls at my school. That is a shame. =/

  • Moon


  • K

    EWWWWWW……i feel sick

  • Anonymous

    Bill I love you <3 and if you people dont know HIM or hate him then why do you even care to comment? Bill is awesome and will always be <3.

  • Lemonade

    TH and JB stans arguing…and they got more things in common than they think! Ha, they’re both fails, and teenies who don’t know any better.

    And Bill, mad props for not caring what anyone thinks, he is a Queen and proud of it, damn it. Work it baby!

  • GwinlovesTH

    BEAUTIFUL!!! really people saying “ewww!!” like little girls need to take a chill pill and shut up. if you dont like them buzz off and dont fucking comment!

  • Anonymous

    I lost my appetite. Don’t you mean Fashion WOMAN? My God, seriously, that guy is too feminine for his good.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ you girls
    it’s not gay
    it’s called fashion


    fuck you all.

  • Anonymous


  • Jannicke

    I dont get it.If U dont like Tokio Hotel or any of the member’s,why are U then reading about them?If U dont like them then dont read and shut the fuck up,faggot’s.Ur all just as fucked up as him.Bill can wear whatever he feels like wearing.That got nothing to do with U guys.Judging him out of his style and image is totally fucked up.Half of U dont even know him or his personality.Neither do I,but U cant just judge him because of his look.

  • Jannicke

    I personally LOVE Tokio Hotel.And Bill doesn’t give a damn shit about what other might think.He got his own style,his own personality and his own life.Why should he care about what other thinks,when this is what he want?: ) He is the perfection of everything.But I agree with saying the coat is horrible.

  • inspired hand

    is he a he? Cant believe it. but mostly gay are more talented in fashion compared to woman. All I can say, he maybe a really talented gay and he really got an inspired hand to make all his design fashionable.

  • Romatnic Verses

    I honestly love his hair. I’ve actually never really disliked anything he’s ever done with it, he has such good style. I also really, REALLY love Bill’s taste in clothes! His fashion choices are always so impeccable to me. Gorgeous.?

  • Bill Lover ???

    I love Bill so i dont really care if he cut his hair or not. Its his style so let him be. But he is ot gay.

  • Jonaspwnn.

    Calling him gay because of what he’s WEARING? Sterotypical much? I don’t know him, so i can’t really say he is gay, but so what. He likes dressing like that? It’s got nothing to do with you at all.

  • bobble

    him and adam lambert should date. they’re both disgusting.
    nothing against gays, just trashy gays.

  • skinnyjeans4ME

    all the bad comments are from disney people’s fans..
    but you should try to have an open mind,
    all the people from disney are almost the same, and look the total opposite to Tokio Hotel [or similar bands] so you should really try to have an open mind, and leave Bill alone.


    he is perfect and the most beautifull person in the world. your just jealous bitches, that a boy can be more beautifuller than you.

  • fosho

    He is so gorgeous! PERFECTION. I love Tokio Hotel!
    But he didn’t cut his hair, he just didn’t spike it up. :)

  • replica handbags

    I am a big fan of TH, and I’m actually pretty disgusted by some of the comments here, both by anti-fans and FANS. Seriously. You can’t go around saying ‘don’t be mean about my favorite band/don’t call him gay’, then turn around and call JB gay, or their favorite band rubbish. It’s hypocritical and just makes you look stupid.
    Regards: replica handbags

  • Anonymous

    Bill is one of the most beautiful people on earth. He’s soo special and mysterious. Love it ^^Y

    (And, come on folks; it’s a bit old to call someone gay and mean as an insult. Welcome to 2010!)