Jonas Brothers performing at Roseland Ballroom on April 18 for TJ Martell.

Randy Jackson was impressed by Joe Jonas on American Idol, video under.

  • EverythingUrNot

    I love this season of AI so far.Can’t wait till Joe is on.

  • DemiandMileyPones

    They never come to Vegas. Maybe because Vegas FUCKING SUCKS. :/

  • KeepTheFaith

    They never come to Vegas. Maybe because Vegas FUCKING SUCKS. :/

    Aw, you live in Vegas too? I know, I wish they would come here more.

  • MileyIsBestest

    Well good for them

  • jerseygirl

    And I’m thinking that Joe Jonas is not too concerned with impressing some anonymous commenter on an internet gossip site.

    As long as he continues to impress people who actually have jobs connected to Hollywood, I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

  • Anonymous

    If JB get back together they will totally and utterly crush Justin but right now that anit gonna happen.

  • Anonymous

    Why cant joe get his own post :\

  • Anonymous

    he means the youngest of the judges not the brothers!

  • ftooneta234

    Joe jonas Impressed Randy :) that’s cool.
    Can’t wait to watch the episode.

  • kristen <333

    lol randy said joe’s the youngest of them all.
    anyways;; i cant wait to see joe on american idol!

  • xostephxo176

    i live in ny… i should go.

  • oneofakindxo

    Aw. :)
    Cant wait to see him next week on Idol :) He’ll def. be my fav. guest judge

  • Katie13

    YAY!! Cant wait for Joe on american idol, he’ll be funny haha

  • Anonymous

    When Randy said youngest of the bunch he
    meant Joe is the youngest among the celebrity
    guests in American Idol.Randy is not referring to the Jonas Brothers.

  • jerseygirl

    I’m impressed with Joe Jonas also. Very impressed. :)

    And I soooo want to go to this TJ Martell benefit. I’m going through Jonas Brothers concert withdrawals over here.

  • CoinBears

    I love Joe’s recent tweet :)

  • nona12345

    he’s the youngest. he was talking about the people that guest judged.

  • barney and blue

    Hey Anonymous or should I say Yvonne, Kelly,
    drob….Why don’t you do as a favor?STFU.
    Get a life.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I can’t wait to see Joe on AI. I wonder what he’ll be like?

  • Janie

    You do know that this is Courtney’s boyfriend’s company. Zack posted that Courtney wants Nick back…hmmm – how is it all going to work??

  • Anonymous

    The only reason why Justin Bieber looks like he is more popular thn the Jonas Brothers is because everyone thinks they are breaking up… if they like tour or something again thn they would totally CRUSH Justin.

  • zara

    i have got to earn some money for these tickets.
    i’ve neevr seen them before live.
    i wishh i can go!
    LOVE THEM!<3333333

  • Michelle


  • Anonymous

    Wish we could!

  • Anonymous

    Once again they are being honored for having values. I really like them.

    Zack can say Courtney wants Nick back all he wants. It’s a continuation of they were a couple story. This is just his excuse as to why they aren’t together anymore. He’d get more hits on his page if he acknowledged he lied and they weren’t together. Then I might actually believe something he says.

    It is nice that someone is impressed with Joe. I’m not.

  • Anonymous

    Randy means youngest of the guest judges, not the brothers.

  • Anonymous

    Umm… Randy… Joe’s the second oldest.

  • Anonymous

    Honey, he meant Joe Jonas was the youngest of the guest stars.
    Get your fucking facts right.

  • Jessicuh

    He’s the youngest of of the judges!
    Wow, get you’re facts straight.

  • peacelovekatiee

    i live in ny so i can go but is it like a jobro concert or r they doin like a few songs then their done? i dont get wat this event is

  • Anonymous

    i think he meant like, the youngest out of all the judges they’ve had, not the youngest of the brothers.

  • Gabby

    first :D

  • Anonymous


  • meowww


  • MZ

    Awww :) Cuties :)

  • Anonymous


  • fia2340


  • musiciseverything

    I miss Kevin Jonas. =/ I need to see his beautiful face again.

  • NelenaComeBack

    Aww me too
    I miss Kevin so much :'(

  • Jaacquee

    He is very young too, and only mine .. Joe Jonas is only mine. I’m Joking

  • DemiandMileyPones

    Of course, they never come to Vegas, because Vegas is SHIT. :/

  • kristen <333

    OMG im soooo going!

  • Anonymous

    hey im going to and i just wanted to know if you are confused with how to buy the tickets because i am lmfao. do u have to buy it by pack and how do you get seat numbers or is it a come first thing? sry to bother but i relly want to see them

  • validatemypride

    don`t even lie , randy .

  • validatemypride

    honestly , i don`t think joe jonas was the best person to judge someone else`s singing . . . :| don`t attack me again , but i`m just stating my opinion . . . peacefully .

  • Anon

    Lol idk how to get tickets either wth website is no help

  • Anonymous

    if you need help getting tickets text me 6096492802…

  • Anonymous

    Already have my tickets for this… Be jealous BITCHESSS

  • Anonymous

    can i gett a WHOOP WHOOP for joe ? (:
    now that nick has decided to beccome a douche and start crap .. joe is now my favorite !! <33

  • JOEnas:]

    yayyy! their great live!

    they put on a great show :]

  • Anonymous

    MY BIRTHDAY!!!! :D omj im going. Happy birthday to me.:)