Allie Dimeco LADY GAGA COVER Songs

  • wow

    That seriously sucked ass. Just because you’re an actress (I think? I really don’t know who the hell she is) doesn’t mean you can sing too.

  • Anonymous

    omg…hahah poor girl thinks she can sing! i mean she COULD have a voice if she practiced more..but she seems like a nice girl overall! maybe singing isn’t your thing

  • adfasdfasdfasd

    i don’t get why people think she’s out of tune?
    she’s not…

    it was pretty good.

  • emma13

    ok people seriously she wasnt that bad. i admit it wasnt that good either. but you guys are just exaggerating. she will get better if she does some more practice.

  • Dianaa123

    WTF she’s not bad!!! She’s pretty good! God, she’s not amazing, but she is better than a lot of crap they have out there!!! And she definitely sings better than Selena Gomez, ahaha.

  • Anonymouss

    Uhh? Haha. Do you sing? She was CLEARLY out of tune. Anyone with a sense of pitch can tell.

    That was embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got potential. :)

  • Anonymous

    you have potential to be a good singer, but i think this was totally out of your range.try something higher, and less raspy, cause only some ppl can pull it off!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m really not boasting and I’m not saying she was terrible. But I think I could do better than that… :\ But practice makes… bteter! :D

  • Anonymous

    she can TOTALLY sing
    she doesnt get enough publicity tho! ):

  • Anonymous

    Her tune was sortuh shakey. She has a voice somewhere in her, though. You can hear it.

    Allie’s so pretty!

  • elizabeth Levy


  • Anonymous

    u have a good voice but I guess I dint like it because it has a different tune than the song actually has and if u stick to music thats fits ur style u would be awesome

  • Anonymous

    Lets put it this way, if she gets a record deal it’ll only be because she’s already an actress, and not for her singing.
    It’s really unfair how actors can just get record deals like that, while average everyday people have try, so hard. There are so many better singers out there…

    and I mean people who aren’t famous because obviously someone will say “actors are average too

  • Anonymous

    lololololololol that sucked..

  • Anonymous

    rocky start that continued throughout to the finish. look i’m not saying I could do this cause I can’t and ps. who is she and why am I watching her. Didn’t Naked Brothers Band get canceled? man it was about time. what was the moral of the show! a complete waste of time, cable and money which could’ve been gone towards helping Haiti. these ppl need to rethink what they broadcast on tv/ youtube cause this video sucked!

  • Anonymous

    she can sing really well, but these songs are not easy to sing especially acapella. her other singing videos are amazing.

  • joeswifey

    wow!!!! she’s really good!!!! it’s just those panzies who wouldn’t let her sing!! :)

  • Mikayla

    Ummm no.. Just no…

  • Anonymous

    tht was okay @ parts but she stunk most of the time…sorry :(

  • Cheapbracelets.

    The fuck?

  • Anonymous

    wow she butchered all the songs. i cant believe she made the oceanup post.. she time, please post TALENTED singers; thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    bad you suck srry but you can’t sing (FOR REAL);

  • juliecouture

    well… that was unpleasant

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but shes not meant to be a singer.. she doesnt have a superb voice.
    i didnt like it.

  • Lucy

    She can’t sing. Can someone tell her that?

  • Anonymous

    OU, please never post her again

  • Anonymous

    that was horrible………………

  • Anonymous

    wowww she was sooo badddd i dont understand what makes her think shes so good cuz she’s not

  • Anonymous

    you can sing but dont ry lady gaga again it didnt turn out to good and i dont like lady gaga in the first place

    p.s. my name is Allie Toooo

  • Anonymous

    I love Allie but she needs to stick to acting, no offense! (:

  • Tamera

    That was awesome. She has to find a young, teenage girl, which is me, so she can be famous like her and Kristina Reyes, her best friend.

  • Anonymous

    THIS IS HORRIBLE…she needs to stop trying so hard…stupid hand gestures!!!! she sings from her nose and throat…that needs to stop…ITS AWFUL!!!!! {{{u can’t hear bcuz ure mnakin’ ur own ears bleed}}}

  • putcodyrhodesinoceanuppleasehahailovehim

    i think she`s not like omg she`s awesome but she sings good i mean it doesn`t sound bad maybe she has to practice a little bit more and all that and i don`t say that i am a great singer because i suck at singing i think that if she practice a little bit more she could be an amazing singer keep trying oh and by the way it is not for the people express like that saying bad things

  • lmk

    she murdered it a little
    no offense

  • Anonymous

    she can not sing beter than lady gaga but i can sing beter than this the girl

  • afhdfsdfs

    haha all the hate is really funny. you should all know she just recently recoreded her single! <3
    love you allie, keep up the amazing work <3
    nbb forever!

  • Sarahh!

    this makes me hate Lady Gaga. :|

  • BETHAN!!! :)

    OMFG that was TERRIBLE :O!
    she sang so badd. :-| sorry i dont want to be mean, but honestly i couldnt listen to all of it cause it was so bad, i can sing better than her :-| hahaaa.
    omg. and her finger expressions are so anoying, how she keep pointing and like shaking her finger. oh god.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Sarah96

    uhhhh… i <3 allie dimeco…but, no!

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but:
    1. pitch= terrible
    2. WHO ARE U?
    3. Lady gaga is so NAWT acoustic. hullo?
    I cud do so much better,
    (and i stink)
    ur lame x10.
    sorry hun, stick to w/e the heck u wer doig b4.

    PS- u r pretty, tho.

  • Anonymous

    uhmm. More Practice sweetie. Other kids can do better than you hun.

  • Anonymous1

    awesome! :)

  • Chelsea

    i liked it!

  • Anonymous

    that actually was not good. but nice of her to try!

  • Anonymous

    WOAH !

    really outta key, i fell sorry for her posting this , what came over her

  • Anonymous~M

    that was pretty bad. i see y the canceled her show haha. and wat was she doing with her hands???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Allie give it up you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame. Quit while your ahead.

  • Anonymous

    wow that stunk.

  • Anonymous

    Thaa fuckk is up with the hand gestures?!