Megan & Liz BAD ROMANCE Lady Gaga

  • beb0909

    why have they not become famous yet?! they r really good!

  • Kourtney

    That was okayish..

  • Anonymouscc

    OU uploads vids like this when theres no news on real celbrities.

  • LisaTheRaspberryaspberry

    They should be famous
    and liz definitely doesn’t think think she’s all that
    Great Cover

  • Anonymous

    love it, but there’s something about the girl on the left that annoys me, cant figure out what..

  • Anonymous

    Who are these people?

  • Anonymous

    amazing :)

  • jennie

    i thought it was really good :)

  • Anonymous

    They’re AMAZING. ((:
    I love them soo much

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on stop hating

    I think they seem really genuine, and you don’t know them, so how would you know if Liz is “full of herself?”

    I think they should get signed, though I like their originals better than their covers

    Good job girls!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen anyone hate more then the ppl on oceanup do it’s kind of sad

  • Anonymous

    This is really cool. I think it’s WAY better than the original!

    Acoustic style always seems to be cool :)


  • Anonymous

    not their best.

  • Anonymous

    they are amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, really good :)

  • Anonymous:P

    they were pretty good but the blondie was annoying cuz she was acting like she was so good… i liked the brunette;s voice bttr

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    their harmonizing is AMAZING. & so are they. loove them :D

  • Anonymous

    They’re amazing:)

  • ashieex3

    I absolutely ADORE these two. They’re beyond amazing. Everyone should check out my website for them.

  • lalalalea

    its ok

  • Anonymou$

    those girls are so freakin talented.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymou$

    i dont really like Liz (blonde), she thinks she so good. I like Megan (brunette), shes really pretty and has a pretty voice.

  • ET

    It was okay. I loved their other covers though. Much better.

  • HyperMe

    I didn’t really like it

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  • Sam

    Really nice! The team of likes it =)

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with you. They’re average singers, nothing special.

  • beyotchhh

    they’re not as good as they think they are…

  • Anonymous

    i’ve always loved them, no doubt. :D they will be famous one day.

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re really good.
    That’s not the best of their covers, but it’s also great!
    I love their voices and their harmonies. ((:

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, you haters are just JEALOUS at their talent! Liz is so far from being up herself, they’re both totally down to Earth! See? DOWN to Earth?!

    These girls have such talent and I’ve been following them for ages. They NEVER cease to amaze me with their songs: original or cover! I buy their songs from iTunes and they’re so much more famous than you (no offense). Let these two beautiful girls live their dream, can’t you?!

    God bless Megan and Liz!


  • pay day advance

    very nice version

  • Anonymous

    whoever hates who they don’t know is just stupid. plain and simple. especially online..i mean REALLY? gosh..I’d like to see YOU sing,… yah didn’t think so ;)

  • Steve

    These Girls are great, they’re only 17 for god sake.. Don’t be so cruel.. If you don’t like the music – that’s fine, but don’t make horrible, personal comments about them, they may read this stuff..
    Liz is very sweet young woman.. Go Girls !!


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  • Anonymous

    there sooo good:)

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of snotty, hyper critical people on this site!!! Let’s see their talent!!!

  • new zealand

    seperate, they wouldn’t be anything special but together with their beautiful harmonies, they are a great talent.

  • Anonymous

    Wow there are really and yall really need to shut the fuck up because you don’t even know liz she sounds good man i bet she even sounds better then yall so fuck haters shut up you don’t know them okay

  • majaraish

    like all your muzic videos guys…. “mahal ko kayo”

  • Vazquez32Jeannine

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  • Anonymous

    i love this cover! they’re fabolous!!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was well done..very cute!

  • Anonymous

    They aren’t bad, just very average.

    Anonymous said:
    What a bunch of snotty, hyper critical people on this site!!! Let’s see their talent!!!

    No one’s being hypocritical… these girls are putting themselves on the internet, they should know they will be judged…

  • iCookiies

    Ocean UP needs to post up videos by Zeldaxlove64 because she is beyond amazing. Too bad OU only revolves around the mainstream. if you want to check her out, this is her most recent video (:

  • INEZCooke

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  • Anonymous

    when you start with a so-so song…from BAD talent…what do you expect? i think this is an improvement on a not-so-good song!

  • Anonymous

    not hating
    they csan sing but they are not the best lady gaga herself sings this aucustic better
    on ellen.
    they are average singers
    they dont have like demi lovatos voice or like a beyonce voice

  • Anonymous

    Stop hating, saying they think they’re all that when you obviously don’t know ANYTHING about them except for what you see in this video!! Because these two girls are absolutely NOT that kind of people! They are the sweetest people ever, and they’re extremly talented!

  • CarolinaMileyHater

    that was truly awesome, i always check her videos on youtube and they’re just as awesome as that one. they sing halo, and its amazing! i wish i could sing like them!

  • Jenbeanqueen

    Hahaha this is really random and don’t ask me how I know this but I know for a fact that Cody Linley thinks Megan is very cute. There’s your celebrity couple if these girls ever get officially famous lol.

  • Anonymous

    they were sitting in front of us at the nick jonas concert in chicago

  • Anonymous

    they were sitting in front of us at the nick jonas concert in chicago

  • iFail2Much

    That was okay.
    Best song ever.

  • dfjfdsngfkd


  • Victoria_x

    they’re ok.

  • Chelseaa

    I remember watching them on youtube.

  • Anonymous

    wow impressive.

  • Anonymous

    the one on the left thinks she is awesome. she thinks she actually is lady gaga. well she’s not. so quit tryin to be like her!

  • musiciseverything

    Ehh.. They’re alright.