AnnaSophia Robb SOUL SURFER Movie


Anna Sophia Robb will portray one-armed surfer Bethany Hamilton in an upcoming film called Soul Surfer. Bethany, now 19, had her left arm ripped off by a 5 meter long tiger shark at age 13. She told Herald Sun that the film traces the horrific attack and her brave journey back to the beach.

Bethany, who is a front-running contender at the Billabong world junior surfing championships, said the film would begin production towards the end of the month and she would be doing most of the surfing and other stunts in place of AnnaSophia. Bethany is excited to work with Anna: ‘She’s super cool.

A great girl. We’ve met in Hawaii and hung out.‘ For post-attack scenes in which a one-armed stunt woman was needed, Bethany stepped up: ‘They wanted a one-armed person doing it and that’s not easy to find.’

  • yayy

    ive read her book on the attack, im excited for this

  • Anonymous

    This is old news. Does AnnaSophia Robb have so little going on that they have to keep putting out the same story?

  • teenvogue

    hahah she does look like Dikota….at first i thought that she looked like a younger version of lindsay lohan!! :D

  • Weoow

    I’m pretty sure I watched something on the tellie about the one armed surfer chick:) fuck getting my arm been biten of by a shark while surfing and then going back out and surfing again aye. Fuck that.

  • Anonymous

    i go to school with annasophia robb. its weird to see her doing movies. cause she seems like such a normal person.

  • momo

    I love you I love you Anna

    Crazy ______b AnnaSophia Robb0

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Wow, that’s horrible! That she had her arm ripped out by a shark, not the story. the story is fascinating, and I’m really looking forward to the movie! But how are they gonna do the scenes of AFTER the shark attack? Like, how will AnnaSophia portray her after the shark attack… like, in the hospital?

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    I like her :)) and I remember watching Bethany on Oprah like 4-5 years ago

  • Samrah

    Seems interesting! This girl must have gone through a lot. God bless Her

  • Nicolas

    For me AnnaSophia is really beautifull in all pictures.i love Anna!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to AnnaSophia, her and Dakota Fanning are my favorite female actresses and they’re younger than me.

  • kaygirl jbbb

    OMJ my friend auditioned for that part!

    anyway: amazing girl Bethany is(:

  • Anonymous

    Lauren M. should’ve won this role! She’d be better than AS!

  • Grainne

    Finally a person who can act. A non-disney girl.
    The talented acresses out there today:
    Dakota Fanning
    Saoirse Ronan
    Abigail Breslin
    Anna-Sophia robb

    feel free to add to this list

  • AliBoulala

    i met bethany in like 2007 :D

  • Anonymous

    love this book :)

  • bitchfight!!

    for a sec she looked like lindsay lohan!! neva mind i looked a second time she dosent!!
    anyone wanna fight! :D

  • adfasdfasdfasd

    whoa, i wanna see this. :D

  • Anonymous

    Anna Sophia is my favorite actress!she was amazing in Bridges. i see a huge future for her. She is so different from any other actress out there. She has the it factor!

  • bitchfight!!

    you guys on this webste are retarded freacks!!

  • Katie13

    you guys on this webste are retarded freacks!!
    ooooooh, yours on the website too, does that make you a retarded freak aswell??

  • ShyLove13

    God bless Bethany.
    Sophia looks so much like Dakota if you ask me.
    I was afraid people would call her a copycat, but I’m glad no one did. (:

  • Anonymous

    I read this book in the sixth grade! I’m in 12th now btw. I remember this story (:

  • Vallygirl

    I live in Hawaii, and she came to my store. she was with some guy and another girl (I did not recognize them) but she bought about $300 worth of food. and even signed up for a rewards card for our store :P I got the feeling that she was staying in Hawaii for awhile because she was talking to her friends about when her mom got there and how her mom would be doing the shopping from now on. she opened a coconut water as she left. she was nice but I did not really ask her questions.

  • hpaddictedx

    Love her.

  • Anonymous

    I like her but she looks weird in that picture.

  • Anonymous


  • hpaddictedx

    I love her so much.

  • msjonas13

    pretty cool

  • Kelly

    This story is so inspirational. I cannot understand what she has gone through, and god bless her. She must have such a distorted life now, wow. I am so sorry for her.
    But congrats to Miss Robb :D It sounds like a great part, something that really requires depth and soul and more importantly, real emotions. I think she can do it :P