JoJo Promo Music Video IN THE DARK


JoJo shooting viral music video for promo single [I Only Know Him] In the Dark.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    i used to love her, not so much anymore.
    I guess i kinda grew out of jojo’s music

  • Anonymous

    haters get out!!
    she looks amazing! can’t wait for the new album!

  • Anonymous

    why is she orange?
    and why does she look like Ali Lohan?


  • Anonymous

    She looks likeeee megan fox

  • adfasdfasdfasd

    i’m glad she’s making a comeback. :)

  • Lu

    Stop trying to find who she looks like ¬¬
    She is Jojo, that’s it!
    I’m really glam she is coming back.
    She has grew up and she also said that her music will be different.
    She is not that little girl that used to sing Get out. Now she is a woman :)
    She also been habing some troubles with her label, that doesn’t mean she’s been disapeared. The fact you’re now in the tv or radios doesn’t mean you’re not working at all. She’s been working so hard to stay in the music, that’s why she didn’t take tv shows or movies, she loves music. And I love her! :)

  • Webroot
  • naturrallygirlx

    She looks old, Like a botox whore

  • xCookieMuffin

    I’ve been wondering where she has been lately.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Babe can sing

  • Anonymous

    im o glad that shes finally making another album
    she used to be my favorite person in the world
    then she kinda disapeared and miley ame along haha
    but theyr like tied now
    cant wait for herr new stuff !

  • Anonymous

    she looks like lindsay lohan. :)

  • thatswhatisaid

    totally disagree … there are different talents when it comes to music .. producers are more creative then a lot of singers.. vocal talent is being able to express the songs meaning and be on key .. being in music is so much more complicated then you make it seem .. trust me I know

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  • lalalalea

    ugh, she looks like a men or something,
    not pretty

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  • Anonymous

    ur soo right=]

  • GirlieGirl

    STFU, she looks pretty, ah I can’t wait for her new single to drop out…Jojo’s an amazing singer and artist and deserves sucesss, unlike so many untalented teen stars these days:)

  • Anonymous

    Part of talent is creativity. I don’t really see anything different about her music. I’ll agree she has a good voice but her songs are all very cliche. It’s just the same thing over and over again and I don’t think she’s very versatile.

    I don’t know.. prove me wrong, JoJo.

  • Anonymous


  • lalalalea

    wheres everyone? :D

  • Sandra

    she kinda looks like Linday Lohan, doesn’t she?

  • mimijo

    I used to like her.. but not anymore I think she’s fake.
    she tries too hard.

  • Anonymous

    TOO tanned..

  • mimijo

    but I liker her eyes in the 2nd picture..the colour is pretty