Taylor Swift Nashville ‘FANTASY’ Condo


Taylor Swift is self-designing her 4,062-square-foot penthouse Nashville penthouse with a moat-like pond including exotic koi fish built around her living room fireplace. Taylor revealed to Rolling Stone [Via Yahoo!]:

‘You step on a stepping stone in the pond in order to get on a spiral staircase, which takes you up to the human-sized bird cage observator. They’re delivering a human-sized birdcage, which I’ll put a brass telescope in. The ceiling of my living room is painted like the night sky.’ Photos: Tom Gatlin Photography.

  • Anonymous
  • Yo.

    Thats what Being rich does to you. Make You Buled Ponds In youre fucking HOUSE.

  • Anonymous

    sounds fucking retarded stupid and childish and she’ll have tons of fun when she tries to sell it!

    what a tard, hopefully she’ll get her first period soon and cut the 8 year old shit out, how dumb

  • Anonymous

    As “stupid” and “childish” she is you must be even worse. Is your comment supposed to be mature and smart? Just saying…

  • Anonymous

    omg she is so lucky !

  • Anonymous
  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Dear Taylor
    Invite me over when your house is ready.
    I’ll bring cookies



    Joe, that could have been you living with her.

  • KnightsOfCydonia


  • Anonymous
  • ohlalala

    she wants a giant bird cage because she looks like afreakin ostrich. itll be her new bed.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    sounds fucking retarded stupid and childish and she’ll have tons of fun when she tries to sell it!

    what a tard, hopefully she’ll get her first period soon and cut the 8 year old shit out, how dumb

    Plz fuck off…

  • Taylor Lautner

    oh damn I missed that.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    That Birdcage thing reminds me of one Days Of Our Lives episoide where this crazy chick Jan built a cage inside of her house so she could kidnap and keep her true love Shawn there && he wouldn’t be able to meet his girlfriend Belle..

  • Katie13

    Why does she want a fucking huge birdcage?
    Get some paint Throw it on the walls, buy a carpet and Taadaa! You have a house!
    You don’t need Life size birdcages…..unless she wants a fucking huge pigeon

  • googler


  • Anonymous

    she must be minted
    that seems like the best place to live ever.. i would be happy to be taylors room mate, but she can play for all the bills ill just keep her company haa.
    Wow seriously you dont know how much i wanna be taylor swift right now.

  • Andrew

    what a tard, hopefully she’ll get her first period soon and cut the 8 year old shit out, how dumb

    Lmfao!! you made my day. thankyou!

  • musiciseverything

    Damn. I wanna live there.

  • Anonymous

    Why does she want a fucking huge birdcage?

    because she wants to put her next boyfriend in there if he breaks her heart.

  • Mara

    Wow, she’s gettin creative! Hahah sounds cool though… and very… different. :P Wish I could see it!

    And to all you people making fun of her for it…… SHUT THE FUCK UP. She can do whatever the hell she wants in her house.

  • Anonymous

    i wanna marry her now!!!

  • Anonymous

    ikr!!!!!!!!!!! may be shes gnna put joe in the cage lol jk not really but it would be funny tho


    Why did she get a condo in Nashville? lol
    Land is so cheap there she could have gotten a huge lot and built a great big house…
    Makes more sense to get a condo in somewhere like LA or NY

  • Victoria_x

    Oh, she only described my dream home.

    Love this girl. <3

  • RoseL

    wanna live there too…beautiful *-*

  • chau

    will the koi fish die if it’s around heat?

  • TSSGJJLove

    Maybe because her family lives in nashville?!

  • TSSGJJLove

    Because its HER condo and HER money

  • TSSGJJLove

    stunning area for her to live

  • Lala

    OMG Ziva!!!!!

  • OceanUp Fail

    That sounds weird.. tbh.

  • Anonymous

    Its actually not dumb at all in my oppinon. When you have money like she does why not be crazy when you are young? And those are just plans she may not even have them do it. But when you think of your ideal place most people dont go with the norm.


    Okay… did I say she shouldn’t live in Nashville?
    NO. It’s called reading comprehension, learn it.
    I said that she could have gotten a bigger house IN NASHVILLE.
    not that she shouldn’t live in Nashville…
    people these days…


    Thanks haha I have a sexy Joe icon now :)

  • TSSGJJLove


  • TSSGJJLove

    god.calm down.it was one mistake.what the fuck is with end of youre comment “people these days”
    yeah people are bitches and shitheads get used to it.Its life.

  • Iriina

    wow <3<3

  • Iriina

    it’s awesome!

  • xostephxo176

    she must be loaded :)

  • googler

    yea hes hott. ahhhh joe and zac could there be abetter sandwich imean pair?

  • Anonymous



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  • Forever 16.


  • xIbaX

    She’s keeping it real, I see.

    Meh, I guess if you’ve got it you might as well spend it!

  • Butterfly

    Anonymous said:

    Why does she want a fucking huge birdcage?

    because she wants to put her next boyfriend in there if he breaks her heart.
    HaHa!! =P

  • YouBelongWithMe

    Oceanup you are blind.
    You already posted this already expect instead of Taylor you got a picture of a condo.

  • kristine.

    dayuum, taylor!

    i wish i was her jajaja (:

  • Anonymous

    wow what a beautiful complex! she deserves it. she makes so much money, but isn’t frivolous with it. she still wears forever 21 & has purses from urban outfitters! she should splurge on herself! and i want a house like that!

  • silly face

    i hope shes kidding cause thats way OTT

  • Anonymous

    LOL that’s not good, the adelcia is right off of vandy’s campus, and people are so obsessed with her there. she will have stalkers.

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