Ashlee Simpson-Wentz PIECES PRETTY


Adoring mother and wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Ashlee Simpson-Wentz launched new additions to Pieces Candies at Hershey’s Store in New York City on Jan. 27. PR Photos.

  • SonniMonroe

    Ew. I’m sorry, but she does not look pretty.

  • Marish

    You see new video ashlee simpson NUDE?

  • jmcullen

    I love ashlee, But i just don’t like the black on her. the red was better<3

  • jmcullen

    Pervert Alert!!!!

  • Anonamas


  • juliecouture

    this is old ou!!

  • Anonymous

    i love herrrrrrr !
    U GO GIRL!

  • Anonymous

    pretty pictures?
    not too sure about that 1

  • Iriina

    PRETTY?! …

  • Meganlikestea

    I thought it was Cher at first look.

  • Anonymous

    :O what heppened to her face??

  • Anonymous

    Her lips look a little.. puffy. More than usual.

    Am I seeing things?

  • hithere

    mm i’d rather the old hair…