Pete Sessions Tweeted a picture with Joe Jonas: Glad to have Joe Jonas join us to support the Texas Special Olympians on the Hill today. Maybe, Joe has a future on politics?!

  • Anni

    aww so adorable :) . i love my sweetie-bear <3

  • Dumm Blonnd

    He’s just a big teddy bear. :3

  • I Got U

    so cuuuuuuuute!! <3

  • Joseph-lover

    adorable!I’m glad to see him doing those thigs to help people!=D

  • Julianna

    Oh Joe <3

  • Anonymous

    Joe’s amazing! Smart, funny, cool, caring. I would vote for him!

  • Anonymous

    Aww I Love Joe (:

  • RoseL

    lovely, love him ^^

  • Trey

    Great for joe :)

  • trishtastic

    Love this guy!!!! He really seems to enjoy his charity u know? maybe cuz he found something that fit him so well,running! some ppl don’t seem to be as excited as he does when they talk bout what they r doing but he just lights up. I love his tweeter spelling too,haha!!! tweetercheck,have they invented that yet? lol holla at me JERSEYYYYY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ilove him so much!!! such a good guyy!!

  • Chloe09

    It would be great if Joe gets into politics someday because he has such a good heart!! We definitely need more people like him in Washington. And if Joe was delivering the State of the Union Address, I would definitely tune in- even bad news wouldn’t be quite so bad coming from him!!

  • purplekoolaid

    Didn’t know you could have a future ON politics? Does a 10 year old write these entries?

    But anyway Joe looks adorable and I’d vote for him. He seems caring and he’s already rich and powerful so it’d be nice to have someone in office who wasn’t scheming for money or their personal agenda. He’d probably try to actually help people.

  • Anonymous

    Joe is amazing and gorgeous, inside and out. Don’t change joe, stay your kind, fun, funny, real self.and don’t ever change for those hoes who are trying to get at you. The only thing that can change is your facial hair. Keep it shaved. But I would like to see joe in politics.. I’ll be his first lady anyday ;)

  • Brittnee

    I Love Joe Jonas. He is the sweetest guy ever. And,I Love his funny ways. He is such a great role model. It is such a blessing that Joe is helping others in the world. You Rock Joe Jonas and don’t ever change. You are so hot and fine.

  • _herecomestrouble.

    he’s a cheesball.

  • michellexo

    Joe is the sweetest guy in America. :)

  • greenroom

    #joeshave for a trending topic!!

  • Colleen

    Joe is the sweetest guy in the world! Soo proud of him!

  • TSSGJJLove

    He’s beautiful inside and out.He’s awesome.

  • HyperMe

    #joeshave for a trending topic!!