Nick Jonas USE SOMEBODY Cover Song

  • Brittany

    please, nick jonas, never do this song again.
    as of right now? i’m trying to forget you sung this by playing them.

    love nick, but my gosh, that was terrible:/

  • whoELLE?

    Nick is really cute… and perhaps better suited for other songs.

  • xharmony

    i like it. (:

  • lalalahahaha

    that was kinda bad.. but i still love him :)

  • mhmm .

    Man, his voice is so beautiful in such a unique way, LOVE IT :) <3

  • Julianna

    ehhhhh :/

  • Anonymous

    i love nick nd everything but the beginning was horrible so i didnt watch anymore lol

  • Anonymous

    this wasnt his best version of USE SOMEBODY! i dont remember in what concert he sang it INCREDIBLE !

  • Anonymous

    this was on the big morning show in new york, he said right before he sang it he probably wouldnt be able to sing it since it was so early, there are cleaner versions then this one thought

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard much better versions from him. I remember him saying it was kind of early to be singing but it’s good anyway. I actually like his cover better than the original as did several of the reviewers of his concerts on this tour.

  • wow

    i love the original and the cover by paramore, and the other cover by boyce avenue, but this sucks! he’s trying to hard.

  • Anonymous

    oh dear no…i love nick but sorry noone can ever beat kol with this song…

  • Anonymous

    This was a horrible cover D;
    Such a beautiful song, sung by a dying cat.

  • Diet Coke :)

    haha no offence, but daamnn that was terrible!

  • Gabby

    i saw him live on the eigth and it was soo muchh better
    the voice crack made me laugh so harddd. its ok i still love him

  • Anonymous

    wow! pretty awesome..

  • Anonymokllll;l;

    well that was terrible. 0:43 especially. Still love him though.

  • xoxo

    He sucks at this cover, damn he ruined a good song BUT I STILL LOVE HIM

  • Anonymous

    Human moment when his voice cracked. But it was cute (:

  • Anonymous

    love this cover [=
    LOL :43. love when their voices crack for some reason, its so funny. not making fun of them but it is!!!

  • kristen <33

    love this cover [=
    LOL :43. love when their voices crack for some reason, its so funny. not making fun of them but it is!!!

  • Anonymous1659

    oh boy, bad bad bad…. ouch.

  • Anonymous

    I love this song and I love how he covered it. I don’t know how people can compare Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas. Its obvious that Nick Jonas has a stronger, purer voice, No offence to Justin Bieber fans.

  • Anonymous

    44 ?

  • Anonymous

    okay that was SOO bad ,really !!!!!

  • BUBLE.

    not bad but not amazing.
    i don’t think people should cover kings of leon.

  • Anonymous

    EXACTLY! I remember that! it was like in the crack of dawn and he gave that heads up about his singing because it was extremely am in the morning with no sun shining yet.

  • Anonymous

    I caught that too… This is the worst I have ever heard him sing a song. Hoping he recorded it while he was sick. Cause its not his best. But it has good parts.

  • xoangelaa

    LMAO at the 0:43 mark. i still love him though :)

  • vespersgoodbye

    This wasn’t his best cover but still I love him anyways and I dont think it was THAT bad I acttually enjoy it. :D

  • Anonymous

    he just murdered a great song.

    NICK PLEASE PLEASE no one will take you seriously if you keep ruining a great song.

    Nick Jonas is nothing without his backup band. Becuase they are experience musicians.

    Nick Jonas isn’t that talented to be compared to John Mayer who actually studied music.

  • THEmrsjonas

    AMAZING! hes such an inspiration

  • Anonymous

    how did this kid get signed?? wow im sorry….

  • Anonymous

    i know.. thats what i was thinking!

  • Jessie//

    Use Someday is untouchable.
    Kings of Leon will always be the best :)

  • Anonymous

    love this song, love him, love joe more

  • Anonymous123

    He sucks at this cover, damn he ruined a good song BUT I STILL LOVE HIM

  • Anonymous

    failure nick, failure…

  • trace

    love it <3

  • Anonymous

    I love this song!

  • Anonymous


  • msjonas13

    i lvoe him

  • lalalalea!

  • Anonymous

    LOLLOL his voice crack. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Rica

    Where is this from?? i dont think its live cause you cant hear the crowd.

  • Anonymous

    HE RUINED THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!

    he’s cute but his voice is suckish

  • Anonymous

    i love nick j.
    but this sounds like something is dying.
    don’t cover this song. ever. again.

  • pamela

    lo amo es increible canta hermoso !!! dichosas ustedes chicas de usa por tener a ese guapo cerca de ustedes :D

  • emily

    That was horrible I meen Im a Jonas Brothers fan (Mostly Joe)but nick singing by himself is an acual mess