• Anonymous

    wow she is so sweet & perfect i love her i want to be her zac efron is so lucky :(
    it looks so much fun i wish i was there .
    Ashley tisdale is so pretty in that LA hat x
    i love yhu Vanessa x
    Love your best fan JULIE KING xxxx

  • Anonymous

    Brittne i no it is amazing that they are still together :) You are such a good fan x i love Vanessa xx do you ..?

  • Julianna

    hehe lol at Ashley shes so cute :)

  • Maddie

    Yeaaaah!!!I looove Vanessa Hudgens.
    Look at miley and after look at vanessa.
    Vanessa,of coursee!!!

  • Brittnee

    I Love Vanessa Hudgens party. Its seems like fun. I Love the High school musical cast in the pictures. Ashley looks cute in her hat. And,Vanessa looks pretty too. I am happy Vanessa and Zac are still together.

  • Notion

    Vanessa looks really young in these pictures. =]

  • Anonymous

    that’s because it’s her younger sister stella….

  • Anonymous

    stella’s so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    try to get more

  • smexi loverz

    aww im the first comment..looked like she had fun :)

  • Anonymous

    This photos were in internet like 1 week ago ….
    you’re SO fast OceanUp :)

  • reeenan

    LOVE ASHLEY! so cuteeeee.

  • Anonymousyoyo

    Love her ?

  • xoxo


  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    we’re pumping up the party noww!!!

  • Katie13

    these have been around for like 2 weeks now….your getting slower oceanup

  • Anonymous

    lol perez just posted about nelena on bus news

  • Anonymous

    love vanessa :)