Rihanna Beyonce Ke$ha GRAMMYS 2010


Pop starlets Rihanna, Beyonce & Ke$sha the 2010 Grammy Awards. + pictures of Rihanna from the pre-party. Beyonce won a record number [6] of Grammys last night. Out of everyone, who looked best last night?

  • Anonymous

    Kesha still looks like she fell into a vat of grease and glitter but was too dumb and skanky to shower afterwards.

    Sorry, too graphic? I’m a bit cranky this morning. :] Beyonce looks best of these ladies, I think.

  • Rnb Remix

    She is so beatifulllllllllll

    Rnb Remix

  • _sofiakaulitz

    Eh. My honest opinion? I don’t like them 3’s outfits. Maybe it’s because the fashion is different over here and I don’t go for that kind of stuff – or maybe the dresses just suck. I dislike Kesha for some reason anyway, but I do think Beyonce’s face looks pretty. Beyonce is beautiful anyway.

    Well, I have to say, Miley looked the best at the Grammys. From what I’ve seen on oceanup, atleast. I didn’t watch it or anything.

  • Anonymous

    Well from the celebs I think Miley was wearing the best dress and I really like Danielle’s look

  • emma13

    i actually like kesha’s dress. idk why but the grammys yesterday just sucked. i mean cmon some of the winners didnt derseve to win. but whatever. always next time right.

  • Anonymous

    i dint like those dressessss SOS with em!

  • Anonymous

    Well…I guess it’s your opinion. I happen to think Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Taylor Swift are all amazing musicians that are going to grow, hopefully.

  • lalala<3

    OMG is it just me or is rihanna trying to be liek lady gaga; just look at wat she woree

    i think shes tryna be liek her :O

    kesha looked so pretty :)

  • Ron has red hair.

    I love them all, but I don’t like their dresses :/.
    Kesha looks nice though.

  • Amber

    The only outfit I really liked from last night was LADY GAGA’s!!! God I love her. I love how everything she wears is out there in an awesome way. And I’m sorry but I reaaallly don’t like Kesha, almost as much as I hate Taylor Swift… Ughhh

  • Anonymous

    I thought she suited the dress she would suit anything anyway tho x

  • Sarah96

    i <3 ke$ha :)

  • Anonymous

    Everyone had ugly outfits yesterday. Even Miley’s outfit was weird and unflattering. The only 2 outfits that were a good were Taylor Swift’s and Lady Gaga’s, because they fit their personalities and didn’t look ugly. Everyone else looked a hot mess!

  • Anonymous

    omg bill<3

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know Ke$ha was kind of fat?

  • musicmylife1993



  • Anonymous

    I hated Ke$ha at first.. now I kinda like her.. I feel bad about it but I can’t help it.

  • lalalalea

    rihanna used to be my idol,
    i still like her <.<

  • lalalalea


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  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I dislike all these dresses.

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  • Mercedes

    i didn’t really like anyone’s dress last night.
    so i’m going to make a safe choice & say gaga’s was memorable.

  • Catty


  • Anonymous

    and you posting this now oceanup?? how come you posts about those fucking gay jonas brothers right before the show but you posted “others” much much much later on? are u in love with those gaynas brothers, oceanup?


    Yes, it’s because the Jonas Brothers are gay sweetie. A
    I think it’s quite funny that I just got a text saying “Lol, gay means happy”
    oh and Kevin looked quite handsome. :D.

  • Anonymous


  • MissMileyCFans

    I think Miley looked amazing!!! :)


    I think I’ve been living under a rock and in today’s society this is “Pretty”.eek I’m going to build a time machine and go back to the sixtys. (;


    I hate Rihanna’s hair… :/

  • Yo.

    I think Celebrities are In need of some SERIOUS fashion SOS This year… :l

  • Anonymous

    Everyones dress was ugly yesterday !! Im mean Taylor’s dress was horrible. Lady GaGa’s was … no comment. Ke$ha’s dress was ewww ! Beyonce’s dress is realy weird in a realy realy realy bad way. Rihanna’s dress was strange !! WTF Even miley’s dress was ugly but out of the six miley’s was the best !