Aly Michalka Phil Of The Future REUNION


  • Anonymous

    ewwwwww…..he was SO cute b4!

  • Slicknickshady

    These two are really adorable!

  • Camille

    oh my god :O is that him :O oh boy!

  • Anonymous

    It’s PHIIIL OF THE FUTURE! Good times. He used to be so hot, now not so much. Oh well. Phil of the Future forever(:

  • lalalove

    Uhh. He used to be so cute. But now. Ehh?

  • Mercedes

    OMG!! that doesn’t even look like him!! he needs a haircut pronto. -_-

  • Anonymous

    omg when phil of the future was out i had the biggest crush on him lool, no omg he looks like a hobo :|

  • demi_fuckin_lovato

    DAMN!!!!I USED TO THINK HE WAS CUTE!!…boy ppl change! she’s still kinda pretty..WAAAYYY prettier than her sister that’s for sure

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WOW! What happened to him!? :O He used to be so cute, but now…. WOW! He looks so different xD

  • slicknickshay

    Yep. Phil/Keely are still my #1 OTP. I think Raviv/Aly are adorable together. I’m also so happy to know they are still close friends.

  • Alaezel

    oh my god. is that him? he looks old! He was so cute a couple years ago

  • Sonny

    Ricky Ulman!?! Where has he been?! That used to be an awesome show and he used to be so cute…but what’s up with the dirty, longhair look??

  • slicknickshady

    Come on people. Raviv looks fine. He has been on the show Rita Rocks on lifetime that was just cancelled after two seasons. He looked the same as he did in Phil of the future. Obviously since the news of the rita rocks cancellation he has decided to grow out his hair and have a mustache. Big deal. Also PHEELY is the best ship ever. I am so happy Raviv and Alyson are sill great friends. They had the best chemistry. Phil of the future ended way too soon.

  • Anonymous

    woah phil O:

  • slicknickshady

    Come on people. Raviv looks fine. His show Rita Rocks was just cancelled. That explains why he is growing out his hair and having a mustache. Pheely is one of the best pairings of all time. I’m so happy Raviv and Alyson are still really great friends. They had the best chemistry. It’s a shame Phil of the Future ended well before it’s time. The biggest mistake disney ever made cancelling it after only 2 seasons.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Cancelling that & So Weird.
    Well, anything from the old disney..
    pre Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

  • omfg.

    YOUR here.

    you’re posts are da best on dw.

  • All.I.Wanted.Was.You.

    jesus christ.

  • Anonymous

    Raviv dropped the stage name of Ricky after he left the Disney Channel. His real name is Raviv (Rah-veeve). He was on the Lifetime tv show “Rita Rocks” for 2 years and his hair was long on that show as well. You can’t expect him to look like Phil of the Future for his entire life. Duh!

  • xDorkiexMandyx

    ~Phil/Keely ftw. :D

  • Anonymous

    God, he really let himself go

  • Anonymous

    if you are all shocked about this photo, do a search for webee boys on youtube and you’ll see raviv gettin’ down with his bad rappin’ self.

  • Anonymous

    his hebrew name is raviv but his stage is ricky ullman because disney likes to change ppl

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    AWWWW I loved them together. My first favorite onscreen people :DD

  • Slicknickshady

    I see Raviv is getting more hate. Seriously what is wrong with some of you people. There should be no commenting on looks. These are two great friends. They met when Raviv was 16 and Aly was 13. I’m sure they don’t care how the other one looks. Great Friends don’t care about each others appearence. Ravivs show he was on just got cancelled. So he is growing out his hair and has a mustache. Big deal. He looks fine.

  • Joe Bear

    Ricky & Aly are my first favorite Disney love team!!! So glad that they’re still friends! I am hoping that they will do another season of Phil of the Future!! I super love the series soooo much!!!

  • heytheredelilah.


    is that ‘ricky’?

    you have to be kidding me :(

  • Anonymous

    he was sooo cute!!!-now he looks bad-he should make his hair short again

  • lalalove

    Uhh. He used to be so cute. But now. Ehh?

  • remember_me

    that’s what i’m saying

  • demiselenajb

    Eww what happened to him? He used to be cute!!

  • slicknickshady

    RALY is awesome. These two are so cute!

  • Mosie

    OH shit! It’s pedro!

  • Slicknickshady

    These two are so adorable.

  • sandy r

    FIRST :D
    and wow, he was so amazing<33 :D
    glad their still friends!

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  • mrs.nickjonas,bitch.(:

    wow, she is pretty but he def. changed!
    i used to think he was cute.. and damn he changed! :/

  • Anonymous

    hahhahahaha yeeeess!!!! i thought exactly the same!!!! he was eally cute but now…… look at that mostache!!!! eeewwwkkk hahahahhhaah and that hair! =S

  • Anonymous

    phil has a moooostache

  • Anonymous

    i thought his name was ricky ullman

  • Anonymous

    he is jewish-thats his hebrew name

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Wow. He used to be so cute.
    He’s kinda, Jesus-like?
    No Religious offense by the way.

  • Anonymous17

    i loved Phil Of The Future, disney made a big mistake only letting it run for 2 seasons!

  • Anonymous

    he looks so different..i used to find him really cute..he still has a cutish smile though..

  • Anonymous

    hollllyyy shit! he used to be cute , omgg? woah!

  • Anonymous

    He looks sooo different!

  • Orlaith

    Yeh, his stage name is Ricky but his real name is Raviv. He was born in Israel. :]

  • Anonymous

    OMG he looks soo different ! i mean he used to be so cute

  • Slicknickshady

    It’s so awesome how they are still friends! XD.

  • Anonymous

    gahhh!! yesss i loved that show