Zac Efron will be the next Spider-Man and make £9 million [$15 million] for the role, according to OK! Magazine UK. The sequel is due to start filming later this year and scheduled to be released in cinemas by 2012.

A studio insider revealed: ‘After dumping Spidey, Tobey then came to the rescue by recommending that Zac should take over his role.’ Producers believe that Zac’s a massive teen following will help reboot the franchise.

They have also expressed interest in reuniting Zac with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. She’s tipped to replace Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane: ‘It would be a great coup to land her as well. The franchise would be revitalised and transformed by two of Hollywood’s most gifted and fast-rising young stars.’

  • Mercedes

    Bull shit!

    first of all, mary jane is a red head & i doubt zac & vanessa would do this movie together.

    Producers believe that Zac’s a massive teen following will help reboot the franchise.
    that didn’t even make sense. & zac’s not a teen.

    he might be one of the actors they are considering but i doubt vanessa will be offered the mary jane role. imo

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    Can’t wait to see Zac in a Spider-Man costume. Still can’t picture him as it, though.

  • Anonymous

    he would be a sexy spider man! but vanessa shouldnt be in the film aswell, that would reniue everything :\ xx

  • Anonymous

    MARY-JANE IS GINGER!! thats soo not gonna work if vanessa plays her! and MJ is like the only ginger love interest in any film… u cant take that away! its her signiture!

  • Anonymous

    they sure know how to ruin a movie

  • nelena-fan4evas

    No you’re not. I love him to death. I think he’ll nail the role. :)

  • Anonymous1

    this is a joke, right?

  • @jonaspictures

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  • ImAwesome

    zac is the ´perfect spiderman

    i love him and he is damm sexy for the role
    thats the point he’s wayy to sxy and wayy too good looking……..hes not perfect for the role

  • Kelly

    This cannot be true. Tobey was superb at being spiderman, and i admire him so much for his role. Love love love Zac, but i don’t think he is right.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Am I the only one, who could actually see Zac as Spiderman?
    I think he’d do a great job.

  • Anonymous

    according to OK! Magazine UK.

  • ImAwesome

    stupid producers, with no tobey NO SPIDER MAN, mmkay?

  • hpaddictedx

    I’m sorry but Zac is already big and already known.

    I would love to see David get a chance at being known and I think he will be a great Spiderman. I also heard they are casting an unknown but idk if that’s true.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t put that slut Vanessa in Spiderman she will ruin that movie. She isn’t talented, she sucks, plus she’s a whore.

  • Girliegirl

    So fake, especially with talking about V Hudg being Mary Jane…..FAKE!!!

  • wow

    He’s not right for the role. He’s too good looking. Vanessa? We need good actors! When she acts it’s painful.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop saying that without Tobey there is no Spiderman! That is a blatant lie! People don’t give a shit about Tobey, they watch it for SPIDER-MAN! Spider-Man’s comic book fan based WANTED Tobey removed!

  • Anonymous

    It will be a new beginning!
    They will start, when Peter Parker was in Highschool!
    Thats why they replace Toby!

  • Anonymous

    Oh noo, i hate him -.-
    Tobey Macguire should be Spider-Man or I won’t watch it anymore..
    Only because of all these teenie girls.. so Rob Pattinson could also be the next spider-man that won’t make any difference.
    But without Tobey, it is not Spider-Man anymore.


    I am excited to see him as Spider-man
    But the BETTER NOT bring Vanessa into this,
    she will RUIN everything…
    she’s a crap actress, and no one will take it seriously

  • adfasdfasdfasd

    LOLOLOLOL at zac being spiderman and vanessa being mary janen.

  • Anonymous

    this is bull*
    it is made up… especially when it comes to the vanessa part
    nothing is comfirmed

  • missdestinyhope

    I just hope those producers are not xpecting for it to be a hit like the first 3 sequels. I was looking forwaerd to because of Tobey. But without Tobey, the movie will SINK. And Zac is not made for this role. Maybe David Henrie should have been selected for this role. (I can see David as Harry though)

  • purplekoolaid

    I like Tobey but he’s too old to be Spidey, especially since the new story is set in high school. Superhero movies are re-cast all the time, stop whining. Do you know how many different people have played Batman, or Superman, or Hulk? I don’t care that Tobey is replaced, I just hope they find a good replacement…and seeing that the last Spidey was utter trash, they could do with some re-vamping.

    I love Zac but he’s too pretty for this role. I can’t buy him being a nerd.

    And Vanessa is horrible. It would be like HSM 4 if they cast her. I don’t really believe this story

  • Anonymous

    Love them both and spediy is my favorit movie it will be with zac the best movie

  • Anonymous

    I hope this isn’t true.

  • Anonymous

    Pshhhh, yeah right OK! Magazine is mostly full of bullshit so I’ll believe it when a more trustworthy source announces it, btw how will vanessa ruin everything?? She hasn’t been in any spidey movies, so how do you know, are you psychics?? Btw, top critics obviously disagree with you because they gave her rave reviews on a movie where she was a supporting actress!!

  • Anonymous1000

    Thus begins the Disnification of every Marvel Character. Because looking pretty means you can act, right? Same exact thing.

    Well, at least they made X Men before Disney bought it. Saved us D henrie as Wolverine, M Cyrus as Storm…

    And no, David would have been bad too. Again- having muscles does not equate to being an actor.

  • Anonymous


    Oh well, I’ll give it a go but Efron can never, ever replace Toby.

  • Anonymous



  • Toria


  • Anonymous

    The third film killed the franchise for me, and I was hoping that maybe this film would bring it back to life.

    According to this shit, it’s definately dead. I don’t mind Zac Efron it’s just that he shouldn’t play this role. And if Vanessa H. is playing Mary Jane, I’ll be pissed. The film would be like High School Musical all over again but without the music, and with some spider senses.


  • hpaddictedx

    David should be given the chance.

    I can’t see Zac as Spiderman at all.

  • Fe

    OMFG!!! zac is sooo hot


  • crzy laDy

    i thInk zaC EfrOn Is So FreaKen Hot aNd thaT hE lUks GooD vaNneSa hudgEns:)cUtiEs&heaRTS;

  • nelena-fan4evas

    You guys need to get over yourselves. You act like it’s the end of the world. If they want Zac Efron to be spiderman, they want Zac Efron to be spiderman. Get over it.

  • Vitoria Leite

    I’ll give you the greatest support! I hope you in the movie Spider-man! Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Not Zac. he’s just not Peter Parker. Give the role to Logan Lerman–a real teen who has done drama, action and comedy already. Logan is the next big thing

  • Anonymous

    nooo, come onnn
    zac, i love you, but NOT SPIDER MAN, NOT SPIDER MANN

  • Anonymous

    No way!!!!!
    That’s just a bad joke

  • Anonymous

    this is just a dirty rumour! zac as spiderman? never!

  • XsparksflyX

    suddenly spiders are the most attractive, hottest, prettiest, cutest animals on earth <3

  • Geekay

    hahaha.. yea so true!!!! <3

  • miles4ever

    really? :P haha. So funny.

  • ImAwesome

    Dear Zac:
    I love you like a fat kid loves cake, or even more. But pleasee dontt be spider man…PLEASEE IMM BEGGING!!


  • ImAwesome

    hpaddictedx said:

    David should be given the chance.

    I can’t see Zac as Spiderman at all

  • danyy

    zac is the ´perfect spiderman

    i love him and he is damm sexy for the role

  • Anonymous

    2012 will be the end of the world. LOL

  • Anonymous

    OK. I can maybe get over the Zac part if he pulls this off, but Vanessa? That’s not even funny, it’s downright terrifying. Please GOD no.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I changed my mind. The thought of Zac Efron playing Spiderman is also horrendous. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst freaking MADE Spiderman, they made it into a classic. WHAT is happening to the world?! Might as well invite the Jonas Brothers to play an evil threesome or something.

  • Joe Bear

    So it’s not David Henrie now..?

  • Joe Bear

    So it’s not David Henrie now..?

  • Anonymous

    David DAvid DAvid David => perfect Spider man

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3