David Henrie Easy To Assemble PART 3

  • madi

    I didn’t think i’d say this but.. I’M FIRST!!!

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  • michellexo


  • Anonymous

    wow he is cute

  • Anonymous

    David ate me out.

  • Anonymous1000

    His nose is big enough to be a second tongue…

  • Ginger

    David :)

  • Anonymous1

    when you put him next top a real comedian, it shows how inexperienced he is.

  • JonasGirl007


  • Anonymous

    haha david’s adorable.. but still wtf?!?

  • hpaddictedx

    David you shoudl give me a shoutout on twitter!! I’m your biggest fan and I know you creep on your post.

    Oh and you did well also :)