Bill & Tom Kaulitz MALDIVES BROS


More pictures of Tokio Hotel brothers Bill & Tom Kaulitz on vacation in the Maldives: Cigarettes at the pool. A round of jet ski. Taking a deep breath before the huge Europe tour (Starts Feb. 22 in Luxembourg). The Tokio Hotel twins are recuperating in the Indian Ocean. Credit: ONTD & TH_APEX.

  • Dumm Blonnd

    they have terrible bodies. o.e

  • Anonymous

    They suck
    I hate them

  • -Kat-

    Quite funny how many ppl are just reading over sth and not getting all of it – so please dear Th Fans, let’s do it together – let’s go to the beginning of the comments and let’s read though all of them – and please show me the comment, where it says that Th has No Talent – Maybe I’m just blind – I know that we will always disagree – I only knew that the Jonas Brothers are playing more then one instrument, I don’t really know much about them – Th on the other way, well lets say it this way – their success is huge and well deserved when it comes to publicity but it’s just not my type of music
    That is my opinion, I am not bashing right now and I hope a bit sarcasm isn’t too much for u

  • alyssssaJONAS

    Their so gross.. and ugly.. and talentless.. and really bad role models..

  • fireisinourhearts

    bill is wayyyy too skinny.

  • -Kat-

    Seems like a typical “Bild Zeitung” Artikel – they where like “you deserve the holiday because ur album was such a flopp” – so if u fail ur next exam, let’s all fly away xD

    Still – why Th Oceanup – thought we’re gossiping bout stars ;-)

  • Anonymous


  • KnightsOfCydonia

    the one with the dreadlocks is a little better than the other, i guess.

  • Andrew

    my obsession for the jonas is wayyyy more sane.
    these two scare me.

  • Anonymousbabe

    Tom has a hot bod:)

  • Anonymous

    they are NOT holding hands fucktards.
    i think they are so real and so down to earth haha
    and TOM baby is so hottt <3

  • K+S

    I agree with you)))allow to get acquainted?

  • Chloe

    They’re not holding hands, if you enlarge the picture you see they’re not..

    So Blehh on yhuu (:

  • Alexx.

    sorrzz. but HATE THEM. there so gay.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you guys freaked out? Didnt Demi and Selena ACTUALLY hold hands?



    omfg .. i’d rather oceanup just take tokio hotel off here, they don’t deserve being on site filled with little immature disney tweens with no music taste .
    gawd . >.<

  • juliecouture

    omg hes skinner than me

  • anni

    omj that’s funny! they’re SO gay.. and … smoking o_o they’re ruining their life..

  • Ines

    Todally agree!! They don’t deserve that!!! =@

  • Anonymousbabe

    Yeah, there not holding hands in this
    picture. But if they were, it wouldn’t
    be to weird. siblings hold hands.

  • Kathryn

    They are so gorgeous. Tom’s put on a little weight, and he looks stunning, and Bill’s as thin as ever, but just as beautiful. They so deserve a break before their European tour. Can’t wait to see them.

  • K+S

    Wow…..they are so cute

  • Angie

    Bill is about 6’3″…so he has a long torso. His body has to stretch somewhere. And they aren’t holding hands, c’mon. They are brothers. They aren’t twincest like so many fans make them to be. Just use common sense and rephrase your comments.

    Oh… sexy beast. Tom porn overload. Boys look good, like the new swim trunks.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Alexis! *waves* xD

    I agree with her.
    If you like such “artists” and I use that term loosely as Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers then you have no right to say that Tokio Hotel sucks. First, listen to some real music. Also, Tokio Hotel is not “gay” and calling them that makes you a bunch of homophobes. And no, Tom isn’t just hot. He’s fucking beautiful.
    Later, disney brats.

  • -Kat-

    ALEXIS said:

    omfg .. i’d rather oceanup just take tokio hotel off here, they don’t deserve being on site filled with little immature disney tweens with no music taste .
    gawd . >.< —- Na, no Disney Brat, wayy to old for that – I just can’t stand them – it’s personal ^^ – no it’s not, I’m just not getting the fact, why everybody’s thinking their amazing – yeah, they’re big in business, but so what – no need for me to like their music – or their behavior! Sry, but when it comes to talent, the dear Jonas Brothers have wayyy more than Th – I still remember the times when little Georg needed to go the the Yamaha Music School for his Bass Lessons – I am not saying they have no talent, it’s just that some others have wayyy more

  • jess

    LOL wowwww you little girls really think they’re holding hands ? THEY’RE BOTHERS .

    jesus you little girls ..
    & stop calling them gay .. that’s so offencive and not true by any means .

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me ? JONAS brothers .. ? wowwwwwww . they were on disney channel and stound constipated with every song. wow lmao , society is messed up ..
    pathetic my friend, pathetic .

  • Anonymousbabe

    No need to fight guys.
    We can agree to disagree.
    But arguing, will make both sides mad.

  • K+S

    Yes….you are right:)

  • CindyWuu

    They are HOT!
    btw they are NOT holding hands

  • Liam

    Dear alyssssaJONAS,

    Bad romlemodels? Omg, they are having a cigarette while relaxing on a beach on their vecation, we should put them in jail! No seriously.. Bill and Tom have always HATED when other people tell them what to do, and I love them for that. They are not rolemodels, they are musicians. They are not here to teach us how to behave, but to brig us great joy through their music. I’d rather look up to people like Bill and Tom, than “perfect” people who never make miskates and wear purity rings.

  • nancy

    omggggg .
    seriously, if you don’t like them .. don’t post these pointless hate comments . THEY HAVE TALENT . stop fighting about it already , they’re an amazing band . jeez .

  • Nix

    If you hate them so much why do you bother looking at their pictures and commenting on them?…

  • S

    Nice! Can’t wait for the tour to start!

  • Anonamas

    Who gives a fuck about those skinny ass turds?

    Talentless hacks.

  • Anonymous

    can’t believe that i actually use to like there music

  • Lotte

    ohhhh my god guys, they are NOT holding hands, can’t you see that?!

  • Laura


  • Anonymous

    Now I know that Bill is a speedo kind of man. I can sleep easy tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Blimey. The musclier one is HAWT!

  • ChikenLittle

    ew, bill!!!
    uuuh, tom is HOT! :)

  • GoldenGal9311

    Tokio Hotel is not disney and they are sure as hell not kids!

    But they have teen fans. The Jonas Brothers sure aren’t kids either, but they have teen fans. I could care less about Tokio Hotel, but they DO have teen fans.

  • chipbom=)

    Bill is not gay. and thay are not holding hand. think before u write . wtf :-/

  • tastetherainbow


  • MitchelMluv


    Alas, Bill’s only flaw is that he smokes. Fortunately, he does it much less than tom, but I still wish they didnt smoke at all.
    In europe, pretty much every other person smoke though, so oh well.

    And Bill isnt gay! YOu cant tell that by hoe someone dresses, I happen to know a lumberjack, a huge, muscled, macho-man lumberjack whose gay, so it just goes to shoe ya…

    Ich liebe Tokio Hotel und Bill <3

  • DessinhaBRASIL

    They are brothers… and they are resting till the tour starts…
    And they are awesome… people and professional’s… so
    HE IS HOT…

  • Anonymous

    yeahhhh something worth reading!!! jonas brothers crap was driving me CRAZY!!

  • Anonymous

    Tokio Hotel doesn’t belong on this site. I’m sorry, but I get so irritated when I see all these kids talking shit about these incredible talented musicians. Have som respect for real talent, please.

  • Anonymous

    These boys are gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    it`s okey if bill look
    to thiny

    i still like him

  • annnnn

    i hate how skinny they are acually im quite jealous i have to work my ass off to maintain my body and they just chill and smoke cigs and they have a skinny body lol

  • Anonymous

    I’ll just let haters talk and talk, they’re wasting their fucking time anyways…

    NOW UNTO MY BOYS: Hot Damn Tom! U look…*shivers* EFFIN TAPPABLE BABY xD

    And My Sweet Beautiful Bill, You’re so skinny my love, but still your beauty is just STUNNING…We Love You regardless what stupid-ass JoBro fangirls say about ya, Ur Beautiful, always remember that ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Thank you! Everyone is so rude to them! Tom is so sexy!

  • demi_fuckin_lovato

    Angie said:

    Bill is about 6’3″…so he has a long torso. His body has to stretch somewhere. And they aren’t holding hands, c’mon. They are brothers. They aren’t twincest like so many fans make them to be. Just use common sense and rephrase your comments.

    Oh… sexy beast. Tom porn overload. Boys look good, like the new swim trunks.
    bahahahahah “porn overload” i died!!lol omg bill is sooo skinny!!!how the hell does someone eat like a fatass and stay so slim?!but whatever he’s always been this small…doesn’y he look fragile?like i’d be scarred to break him lol regardless he is still beautiful…now tom..oh tom!!!DELICIOUS SEX GOD RIGHT THERE!!!he is sooo amazing!!!look at that chest *licks lips and shivers*he is goegeous!! DAMMJIT HURRY UP WITH YOUR TOUR IN EUROPE AND COME TO L.A.!!!!WE NEED YOU OVER HERE ASAP!!!

  • demi_fuckin_lovato

    *doesn’t, *gorgeous, *dammit….stupid typos

  • Kris27


  • Anonymous

    Lmao. -VOMITS-
    seriously? Do we REALLY want to lose our appetites?!
    That’s disgusting…

  • FancyFreedom

    First of all, I’m a huge Tokio Hotel and Jonas Brothers fan and I love both bands just as much. But I have to agree with some of you here, Tokio Hotel dose not belong here on oceanup, oceanup is for those disney and those other kids. Tokio Hotel is not disney and they are sure as hell not kids!

    And for those of you who thinks that they are holding hands in one of the pictures, think you should get your eyes tested. First of all they are BROTHERS , second they are both clearly holding something in their hands.

    And to you who says he’s feminin and he has to be gay just because he wears makeup. If that’s your only reason then you have to look at some other people who are guys and wear makeup. One example is Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, he wears eyeliner and he’s MARRIED to Ashlee Simpson. Last time I checked Ashlee was a girl. So saying people are gay just because they wear makeup is just… what’s the word..? GAY!

  • Anonymous

    Why are they always comoparing JB with TH?
    I think they are veryyy different. I like Jb more..
    I don’t really like Th.. But come on people. You don’t have to argue like this

  • Anonymous

    OMG Bill is so sexxxxxxxy!

  • Marissa

    Dsiney’s fucking overrated. and you know what, if you guys hate them so much, WHY THE FUCK ARE YO COMMENTING ON HERE?!?!?! Keep to yourself dumbfucks. Tokio hotel is extremely talented. Unlike those disney stars. Demi’s the only girl on disney who can actually sing. So shutup thunderlicking cunt nuggets.
    On, and i’m marrying bill

  • Anonymous

    omg i love bill and tom the tiwns are hot i like bill hair ily gays *THE SESYS TIWNS*

  • Anonymous

    omg i love bill and tom the tiwns are hot i like bill hair ily gays *THE SESYS TIWNS*

  • SvFtFTWg

    OPpBdgm SvFtFTWg

  • Anonymous

    bill and tom r like angels sent from above sexxy tall and very talented… AND NOT GAY IN ANY WAY ppl can do watever they want to do with there bodies so if bill likes makeup on he can where it and he does and looks hot in it tom is just as sexxy as bill!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck all of ya for talking bad about my cousins ya ppl are pathetic

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  • alen

    I wish we could get photos like these of JoBros
    blogging tipswrite for us

  • Anonymous

    take a look a the picture closely, they’re not holding hands. before you start running your mouth, check your facts.

  • Anonymous

    They are NOT holding hands! Zoom in the picture and you’ll see.

  • Anonymous

    they arent holding hands. Tom is holding a pack of cigarettes.

  • DemiandMileyPones

    Why are they holding hands? WTF? Aren’t they brothers. That’s all bad..

  • Anonymous

    They are not holding hands Look a lil closer

  • isabelle

    You guys, ignore the immature Jonas Brothers fans.
    People have diffrent opinions and taste, but we dont have to spread hate.
    I can say that I think they are both very beautiful people.

  • Anonymous

    omg they’re so sexy!

  • Anonymous

    eww! i hate tokio hotel ewww! they are all gay! bill is the biggest gay! when i first saw tokio hotels music video i thought bill was a girl :O but he isnt? or is he? lol but they SUCK!

  • Cleopatra

    See, the big problem is the arguing.
    Some people aren’t going to prefer
    Tokio Hotel, some won’t prefer Jonas.
    But there is no need to bash these
    bands or the people who support them.
    Then all the fans of these two
    bands will get angry at one another.
    Both bands have a huge following,
    and both have talent in different
    areas, so respect them both.

  • XsparksflyX

    I don’t hate tokio hotel, but it is not my type of music and I’m glad that we don’t get to hear much about them here in germany anymore. their music isn’t that bad, but I can’t stand Bills voice.
    the only thing that really annoys me about TH are the fans. being gay is nothing bad, it’s completely normal. and come, on, look at bill. he is pretty, yes, but the way he moves, looks and talks is so obviously not hetero und not metro! so what?
    why can’t fans just admit it.
    its creeping me out when girls are saying omg bill is sooo hot and sexy.
    but I guess that is not my problem.

    and by the way, its not about TALENT.
    its about RESPECT!

  • Anonymous

    good point ;)

  • DuchDenMonsun

    @ XsparksflyX

    The way I see it, you don’t like Tokio Hotel fans because they don’t want to admit that Bill is gay? But wouldn’t they be very bad fans if they were saying that he was gay, even though he already said that he wasn’t? Yes, Bill is very feminine and he moves very elegant. But in my poinion, you can’t SEE on a person if he is gay or straight. There are many big, macho men who is gay and there are many feminine guys who is straight. I don’t think we should judge Bill by his appearance.

  • lalalalea


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  • lalalalea

    bill is so skinny..

  • Moitkt

    they sucks

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    I wish we could get photos like these of JoBros =P

  • emokid13

    ew why the fuck wud we want that?!
    bill and tom 4 ever xxxx

  • musiciseverything

    Please don’t tell me they’re holding hands and they’re brothers. That’s just…wrong.

  • SoulCandy

    Why don’t you people just CLICK ON THE IMAGE! They’re not holding hands.

  • Anonymous

    They are not holding hands. I thought they were at first but then I looked carefuly, and they are not. But I love Tokio Hotel!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not too fond of TH, but they aren’t bad role models. Smoking is not at all a big deal in Europe. Twelve year olds do it. I’m not a fan of the Jonas Brothers’ music either, but I will admit that they have talent, but the music that their record label assigns them to doesn’t suit their voices or style at all. Both bands are incredibly successful. You go to Europe, and Tokio Hotel stuff is everywhere you look, just like it is in the US with Jonas. I won’t hate on either, they both earned their success and deserve it. I don’t see why everything has to turn into a bitch fit of
    ‘who is better.’ It’s incredibly stupid and immature. Have a little respect.

  • xoxo

    ewwwwwww. BRB i’m gonna vomit

  • Anonymous

    they’re not holding hands, click on the picture. but they’re weird anyway.

  • ELI

    Oh my god. Tokio Hotel doesn’t deserve to be talked shit about by freakin’ Disney-lovers.. Tom is hot, Bill is beautiful and Tokio Hotel rocks. Btw, Bill is such an turn on with his this, delishious body!

  • Anonymous

    those guys are so sexxyyy


    ok a TH fan..
    not a JB hater (either justin or jonas)
    im just so annoyed of people posting comments.
    like *ohh TH is better* *JONAS IS SO MUCH BETTER*.
    fucking comments like that r so annoying.
    so ppL..stop this..jonas’ music is….well good enough..and th is good too!

  • caseyxo


  • LuciousLollipop

    Oh My God! People here is so immature seriously… that girl umm what’s her name? xoxo – the one that’s got a blonde drag as an icon, shut the fuck up! I’m not a huge fan but they’re hot and they have talent, No one is someone to judge these guys- If Bill decides to put on tons of make up: It’s his face not yours! (besides he does look hot lol)

  • Zee

    To all the people who said that Bill is skinny: Bill is skinny but you don’t have to hate him for that and I think you guys are just jealous because you guys are fat :| well there you go have a nice day.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    BILL is Hot! He’s so beautiful!

  • XsparksflyX


    I think Bills sexuality shouldn’t matter at all. haters shouldn’t call him faggot and fans shouldn’t ignore the obvious facts and call him manly and stuff like that.
    maybe bill is straight. I would be surprised, but it wouldn’t change my opinion about him or his band. If he wants to wear make up and look like an anorexic emo kid thats fine with me.
    I just sometimes get the feeling that some fans just don’t want to see that Bills looks and behaviour gives the impression that hes not completely straight. they don’t want to see it because that would be the end of their dreams to end up with him. not that they will ever get the chance but well…fangirls :)
    and that makes them bad fans aswell, to deny Bills true identity – IF he is gay, which shouldn’t matter anyways ;)

    I really respect TH for their sucess and in a way I’m proud aswell because they are from germany and well, to be honest, we don’t have many international superstars ;)

  • Anonymous

    OMG u disney fucktards just shut the hellll up already. NOBODY wants to hear u wine on about friggin JB ALL day long! when are u gonna wake up and experience real music? grow some, really. Now onto the bodies
    TOM- Oh yes he is the most amazing and sexy person alive. ahh love it
    BILL- hes so skinny and i love him. Hes NOT anerexic he’s just veryyy tall, so leave him the fuck alone cuz all u girls all over disney people are probly obesse and want his body.
    BTW, Bill is NOT gay already. how many times will he say it! He just doesnt like fucking around with random girls. jesus u hoe bags.

  • Anonymous

    Bill’s body is seriously stunningly beautiful. I love his star-tatto! Tom is also very hot, but not as hot as his delishious bro ^^