Former Clique Girlz singer Ariel Moore has formed her own band NMD [No Moore Drama] More song previews under. Do YOU like Ariel’s new music or do you prefer the Clique Girlz?

  • Taylor

    I think Ariel needs to just be a solo artist, or give up on music entirely. Every one of her attempts at a tween group has been a fail. She has a nice voice, I’ll give her that. But that’s just it; her voice is…nice. Mediocre. As average as a white cloud. She doesn’t have that commanding attitude that draws you to her music or even to her, honestly. I deem MND a failed attempt to become mainstream music on all levels.

    Sorry, Ariel. Go be one of Miley’s backup dancers.

  • Lyndsay

    Sorry Taylor but I have to disagree with you. She didnt fail any attempt at a girl group. I know, I am a true fan. She had to leave the Clique Girlz because, well, its obvious to a fan why. Listen to her other music before you say things like that because your wrong. I perdict from what me and my friends say they are going to be huge. I love No More Drama.

  • Anonymous

    i really like her new music, hope it gets released. but i also love Destinee & Paris and can’t wait for their new music as well. :)

  • Silvia

    Why is she doing this its not the 90’s she should of stayed with the Clique Girlz i personally hate the sound

  • alexis

    Can you post their other performances like Electric. Bet ya everyone will love it. They killed it. I watched it like 15 times

  • I.Am.Panda.Bear.

    Old News, I’ve known this for months. I like Destinee & Paris a bit more. I haven’t heard all that much from NMD yet.

  • TheFive

    yes Ariel!!! i love the new style!

  • Lizzy

    Oh my Gosh. I love these girls so much. So excited for the album.

  • Anonymous

    I love ariel and all the no more drama girls. The song clips are bomb

  • Natxhypy

    NMD, Ariel, Clique Girlz and Destinee & Paris… All are good singers, and I support and love all equal. I think that NMD is a incredible and amazing band and her music is realllllllllllllllllllllly good. If Ariel is more happy with No More Drama, for me is Good :)


  • anonymous

    Wasnt this a song for raising $ for Haiti? Beautiful , they have lovely voices. Ariel is great as usual and Camille as well.

  • Anonymous

    thats not MUSIC!! its some crap!! :(
    bad bad bad sorry… but she has a nice voice though

  • Louise

    Soooooo much better than the Clique Girlz!!!

  • Anonymous

    im sorry, your a bunch of thirteen year old girls. this is the kind of song celene dion would sing. boring

  • Paulinha W.

    I think Ariel it’s so an amazing singer! But in Clique Girlz she doesn’t appear to much. I think destinee & paris are great too but they don’t let Ariel sing. It’s gonna be great to Ariel show “the world” who she trully are. :)

  • Steffy

    The girls of NMD are freaking amazing. I saw them last week at Key Club and they REALLY impressed me. They were better than I expected.

  • Sam

    Love the music clips and the song they did for Haiti was great, i heard they are going on tour? i hope so.

  • andi

    i love NMD and Destinee & Paris , they are AMAZING!!!!! :D

  • Lynds

    Love the song clips. AMAZING much better then Clique girls

  • andi

    you have to put more information about NMD and Destinee & Paris, because they have a lot of fans and other people can meet their bands :3

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    I hate to admit but I actually listen to Clique Girlz..
    Ngl this was better than them =]

  • nicaaa. :)

    ^ that’s how good she is at singing..

  • Anonymous

    clique girlz = fail.
    no offense
    but how many times have they attempted to have a band???

  • peacelove

    good singing but its a little 90s honestly they are both corny

  • Anonymous

    Please tell me tat NMB was a typo and they are not that stupid

  • Anonymous

    Why would they have posted this song out of all the songs they did at their concert. It was great, dont get me wrong but all their other songs are high energy and quite good. All their fans posted them seperately on youtube. Just look up No More Drama at the Key Club with Howie Dorough. They will be the next big thing. They are all amazing. To all the haters, you will see. Ariel is and always will be a star and so will all the No More Drama girls, they are so good.

  • Lyndsay

    I love the sound, I cant wait for the album. And I heard they are going to be huge and going on tour soon. I just hope they come to my town.

  • maki


  • Alexx.


  • yesaella


  • island.B

    I LOVE the name Ariel.
    i use to like their song And Then I Woke Up.=)

  • Anonymous


  • ariel Moore

    By the way my name is ariel to, just forgot to put my name on. and i look like her

  • lalala


  • oxoemmaoxo

    Who is she?

  • Anonymous

    Ariel Moore, former member of the Clique Girlz, an american teen group :)

  • oxoemmaoxo

    Ariel Moore, former member of the Clique Girlz, an american teen group :)

    Oh. Never heard of that band.

  • Anonymous

    you should listen to their songs if you like a teen pop/rock song. they are cool, but now it’s just Destinee & Paris, and you listen to them on :)

  • shauna

    Your not the real ariel moore you freak. Did you mean you just have the same name?

  • Robyn

    Ariel is having a sweet 16 and launch party it says it on her twitter.

  • elmooo

    oU, THANK you so much for keeping me informed with life changing news like this story. how did you know i was so into ariel moore??

  • Gleeek.

    I love Ariel. Destinee and Paris didn’t treat her so well. I hope she does well on her music:)