Honor Society CAN’T BOX ME IN New

‘Can’t Box Me In’ for the US Winter Olympic Soundtrack. Thx Renee.

  • CC

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  • Anonymous

    first of all, absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Honor Society, but hate this song. I cannot get into it. They’re usually much better.

  • Anonymous

    i love this song and honor society

  • Sarah

    They had nothing to do with us fans getting them to number 1 on TT’s.
    That was us coming together because of how proud we are of them.
    they do not promote themselves, if ANYONE does that too much, it’s the jonas brothers. (and yes, I’m a JB fan, but they over-promote themselves) Honor Society, however, does not.

  • BurninUpForJoe

    I LOVE this song, I love these guys :)

  • Forever 16.


  • b_j_d

    I really enjoy this song. I am so proud of these guys, they are absolutely amazing and to be part of something like the US Olympic Soundtrack is beyond awesome.

  • Sarah

    Absolutley amazing. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since last night.
    I’m so proud of these guys. <3 love them!

  • Anonymousss:P

    can’t box me in <3

  • yoyoyo


  • Anonymous

    <3333 I love HS. Im sooooo proud of them :)

  • Anonymous

    this song is horrible… like. the worst ever, i think. so disappointed. especially how sneaky they are with promotion. getting their fans to get them to #1 on TT’s so everyone would see their new single… it’s smart but ridiculously annoying, which will bite them in the ass later.

  • Anonymous

    it really was not them who got their fans to get them to be #1 on TT’s, i know this for a fact, it was coincidental that they released it the same night.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy listening to them but wouldn’t go out of my way to hear them or see them.

  • Rachel

    I LOVE Honor Society. No duh.