Very Happy 19th Birthday Emma Roberts!


Nancy Drew actress Emma Roberts turns 19 today [Feb. 10, 2010]. Emma was spotted @ LAX yesterday where she and other Valentine’s Day cast mates readied for their departure to London for their next premiere. Photos: Fame.

  • hithere

    happy bdaaay!!!
    (i thought she was younger)

  • Sarah

    Oceanup, can you post the new video that Alyson Stoner uploaded to her Youtube account? It’s really cute.

  • Trey


  • Anonymous

    shes 19? i thought she was like 16 damn..

  • Kelly

    Happy birthday :D
    You share my best friends name :) And she looks just like you. But her birthday is next month, so that isn’t much information.
    I hope you get everything you want.

  • musiciseverything

    Oh shit. I thought she was 17. Anyway happy birthday. =]

  • Anonymous says hey

    wow i really thought she was like 16 these stars these days look sooo much young but anywho HAPPY BIRTHDAY =)oh and it’s my friends b-day too and she’s 16 too =)

  • island.B

    Happy Birthday Emma (even tho you probaly dont even go on here) =D

  • MZ

    She’s beautiful<3 lovelovelove her. Happy Birthday! :D

  • Anonymous

    happy Birthday emma!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she’s 19 now? Time flies before we know it!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Emma! Wish I could go to the premiere of Valentines Day in London, but I can’t get to London easily on my own! =(

  • Angela…<3

    i LUV her boots XD happy bday!

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday to emma :D
    it’s my birthday today too, but just a year younger than emma. <3

  • oxoemmaoxo

    happy b-day.

  • Veselka

    Happy 19th Birthday Emma Roberts.I wish youi all the best.

  • Anonymous
  • xostephxo176

    happy birthday! one day before her lover’s birthday haha

  • cheskasg

    omg 19 she looks 16 xd @_@

  • twycgnb

    wow !
    she looks so much younger

  • demiselenajb

    Happy Birthday!!!! :D Keep up the awesome films!

  • Anonymous

    i thought she was turning 18 lol. love her boots. happy birthday x

  • Marielle N


  • Anonymous

    shes my favorite!

  • not_soibt

    happy birthday :D

  • Anonymous

    Wooo :)
    its my birthday today too im 16 :)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Emma :D

  • Anonymous

    for as good of an actress as emma is, she sure isn’t very famous… at all.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday …….
    first ore second I am mileynina ahahaa

  • Girliegirl

    Happy B-day Emma

    And what’s up with this messed up site? Why the hell won’t they post anything about the Percy Jackson movie or Logan Lerman, it’s higly anticipated!

    Who agrees with me??:)

  • dont jugde

    HAPPY B-day :)

  • lawlz

    holy fuck her boots are so cute i want them

  • Anonymous

    oh no I was 3

  • Kourtney

    happy birthday!


    she’s only 19?
    ahha, happy birthday.