• Marissa(:

    amazing<3 , like always! best band everrrrrr<3 :D i cant wait to see you guys and hopefully hang out with you on the 25th(:

  • Anonymous

    I feel the same way!! They are so sweet and nice!! I love DC!! so happy for you boys! See ya in march :):)

  • Anonymous

    Disco Curtis is the shizz, I love them ohh so much. (:

  • Alicia

    yayyyyyyyyyyy any1 who hasnt heard off them please check out more of there stuff & go c them they r amazzzzzzzzzing live trust me and also real nice guys that work real hard so they deserve this also 2 all the fans upset they r on here please dont b selfish fans they deserve this and other people deserve 2 hear theyre great music and fame WONT change them

  • Clarissa

    I’m so proud of them <3

    #discocurtisinbrazil !

  • Mills

    You should listen to their other songs, they’re amazing too. :)
    Anyway, I’m glad they’re here. Congratulations, DC! I’m proud of you guys.

  • Jalina

    I LOVE Disco Curtis!! They’re the sweetest guys you could ever meet!
    Ashley is an amazing song, can’t wait to see you guys in July!

  • Anonymous

    i really like this song!

  • taylorashtonx

    Awh, my bestfriends. <3

  • Clarissa
  • Anonymous

    Tanner Howe, Brendan Barone, Garrett Perales, AJ Novak..I love you boys so much(: Im so proud! Cant wait to hang with you guys in March again(: CONGRATS!

  • katefontana


    they rock and deserve to be seen
    everyone should defiantly check them out!!

  • DCST

    This is incredible to see the guys on here. They truly deserve every little bit of success. They earned it. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    Never heard of them but I like the video cool.

  • HeyWoahHey

    I can’t believe DC is on UO!! I’m about to start crying, man! Everyone needs to seriously check these guys out! I’ve loved ‘em for like a year!

  • Ashley

    lead singer is hot
    my name is Ashley <3 haha

  • juliana

    ahhhh!! my boys are becomeing famous!! im soo proud of them :) keep up the good work :)

  • Anonymous

    Garret = cutest nerd EVER

  • Anonymous

    ‘love this band, but it shouldn’t be on oceanup and getting ruined to millions of teenies. sorry, but its true’

    ‘saw them in concert with Boys Like Girls. if they ruin their music- i’ll be pissed.’


  • omgitsvero

    AAAAHHHH!!!! OMG!!! I don’t believe this!! This awesome! I love DC. Gah! Everyone needs to listen to their music like right now! They’re amazing! And the guys are all super nice and sweet! :)) Wow. I’m so happy right now. DC FTW ;)

  • Anonymous

    DC is AMAZING, ’nuff said.
    they’re all reallllyyy sweet and stay in touch with their fans, i’m so proud of them <333333

  • Anonymous

    please dont be like the jonas brothers. omg.

  • Anonymous

    disco curtis on oceanup.
    when i first heard their song “surprise me” a year a half ago, i predicted they would be the next jonas brothers.
    and here they are.

  • Anonymous

    i really love this band, for their music, and not looks. unlike 1/2 the people on this thing

  • Lauren

    This is definitely one of the best, cutest music videos I’ve ever seen! I love Disco Curtis. They’re all really great guys and amazing musicians. Tanner’s voice is incomparable. <333

  • steph!

    love it i love the boys they are great they are the best, you haven’t lived tell you saw them live. they are all such sweet boys! <3

  • Anonymous

    amazing<3 , like always! best band everrrrrr<3 :D

  • Rae

    I absolutely adore Disco Curtis. They guys are really awesome, and I can’t wait to meet them at Warped on July 26ht :)

  • katie

    ahhh LOVE them but now everyone is gonna start liking them!

  • autumnlynn10

    hmm i dont think this is a spot for you to express youre hate towards other fans…
    I personally love this video :)
    i hope it reaches billions of people, because DC deserves to have lots of fans.
    i wish the whole world could be touched by their music. it really is beautiful.

    i personally love the acoustic version of ashley more. it brings so much more power to the song. ( everyone should check it out)



    hahaha this is funny
    a very good band
    leader singer is sexy!!

  • Alicia

    yes the lead singer is verrrrrrrrry sexy his name is tanner howe and hes amazing:)


    awesome band! if they get ruined and become a bunch of mainstream sell-outs, ima be hella pissed XP

  • Anonymous

    ahhhh exposure! haha but I love these boys, and this is a funny video

  • Anonymous

    I love themmm!!!

  • kelsey

    awww so proud of them :) Dc is great and they deserve this!

  • beccaboommm

    im glad about them,
    but now a million other people are gonna love them, i love tanner,aj,garret&&brendan.
    im happy for their success but this is lamee.

  • Anonymous

    love them, love this video
    they are wonderful guys who will go far

  • Anonymous

    I love this band,

    But I personally think they’re trying to be like The Summer Set,

    But over all I love em

  • beccaboomm

    Im so happy for their suscess ,
    they deserve 24687124654 fans,
    i just hope they dont loose touch with the fans that have been here since the

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhh this is totally amazing.
    I love DC… Tanner is smoking hot!
    So proud!

  • katefontana


    check them out at MYSPACE.COM/DISCOCURTIS

  • Anonymous

    Very proud of my boys. Love you guys. (:

  • Anonymous

    yay! i love them! you guys should tottaly check them out on myspace! they are soo sweet! :) so proud of them <3

  • Anonymous

    i love disco curtis :)
    they are so amazing.
    hopefully they will go far.

  • Anonymous

    love disco curtis, proud of these four boys<3
    i’m glad they’re becoming successful!

  • Anonymous

    I freaking love these guys<3

  • Anonymous

    If you guys were actual fans, you’d be proud of them for getting famous. :/

  • Anonymous

    we saw them at the end of the jonas brothers concert in houston. they were the ones who preformed with tony oller i even go aj’s autograph on my jb poster

  • Anonymous

    I love these boys<3 they’re my friends, i’m so proud of them(:

  • Anonymous

    Cool band!

  • Anonymous

    DC+OceanUp= BAD! i Dont want fame to change anything. :( GRR

  • Anonymous

    You’re so right my friend, so right.

  • Anonymous

    so true. damn teenies will take over like they always do.

  • Anonymous

    love this band, but it shouldn’t be on oceanup and getting ruined to millions of teenies. sorry, but its true

  • iMystified

    haha that girl was gettin’ around,wasn’t she?
    I like this song >.<

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Go Disco Curtis!

  • Anonymous


  • OceanUp Fail

    never heard of them but it is pretty good. :)
    Reminds me of The Summer Set – Chelsea.

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    I love your username and icon!

  • katefontana


  • ericamartini


  • Anonymous

    saw them in concert with Boys Like Girls. if they ruin their music- i’ll be pissed.

  • JoMamaAngie

    Thank you so much for posting their video!! They are great guys & have worked so hard!!! SO proud of my boys!!! BIG things for Disco Curtis in 2010!!!!

  • ericamartini

    i had to email them 4 times for them to put it up!

  • Sonny

    Hahaha, don’t know WHO it is, but funny. :)

  • Anonymous

    AAAAHHH!!! I love Disco Curtis!!! THEY ARE AMAZING!!! But I’m sort of undecided about whether or not I like all this exposure…

  • Jen

    So Proud Of Them!
    They Deserve So Much :D

    I Love Disco Curtis…Wooo! :P

  • Care

    disco curtis = amazing!!!!!

    they’re really awesome, and if you don’t know who they are, you NEED to check them out!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe they are on oceanup.
    my friend and I have been their NYST for a year. everyone should check them out!


    I can’t believe i’m seeing you guys on here. You deserve everything you guys have accomplished. We’re so proud of you, boys.

  • BrandyDaisyRae

    I love these guys, they’re the best.
    And to be honest, yeah, they’re going to be getting a lot of new fans, as annoying as they might be. But shouldne be be happy for them? :)

    PS: DC are NOT and will NOT be the Jonas Brothers. They are Disco Curtis. Dont compare them.

  • Anonymous

    so crazy they are on oceanup.
    i hope teenies don’t get to them.
    but they do deserve a lot more fans.