Miranda Cosgrove Neutrogena NEW Face


Miranda Cosgrove is the NEW FACE of Neutrogena! Miranda told People: ‘My friends and I have always loved the Neutrogena brand and their ability to help inspire confidence. So when I found out I was actually going to be part of the Neutrogena family I was really excited. I have always looked up to many of the actresses who are already Neutrogena Ambassadors, and others are my peers, so it is an amazing honor for me to be part of this incredible group.’

President of Neutrogena said: ‘Miranda embodies the youthful and vibrant spirit that has always been part of the Neutrogena brand. We are proud to have her as our newest ambassador.‘ General Manager added: ‘Her energy will be a wonderful addition to our 2010 partnerships and initiatives.‘ Miranda’s first ad for Neutrogena & debut solo album will air in early spring.

  • whaddafuxk

    she’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    nuetrogena does work, like the wave. at first it gives you a few pimples but after a week or two of using it it really clears up your skin.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress, but does that zipper going all the way down the front of it bother anyone else besides me?

  • Anonymous

    She’s so beautiful. And wow, her skin is amazing!

  • Anonymous
  • Chelsea-Rose

    I don’t know why, but Miranda just annoys me. She irritates me in iCarly too.
    I wish I knew why. She’s really nice so :/
    But I agree with this decision, her skin is flawless.

  • Serenity.

    Love that girl<3

  • Apeshit_x

    not_soibt said:

    for some reason i always wanted to selena to be the face a neutrogena… whatev
    miranda looks hot in that pic, id totally wear that :D
    Same here like BBV then her since she has really good skin but good for Miranda.

  • ModelBehavior

    Miranda looks spectacular in that dress. I’m glad that she got the Neutrogena contract. ….

    I just wish that they would revamp that show of hers. They need to get rid of the Spencer character. The fact that she’s being brought-up by a half-wit is just too unbelievable. …. Even fantasy has it’s limits.

  • Nina

    I don’t get y you ppl are hatin just becuz shez not a disney star doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve this great offer. She’s totaly talented and pretty just like thoes disney. I think they picked her cuz she has a unique look and looks great without make up.shez great for this. Disney stars can’t always bethe center of attention. Ok disney stars are more famous but it doesn’t make them better thannickelodeon stars. peace :D please follow meon twitterat http://www.twitter.com/mzscagurlliee
    thankz!!! :D

  • Cammy

    Selena would be better : /

  • emma13

    her face is kinda weird.

  • Katie13

    Aw, Crap…..

  • Anonymous

    I hate this thing :S

  • LucyWhite

    I think she looks amaziung here.. But IN MY OPINION – I would have put some more oomph the hair :P

  • bluemonday

    She’s pretty and I like the dress.
    But when you add the accessories, it reminds me of the movie poster for Kill Bill.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    omg i love her bag!!
    it looks like a bomb lol

  • cojandjblover

    she looks pretty. I don’t like her but she does!
    http://letsdressupandbeunique.blogspot.com/ (follow me if you are somewhat interested=D thanks guys!)

  • Anonymous

    I love her outfit :) it’s super cute

  • Anonymous


    and please, do something with that bland hairstyle.


  • Anonymous

    i think selena gomez would of been better for this but i love M.C. oh well

  • iMystified

    *blows raspberries*

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I was born exactly on the same day that Miranda…
    Yay me.

  • iMystified

    I can’t use Neutrogena,I have very sensitive skin (IT SUCKS!)so I use proactiv,which works like…1,000x better.

  • fast cash advance

    I love the dress it looks great on her. But every thing she wears looks great on her.

  • Ash

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    Miranda!! i love you u are my favorite actress EVER!! you have beautiful skin!

  • keisha

    She’s pretty! With that kind of model, I’m sure it will empower women to be beautiful and stay beautiful

  • Anonymous

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  • sital

    “My friends and I have always loved the Neutrogena brand and their ability to help inspire confidence…” – If any brand works hard towards building character and instilling the confidence in its costumers, any one could easily be a Miranda Cosgrove, a Neutrogena NEW Face. Thanks for the information.paula deen cookware set

  • ennalewis2

    your right I am a beautiful girl just because people say i’m gay and a older person and Nicole I appreciate to not let me say bad words :)I love you People dazzling

  • davidleonen

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  • james

    I think Miranda is the hottest young actress out there. Don’t care for Selena at all!

  • Anonymous

    Selena’s ass look better than miranda’s face. Miranda looks like a frog.

  • Anonamas

    GO Miranda. Good job.

  • mae

    Miranda is gorgeous. She has flawless skin.

  • Anonymous
  • Jared

    I love that girl. Congrats!

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


    My toe is more interesting than this shitface.

  • jojo

    her fans are freakin weird http://mirandabuzz.com they post creeper stuff all day

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  • Iriina

    She’s beautiful

  • ThanksHeavenForKevin

    I don’t find her pretty mmh :/
    but she has a great skin :D

  • Anonymous

    are you crazy!? she is soo pretty! I love her, Im proud :]

  • Anonymous

    are you crazy!? she is soo pretty! I love her, Im proud :]

  • h

    vanessa hudgesn for neturogena ffs! ;D

  • not_soibt

    for some reason i always wanted to selena to be the face a neutrogena… whatev
    miranda looks hot in that pic, id totally wear that :D

  • Anonymous

    yay I was 4 ^_^

  • Anonymous

    vanessa hudgens is ew.

  • Soyummii//??

    i love that dress, anyone know where to get it ?

  • Anonymous

    Selena’s ass look better than miranda’s face.

    Are you kidding me?