Tokio Hotel Featuring Kerli STRANGE New

Tokio Hotel‘s song ‘Strange’ from Alice & Wonderland soundtrack. Thx Emi!

  • Anonymous

    Good song. but, i think the girl ruins it. bill could have made the song awesome all by himself. LOVE TH <3333

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fuck you asshole.

  • 0secondstomarsforevr<3

    pretty good. I don’t like her voice that much and it’s not loud or strong enough

  • andreia

    absolutely amazing!
    Tokio Hotel is the best band ever!

  • Anonymous

    A M A Z I N G

    yea tht pretty much sums it all up :)

  • Leslie_Skellington

    i love bill kaulitz

  • KL

    i love this song!!is it on gonna be on their next album??

  • EvelineJB

    I like it

  • SATH

    It’s good. I like how the tension bilds up through the song.

  • EvelineJB

    I like it :)

  • justsayin’

    Ok how cool is this Tim Burton directed the movie, Johnny Depp is in it (along with some other great actors), and now Tokio Hotel did a song for the movie. What a great combination!

  • Alien

    Love the song. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Anonymous

    omg the song is amazing!i love it!!

  • Mairssa

    Bill has the voice of an angel! All there songs rock, but i especially love this one. When i found out it was gonna be in alice and wonderland it made me 519057235 times more excited to see it!

  • Mairssa

    Bill has the voice of an angel! All there songs rock, but i especially love this one. When i found out it was gonna be in alice and wonderland it made me 519057235 times more excited to see it!

  • emikaulitz

    you’re welcome oceanup!! <3

  • Anonymous

    I love this song! Tokio Hotel is the best! and Bill’s voice is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I love love love BILL KAULITZ! The song is awesome! Tokio hotel rocks!

  • Hello

    Hm. I actually really like it. I do think it would have been better without Kerli, though. I’m not too big a fan of her voice.
    But it”s still a good song.
    Can’t wait for Alice In Wonderland.

  • Anonymous

    wow, i gotta admit he has a great voice!
    hmmm bill<3

  • Anonymous

    i LOOOOVE that song, bill’s and kerli’s voice sound amazing together <3

  • Anonymous

    Idk if i really like this Kerli girl. I loooooove Tokio Hotel. Idk. shse sounds wierd but in a good way. She stands out. I think Bill does a better job, but she does pretty good too. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!!!! lol Tokio Hotel!!!! <3

  • tastetherainbow

    I love the song, Kerli could have sung more, she has a beautiful voice.
    But this was illegally downloaded, and put on to the internet. The whole of the ‘Almost Alice’ album was stolen, downloaded & put on the internet. D;

  • Manderz

    Love it…..

    I can’t wait to get the album so i can listen to it everywhere.

    Bill’s voice is incredible. Love the message.

    The song is incredible

  • musicislove

    Shows how reputable this blog is, posting illegal downloads. Pitiful that there is zero respect for artists.

  • Anonymous

    Tokio Hotel is the best band ever! <3
    I love Bill’s voice and so do Kerli :)

  • pearlshine

    Love it.

  • Danonymous

    Great song! Tokio Hotel is awesome!

    Although, I think the song would’ve sounded better without Kerli, or perhaps a better female vocalist.

  • Anonymous

    yay, kerli is estonian, just like me!

  • Anonymous

    fuck you.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Kerli is from Estonia :]

    i like Kerli but i hate Bill ugh :/

  • Anonymous

    wow it sounds AMAZING!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    This song is really good ! I’m not a big fan of Tokio Hotel, but I like it ! He speaks english really well for a guy comming from Germany !

  • Diva_2_Death

    Love it!! Give it five stars,but i agree with Danonymous, the song could have used a better female vocalist. -_-‘

    Now,Bill and Avril,I would pay to HEAR that!! ^__^lol

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  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    is kerli the estonion gurl?

  • Anonymous

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