Very Happy 17th Birthday Jennifer Stone!


Harriet The Spy star Jennifer Stone turns 17 years old today [Feb. 12, 2010]!

  • Anonymous


  • Olivia.

    happy birthday! <3

  • island.B


  • Anonymous

    haha I thought she was older!
    Happy birthday!!!

    Formspring me! ASK ANYTHING!


  • Anonymous

    why would you use that picture?

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is, she probebly thought that picture was sexy….and it’s so NOT

  • Apeshit_x

    Happy Birthday Jen :).
    Keep on making Harper awesome!

  • Holly

    So .. what is the drama with Matt Prokop and Demi ?

  • Anonymous

    oy that picture is rough

  • LoveLautner

    Nice, OU.

    Anyway, happy birthday!!


    wow i thought she was older! but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER=)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Jennifer!

  • m

    lol at that pic

  • Anonymous

    she’s just turned 17??? WTF, thought she was older than me!

  • DJ-DangerisSMEXI

    O.o whats up with that pic?

  • jenny.


    OU had to put her worst picture.

  • Anonymous

    when I saw that picture of jennifer i choked on my dount. FML

  • nia

    Happy Birthday Jennifer :)


    she looks like she’s 18 !

  • Anonymous

    Holly said:

    So .. what is the drama with Matt Prokop and Demi ?

    I wish I knew every drama going on between these Disney kids. There’s definitely some drama between them. Of course I wish I knew what could have destroyed 10 years of friendship (Demi and Selena) too. I also wish I knew why everyone seems to hate Demi…even though they dont know her? Because as far as Im concerned, hearsay and speculation is not factual evidence, if you cant back it up in court then it aint true. Even so, there is no reason to judge others for their actions or for who they are, nobody should play God, noone is perfect. Perfection is only achieved if you’re perfectly imperfect.

  • thegossipsource

    Happy Birthday to Jennifer! But all I can say is wow about the picture! :P

  • AnonymousLaLaLaLa

    Happy Birthday Jen :) :)

    And WHYYYYY oceanup?!WHYYYYY that picture?!!

  • Anonymous

    she is soooo fugly! could you not find a better picture?

  • rr

    Happy Birthday Jennifer Stone. Have a wonderfull day and a great birthday. I love you.

  • nia

    Anonymous said:

    she is soooo fugly! could you not find a better picture?

  • Alterego

    Hahaahaha @ picture.
    happy birthday.

  • Anonymous

    She’s only 17!


  • lalalalea

    and of course, ou picked the BEST PICTURE of her -.-


  • Anonymous

    happy birthday jen, you are beautiful! (:

    & i love how everybody’s like being rude to oceanup for posting that picture. that’s jen’s twitter default picture, so obviously SHE likes it too. it’s not even that serious.

  • suuuuuuure

    i was mad at ou for using this picture too….until i saw that SHE put it up as her default on twitter

  • shawnmichaels(HBK)fan

    happy b-day, mine was yesterday

  • Anonymous

    Hope you people are happy. She changed her profile picture to one that “isn’t ugly”. *shakes head* you people.

  • Anonymous

    haaaaaaaappy birthday!
    but this picture isnt the most flattering and i dont like her bangs

  • Anonymous

    thats not a very good pic

  • xostephxo176

    happy birthday jen! :)

  • Trey


  • Anonymous


  • Tina

    jennifer stone is the most hideous person i have ever seen!:) i mean this is what she looks like without the 100 tons of cover up and make up!!! whoah hahahahahaha so ugly i almost fainted! aaahhhh someone help my eyes are falling out!:P

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    Not a very good picture OceanUp. She looks weird here. And she’s actually really gorgeous and there are TONS of other better pictures out for you to choose.

    But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!!! I love you so much!

    And OU, you could’ve just said ‘WOWP star’…

  • Judi

    jennifer stone is so ugly!!!! what happened to her!!!????hahahahahahaha! she looks like someone that is going to die!so hideous!

  • Anonymous

    I agree, that pic is horrible. I didn’t even recognize her.

    Happy Birthday, by the way! :)

  • Anonymous

    Agree tons


  • Anonymous

    she looks stupid

  • Anonymous

    she’s a pretty girl but why you gotta put up this terrible picture of heer thats just mean epecially for her birthday lol

  • icehoneybaby

    she’s a tad plum :P sunburnt ? <3

  • remember_me

    there is no way she is younger than me

  • Anonymous

    She’s really ugly.

  • yeahyeahyeah

    You’re 100000000 times uglier for saying that.

  • HeyHeyItsHolly!


  • Anonymous
  • CoinBears

    I honestly thought she was the same age as Selena…

    Anyway, hope she has a good one.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s weird how they are the same age, but in regular life, they’d be a grade apart.

  • Anonymous

    Happy 17 Birthday Jennifer! :D

  • Anonymoussssssss

    She’s pretty but was that awful picture necessary.
    Anyways, happy birthday, Jen!

  • Anonymous

    You should change the picture. She’s super pretty but that pic isn’t the best. I would hate if someone did that to me =_=

  • Veselka

    happy Birthday Jennifer.

  • Anonymous

    ew, shes hideous in that picture.

  • emma13

    happy birthday :)
    and jennifer stone is not ugly. thats just a bad picture of her.

  • ImAwesome

    Happy Birthday!!….She’s pretty, but in that pic she looks like a dry tomato :/

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  • AnonymousKK


  • cheskasg

    happy birthbay jenny

    but she looks @_@


    aw she’s so young.

    happy birthday (:

  • Anonymous

    she’s cute
    HB jen (:

  • Jenny

    Oh my God. What happened to her face in that picture?
    She’s pretty… you know, oceanup, you could be less of a bitch. That’s just mean