From Alexandra: I was working as an extra on the new movie 16 Wishes.. which is about a girl (Debby Ryan) who for her 16th birthday gets a box of 16 candles and everyday she makes a wish with a candle. We were waiting outside for 4 hours to go onto set and they told us that Debby just wrapped up but that she would come out to see us and take pictures.

From Geena: Me and my twin sister Angie met Jake T. Austin at the Palisades Mall on Sat. Feb 13 we went up to him and he was really nice and told us he was filming a movie, he was with his friend. It said on his Twitter he was seeing Valentine’s Day. From Courtney: I met Brenda Song at a car show in Kansas city today. She was really nice & beautiful in person :)

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    this dont have a lot of post on here cus debby ryan is LAME( agreed with girl above my comment) lol. she isnt that great of actress nor dressing pretty. shes just…there! ughh. “bailey” like what the hell? she is BORINNG a snore!

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    love selena more

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    debby ryan is a bit annoying and a bit ugly!

  • Anonymous

    a. the girls in the picture are actually pretty for once.
    b. 4 comments? this is an all time low for oceanup.

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  • msjonas13

    lucky peeps

  • Andrew

    OMG where is Sarah? the crazy, psycho-stalker creeper girl, the vampire. She missed the event!

  • Anonymous

    The others two girls in the picture are really pretty! I can imagine them in some disney stuff. They seem nice.

  • Canadian*Girl

    Debby Ryan is so pretty!

  • Anonymous

    love Debby Ryan.