Jennifer Stone Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars

Trailer for Jennifer Stone‘s Disney Channel Original Adventure MOVIE Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars. Overview: Young spy Harriet competes against popular student Marion to become the official blogger of their high school class. Thx FLAWLESSFlawsie & oceanUPResource!

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming no one watches Degrassi?
    The girl who plays Aly is in this
    and so is that swim coach gay guy person that Riley was crushing on too.

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    DCOMs are sooo cliche. Why do they recycle the same DC stars?

  • emily

    in my opinion i think it looks dumb. the original looks so much better and at least the original one had a point, what point does this one have?

  • Andrea

    dude.. this isnt “ORIGINAL” this movie was made in the 90’s with Michelle Trachenburg (spelling?)as the main character, Harriet, Disney is ripping off a really good movie and turning it into rubbish!!!! ahh!! i love harriet that movie is adorable, but it was made for KIDS not highschoolers!! Jenifer is not right for the part of Harriet. ugh this new version is going to SUCK

  • Aimee

    Yay! I’m so excited Jen’s an amazing actress. I don’t care if the movie’s lame, I’m watching it just for her. :)

  • island.B

    Where them bloggers at where them bloggers at
    where they at where they where they at

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  • :)

    That looks pretty cool :P

  • island.B

    i forgot an at.
    anyways I want to see Jen be the main character because she it too funny.
    i wonder who else is goin to be in it.

  • Anonymous



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  • keishhh

    Seriously? I’m really excited for this!I love the original movie and I seriously think that Jennifer is a great pick for the role. Seriously. (:

  • latisse online

    there you go

  • Anonamas

    She’s going to kick ass. Much like Selena, she’s a complete natural when it comes to acting. GO GIRL.

  • Passer-by

    It was certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

    Sincerely yours

  • Anonymous

    did you notice all the recent disney movies/shows has to have a celebrity in it?
    hannah montana, sonny with a chance, jonas, camp rock, starstruck…

  • StephanJade

    Great post you got here. I’d like to read something more concerning this topic. Thnx for giving this material.

  • island.B

    damn im full of typos.

  • Blythe (@Smiley_BB)

    Jenniifer Stone is AWESOME!!! She’s so pretty and nice and wonderful. She’s so real on her twitter, and she’s so down to earth. Dear Jen, if you’re reading this, don’t listen to the haters. Because we all get up every morning.

  • rr

    I am watching this movie. Jennifer Stone is so beautiful and sexy. I wish I were her boyfriend. She is a hotty.

  • Edwas

    Hola, – da mejor. Guardar va!


  • Anonymous

    i’m watching this just for jennifer. :)

  • angeliz

    Awesome… she sone of my fav actress !! shes so real and cool !!! i lov the she acts and im gonna see her movie !!! Shes even a better actresss than selenash !!!

  • Anonymous

    all these movies are the same… girl meets popstar blah blah
    camp rock, stuck in the suburbs, zenon (the first one), etc

  • Anonymous

    all these movies are the same… girl meets popstar blah blah
    camp rock, stuck in the suburbs,,,

  • island.B

    Cool yay for Jen :}

    & im eating at this place Yoshinoya right now and This Is Me from Camp Rock is playing but w/out Demi’s.

  • Anonymous

    love riceee

  • Serenity.

    Im totally watching this.

  • Anonymous

    Looks AMAZING! :D