oceanUP Honor Society TICKET Giveway


oceanUP.com will be giving away two tickets to three shows on the Honor Society Here Comes Trouble Tour on our Twitter @oceanUP. Winners will also receive Meet & Greet and Soundcheck Party passes. For your chance to win you must be following our twitter @oceanUP and @HonorSociety.

Tickets will be given on our Twitter through a question on Twitpic. First to answer all parts of the question correctly wins the two tickets for that particular show. For further information such as tour dates for Honor Society’s Here Comes Trouble Tour and giveaway contest details please click under!

CONTEST INFO: The Honor Society Contest Giveaway entails 2 tickets, Meet & Greet and Soundcheck Party passes to three shows on the Here Comes Trouble Tour [Click here for tour dates]. Follow @oceanUP for details on when each city’s tickets will be given away. Questions will be Honor Society related, please answer all questions. US RESIDENTS ONLY.

You MUST answer via comment on Twitpic. You MUST make your own travel accommodations to these shows. There will be NO compensation if you are unable to attend. Questions are posted on Twitpic as an image. To be eligible to win you must be following @oceanUP and @honorsociety.

HOW DO I WIN? You must correctly answer all parts of the question + provide any external link asked of you in the question, and be the first to comment via Twitpic. REMEMBER you MUST comment via Twitpic. I won, what now? Please email oceanup.twitter@gmail.com with your Full Name Phone Number Full Address

HOW TO PREPARE: Make sure you’re logged into your account on Twitpic because you won’t be able to comment on a Twitpic photo unless you’re logged in. If you’re already logged in then you can submit your answer via comment on Twitpic faster than someone who has to go through the process of logging in, then submitting their answer. Be sure to brush up on your Honor Society knowledge :)

TICKETS: Tickets have been provided by Crowdsurf. You must pick up your tickets at will call at the box office with an official ID. If you don’t have ID you will not be able to pickup your tickets, if so, you must let us know and request us to put it under your parents name.

NOTE: YOU MUST BE A US Rrsident to win. We do not provide flights or hotels to accommodate your trip to these concerts. You must find your own travel to these concerts and if you are unable to attend the concert we will have to give them away to someone else.

  • Anonymous

    WOW. Another group of FEM BOYS! The music industry is getting pretty predictable.

  • Abby

    Ahhhh!! I sooo want to win!!!! I am going to study this week because its spring break! March 31t! Even if I don’t win I am still going! HS rocks! One pro. though… I keep trying to do the honor roll when I drive….. haha I should really stop doing that…

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t know who they are, you shouldn’t try to win. It’s not fair to all the huge fans out there.

  • Mariana Jonas


  • Diamondback

    …is this some kind of clothing ad?

  • merissa99

    i dont know who they are.

  • favc

    gracias ABBY, les dire algo que talvez pueda ayudar a alquien:
    dicen, que toddos somos iguales; la diferencia esta en la capacidad de razonamiento, y como la informacion es todo, eso te va a dar tu WINN

  • Dreamer X33

    theyre all ugly looking -_-

  • Anonymous

    awww they should come to the uk :D

  • Catherine

    what about the canada shows?? it says you have to be a US resident to win..? so can i enter if i canadian ??

  • peacelovehearts

    I kinda wanna join.
    Even though i have absolutely no idea who they are.. :D

  • xCookieMuffin

    I havn’t heard about them for a while now :/.

  • stephklovesnickj

    okay so like…the contest isnt today? its a different contest for each city? so if im going to the april 11th one…i dont have to worry about it til like april 7th or 8th or something?

  • stephklovesnickj

    if you dont know who they are you really should get to know them. theyre amazing. how could you not know them though?

  • INeedAHero

    Good luck people!!

  • peacelovehearts

    stephklovesnickj said:
    if you dont know who they are you really should get to know them. theyre amazing. how could you not know them though?

    I tried listening to them…
    It’s just not really my type of music :/

  • Anonymous

    so we have to enter the link of the answer? I didn’t really get that part :/

  • He ate my heart_

    At least im not the only one who doesnt have an idea who they are xD

  • He ate my heart_

    OU should put some Ke$ha news :D

  • peacelovehearts

    He ate my heart_ said:
    At least im not the only one who doesnt have an idea who they are xD
    Woot Woot!
    A bunch of people don’t know who they are.. It’s just these boy band bitchess.

  • plop

    they look hot!!

  • Jenn

    ahh im sooo entering this =]

  • Anonymous

    ah, excitedddd(:
    my concert is coming up soon though.
    March 31st. eeeep

  • LovelyDove

    eeeep, i’m excited.
    so entering.

  • Alison

    Thank you again ! When will this one take place?

  • Anonymous

    alex is hot

  • Anonymous

    when is it gonna happen????

  • mileyluver15

    ahh i dont want to meet them