Sterling Knight KTLA STARSTRUCK Chat

 The interviewer mentions OCEANUP! That was so nice! Thx Kimmy!! :]

  • Anonymous

    Hello, love Sterling Knight!!! My favourite films Star struck…Sterling Knight there was there the BEST…I love you Sterlin…

  • tara :) miss sexy

    omg i love this film

  • Anonymous

    ah, sterling, my love, ur freakin incredible!!!!
    i never seem to bore me with ur sweeet charm and cute adoreable jokes!
    <3333 amazzing job in starstruck!! loveu!

  • bari

    Who was the original actor cast to play Christopher Wilde in Starstruck??

  • Anonymous

    i love him! so fucking finee :_)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cody Linley,
    but Sterling is better.

  • Anonymous

    Starstruck roxs!

  • naomi patricia

    Hello im Patricia Ilove Sterling Knight Im 1stb fan
    My favourite programs that you works are:Sony and the star lucky,star sruck.
    I love you and I whait the time than I see you good bye

  • dyneshia

    i love you so much i whant to kiss u on the lipes u
    are so cute.

  • peerla


  • Anonymous

    Like an angel….


    haha, 17 again <3
    Sterling you’re amazing and pretty ;D
    almost as beautiful as Zac Efron.
    Like you’re hair (x

    ily !

  • Anonymous

    hi every body i am judy a girl and i want to chat with sterling knight why he is not here

  • Maryna

    Hello Sterling!! I`m your fan ! You are the greatest!! I love yu very much .. please add my id : sweet.maryna!!:X:X

  • joudi

    i love you so muchhhhhhhhhhh ! you are my favourite i am 16 years old and you are really cute please write mee back

  • Anonymous

    hola me gustaria coneserte en persona te quierooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

    He’s okay but not someone that can sing or act any different kind of part. Notice he’s still playing an obnoxius star.

  • Anonymous

    lol sterling is so cute and funny and hott! <33333

    i love his little grin when he looks down.!!!

    and isnt sterling 20? or something?

  • Anonymous

    he is soo awesome i knew that he is middle name was sandman and trust me i was just suprised as you all are but i didn’t know that he has a brother and a sister
    wow i didn’t know oceanup was that famous

  • justin paez

    hols a todos

  • piero

    hola sterling y que cuentas cuando dara de nuevo la pelicula starstruck mi novio es una super estrella

  • piero

    hola sterling y que cuentas cuando dara de nuevo la pelicula starstruck mi novio es una super estrella

  • Anonymous

    :D hott!!!

    lol..Sandmann? P: haha

    i love his name Sterling Knight,,it sounds soo prince charming,, it suits him :)

  • Anonymous

    liking the hair! a LOT, he is pretty good looking

  • Anonymousss

    wooo he is getting handsome*er
    im just gonna wait 2 more years, see what happens…..

  • “mwha”

    I LOVE YOU STERLING KNIGHT!!!!Im only a small girl thats 10 but….You are HOT…Do you realy go out with the girl you were going out with in the movie?Im courious

  • Anonymous

    u r so hot!u r my new obsession!i love sterling knight

  • Anonymous

    i want to kiss your lips u r so hottt. i love u

  • Anonymous

    Haha, they’re craving his hair :P.
    hes the sexiest sandman ever!

    & danielle is 15…. since last month or a few weeks.

  • “mwha”

    Your commet is crazy….BUT its true… I just finished watching starstruck on….dont ask

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Byeee. :P

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Oceanup gets props!

    “Sterling Sandman Knight”

  • Anonymous

    I think oceanup made it bigtime

  • Moon

    Woow, didnt know that oceanup was that famous.

    SANDMAN! =]

  • Cotton eye joe

    im liking his hair! :)

  • ulises

    hola hablas español escucha mi ermana te ama por lo que sos sabes si no entendes este mensaje pedileayuda a alguien

  • laura georgie

    i saw this like 2 days ago haha. oceanup is slow

  • Anonymous

    she’s 14 !
    i thought she was like 16 .

  • Kyra

    I toootally love him :D
    And he’s so funny!