Tiff Thornton ‘I Want A Box Of Chocolates!’

  • iFail2Much

    She’s so cute<3 Love her.
    Happy Birthday to her!:D

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Tiffany <3

  • Anonymous
  • ET

    Aww, I love her. Happy Birthday bby Tiff!

  • ET

    If Cupid Had a Heart. Lol

  • Anonymous

    ME TOO ..it’s like , people all I want for Vday is a box of chocolates


    Happy B-Day/V-Day Tiffany! (I wanna see her ring up close!!!)

  • emmbugg

    haha aw! she said “box of chocolate” sooo many times.
    She’s soo nice!! & looks soo young for 23!


    i want chocolate too :)

  • dasp
  • star19

    I saw Tiffany Thorton in the movie Percy Jackson. :)

  • Anonymous

    What does she say in the last 5 seconds??

  • ANelenaRoseGarden

    She has the cutest voice, like she is permanently sucking on helium.

  • ERIN


  • Anonymous

    erin is only first because no one else wants to comment on tiffany thorton

  • ERIN


  • ERIN

    hahaha true….
    i just like being first :P

  • msjonas13

    comgrats to her

  • StarLight24

    She seems so nice! She’s one of my favorite Disney actresses.

  • musiciseverything

    Chocolate makes everything better. I love Tiffany. She’s so cute.

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